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Ten Reasons to Meditate

Meditation is the practice of lowering one's brain frequency from a waking Beta state to a slower Alpha state. Just as a heart beats a certain number of beats per minute, the brain pulses a certain amount of brainwaves per second. In the Beta waking state, brainwaves vary from 15 to 40 cycles per second. In the Alpha state, brainwaves vary from 9 to 14 cycles per second..

Beta is the normal state for waking thoughts and daily activities including talking, working, and shopping. Beta… Continue

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Pleiadian Special Keys


How do we do this? Simply let it go. Let go and let the Spirit, or as some would say, let go and let God. Move yourself aside, meaning that the human part of us can become bewildered with the circumstances of what surrounds us in the physical and material realm. Get past the human part by focusing within and visualizing the soul that you really are. Visualize and know for sure that God is part of you, and that you are part of… Continue

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Are You Holding Back?

There are so many things we humans tend to hold back. We repress a lot of our emotions, whether they are considered 'good' or 'bad' ones. Sometimes we hold back on expressing our love for fear of being misunderstood, or perhaps thinking the timing is not 'right'. Most commonly, we have been taught to hold back on our 'negative' emotions — fear, anger, sorrow, pain, etc...

As a child, I was often told to squelch those emotions that demonstrated 'weakness'. I held back my tears in… Continue

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Cosmic Awareness

Visualize the universe as it is, a 3D holographic of matter, space and time. Within all matter forms is light and awareness and energy and the frequency of a light form, an astral form that gives it structure and its crystalline matrix form and within that is the idea of what it is, and within this idea is the primal thought that created all things and within that is pure, quiet conscious. In fact, the totality of everything is nothing but pure conscious awareness; phasing, resonating, and… Continue

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Compassionate Detachment

Doesn't loving someone compassionately mean that we love them very closely? Sure it does! An old saying tells us that two people who are close friends or lovers are "attached at the hip." So why would we want to detach from them at all? Wouldn't we want to stay close to the people that we love the most? A whole new meaning evolves once we combine the seemingly contradictory words "compassion" and "detachment."

Before we can talk about why we might detach from someone, let's talk…

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Activating YOUR Zero Point

This is the written guideline for the meditation... You can also download the actual meditation as led by Phoenix Rising Star, available in MP3, from The Spirit of Maat ( spiritofmaat. com ) in August and from Your HeartWalk Center in Sedona in July...( sedonaheartwalk. com ). If you are interested in participating in this meditation through a free teleconference on 8-8-08, please email with teleconference as the subject...

Background: This meditation came… Continue

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2009 Jan 28 Obama’s Economic Policy and NESARA

What we are seeing ‘proposed’ is a ‘cover story’ so that more important things can be brought forward. The truth is that the Federal Reserve has already been absorbed into the US Treasury, by order of the King of Swords.

What we are looking at is a surface projection/shadow play. We have been inside NESARA Law since Oct 1, 2008 and that has allowed many foundational changes to be implemented. The US is economically bankrupt, and the surface system is failing and will soon be… Continue

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COPPER PYRAMID --the answers to your questions


Thank you all for your interest on my copper pyramid..

I'll try to answer all of your questions here..i will update this regulary, so dont mind asking questions

-How musch did it cost?

Well not very expensive..its around 120$ worth of tubing and parts..

-What do i need to make… Continue

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Global Family, Hatonn, Sananda and Germain met with Obama

Some of our readers are shaking their heads at some of your comments in your latest and way over-due update. Hatonn does speak to global warming in the Phoenix Journals. Our planet is warming and will continue to do so in preparation for a uniform climate world-wide of around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. That is why the ice caps and glaciers are melting and the ecology is changing. There will be no sea shore flooding, for the excess water is being evaporated to form the two firmaments or layers of… Continue

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Copper Pyramids to BOOST your Meditation Energy and Skills

This is my Meditation Copper pyramid.

