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COPPER PYRAMID --the answers to your questions


Thank you all for your interest on my copper pyramid..
I'll try to answer all of your questions here..i will update this regulary, so dont mind asking questions

-How musch did it cost?

Well not very expensive..its around 120$ worth of tubing and parts..

-What do i need to make one?

Well you need the following:

4x 12 ft 1/2 or any bigger size tubing.(mine 1/2, lesser will bend on its own)
4x T copper connectors
8x 45 deg elbow connectors
Some copper wire, not electrical wires
you may add any crystal on the top or hang inside the pyramid

-Do you feel any improvement in your meditations?

Yes of course i do..The enrgy field inside the pyramid is concentrated in one spot..sitting outside of one seems to be harder to bring the proper energy to you or like in my case , i have upstairs neighbour with bad vibes..So the pyramid is a best place to have clean energy and to focus your attention on what you want to do during meditation!!

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