Base 6FT Height 4FT…


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Random Thoughts

A secret power within. Dreams that come true. I often ask if these talents I possess are gifts or curses. I asked my mother about this, and she said when I was little I would be talking with someone or about someone, and says off the wall remarks that would happen. Recently, I was sitting with my friend Rachel and she made the comment all men are duschbags. I had a flash of red and orange, and to me that represents the Season of Autumn. I said red, Autumn...the weird part is after I said those… Continue

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You are my soul mate and my best friend

fulfilling with happiness as forever has no end

My heavenly angel and gods guiding light

with the love that we share in pure delight

Giving and sharing two loving hearts as one

and blessed by the lord for all he has done.

My one and only soul mate is you my dear

with all your beautiful love erasing all fear

Knowing how preciously devoted we both are

sparkling together like the twinkling evening star

So… Continue

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Arcturian11, You Can't Get Away With Anything in This Universe...The Promise? good deed will go unrewarded.

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From project camelot Benjamin has now contacted Dan

Benjamin has now contacted Dan and is waiting the results of the Japanese tests.

26 January 2009

• We just managed a short conversation with Benjamin Fulford, who, as many of you know, is recovering from very recent surgery reported originally by Rense on 23 January. Considering the amphibian-like character of the tumor they removed, everyone has been curious as well as concerned over how he is doing.

Today we had the following Skype chat which he has given us… Continue

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I love it right now! there's no wind, it's not that cold and the snow is falling straight down, beautiful. Shoveling isn't the funnest thing to do, but hey at least I'm getting outside. I wonder if the E.T'S like the snow or not? Do they have some on their planet(s)?

My guess is there's not allot of UFO sightings during these times, than again I could be wrong?.........Just having fun and loving this planet....................MIKE..........Namaste!!!

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CHANNELLING A Grace Beyond Measure

A message from Ashamarae about his experience with channelling.

As some people may know, my mother is a channel and I was interacting with her guides since I was 3 years old. Spirit and channelling was then, and still is now, an integral part of my life. May I share some of the joy I see and get out of this amazing process?

For me, channelling is the bridging of one frequency of energy into another. I am opening my mind, body, emotion and energetic field to bridge the pure… Continue

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Saint Germain own words,

˜Do you truly believe we are separate? Do you not see we are one! When we come together, the love, the peace, the calm that you feel is coming from within you, not outside of you. I am assisting you to experience what has always been within you, your true divine nature - that which is whole, pure, beyond any beauty ever conceived. I am assisting you to wake up from the dream of separation.

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Russia: UFO emitting beam seen by many villagers.


Russia: UFO emitting beam seen by many villagers.

A mysterious UFO was witnessed by dozens of residents of a number of villages in Western Russia on the night of the January 6 2009. The UFO was orb shaped and changed colour from glowing white to electric blue. It periodically emitted a white laser beam in the direction of the ground. The UFO travelled in a manner unlike any man made craft. The incident was widely reported in the Russian media… Continue

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Hyperinflation Will begin In China And It Will Destroy The Dollar

The conventional wisdom on China is dead wrong. Specifically, there is a widespread belief, as expressed by Goldman Sachs, that "China will keep the yuan trading within a narrow range in 2009 due concerns about exporters." Worse still, others are even predicting that China will devalue its currency! The sheer wishful thinking is astounding! The idea that "China will keep the dollar peg to help its exporters" ranks all the way up there with "Housing prices always go up" and "You can spend your… Continue

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Bad news: we're back to 1931. Good news: it's not 1933 yet

Barack Obama inherits an economy already contracting at an annual rate of 6pc, much like the mid-Depression year of 1931 (-6.4pc), writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

This may beat Germany (-7pc) Japan (-12pc) and Korea (-22pc) over the fourth quarter. But that merely underlines the dangers ahead as the collapse of global trade chokes the mini-boom in US exports, setting off another stage of the crisis.

The US is losing 500,000 jobs a month. Brazil lost 650,000 in December.… Continue

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