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2009 Jan 28 Obama’s Economic Policy and NESARA

What we are seeing ‘proposed’ is a ‘cover story’ so that more important things can be brought forward. The truth is that the Federal Reserve has already been absorbed into the US Treasury, by order of the King of Swords.

What we are looking at is a surface projection/shadow play. We have been inside NESARA Law since Oct 1, 2008 and that has allowed many foundational changes to be implemented. The US is economically bankrupt, and the surface system is failing and will soon be removed.

It takes a lot for people to let go of old ways and ‘rules’ of how to proceed. The entrenched system doesn’t care about election results. It wants to continue the ‘old ways’, which are bankrupt. We are living on two tracks at the same time, migrating from the old to the new.

The overlap allows us to continue in both as our shift takes place. Most are aware that we are upgrading from carbon to a liquid diamond substructue. That shift allows us to absorb and hold more light so that our physical structures can continue existing as ‘Soul Containers’.

The same is true of the old outer structures being infused with the new foundational structures. When NESARA is announced, the old will then fall away, like a scab on a wound, and the new will be seen to already be present.

Then progress will move exponentially forward. Everything is following this model to allow the maximum preparation by all, before the Announcement is made. Then public actions will take place that will remove those remnants of the Old Regime who have chosen not to migrate to and support the new policies.

An example of this is the 56 Grand Juries that have met for the last 4 years in secret in 5 separate locations under Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s direction. They have recorded approximately 10,000 to 12,000 sealed indictments.

Obama has to work on at least two or three levels. Congress still has many neo-cons to contend with. We are also about to have 911 conspirators revealed. Karl Rove is a key figure in connecting the dots and will now be compelled to testify, willingly or in chains.

The ICJ/ICC [International Court of Justice/International Criminal Court] have already met to discuss the coming War Crimes Tribunals and Scott McClellan has already announced, yesterday, that he will testify against “W”. Many whistleblowers are now ready to come forward and testify.

The Aden Star Gate continues to develop a sentience emergence that will transform that whole area which includes Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, and down to Somalia.

Iceland is having to nationalize all their banks and that will also take place in many other countries. All these processes are happening at the same time.

The Ashtar Command is busy continuing the cleansing of the inner earth tunnels and levels extending throughout the planetary sub-levels, where the negative ETs and cabal have constructed huge cities and experimental laboratories and transportation systems that whisk them from country to country without ever being seen on the surfaces [google “Terradrive”].

All of this has been proceeding since Oct 1, 2008, and Obama knows all this and also knows that NESARA is about to be announced along with 911 exposure and revelation of galactic presence.

Sananda, St Germain, Maitreya, Metatron, Michael, Mother Sekhmet, and Ashtar, are working tirelessly to synchronize all these actions so that the transition will be smooth and seamless. Without these preparatory steps we would have extreme shock throughout the planet.

There is a critical mass of people who now understand that big changes are required and that–painful as change is–we can not try to patch the old system. It is too far gone; it’s too late and there are no resources left. In this country we are still better off than 90% of the world, where conditions are beyond the average American’s comprehension.

At the same time as the outer conditions collapse, we are in a profound universal situation where all are waiting for us to take our next step towards galactic citizenship.

Yet, beneath the surface, the new is arising and will soon breakout through the co-opted media’s consciousness and reporters are starting to write more truthful articles to prepare us for the new wave of ONLY Truth which is a hairs-breadth away, no matter what Rupert Murdoch and 5 other media moguls order. Their heads will roll if they do not start printing the truth, and they know it.

KOS has been briefing all the media representatives for up to 6 weeks on what is actually happening, and is asking them to write stories; movie scripts, TV documentaries, books and talk show programs now, to be released when Sananda/Ashtar give the word.

They are all under a gag order until the new justice department heads are confirmed and their gag order is removed.

Yesterday, Thom Hartmann almost violated his gag order by starting out his program with the question: “Is the Reformation Act the solution to our problems?” He then also allowed discussion on that subject for 10 minutes before going to a commercial. That has never happened before. He is very closely in touch with KOS, Lady Master Nada; Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddows and is itching to be able to say more.

In conclusion, I can say that the current outer congressional activities are contrivances for them to show their hands and every vote will decide their fates. It is only a few steps more before you will see the solutions unveiled. Look forward and see what your highest vision and heart is ready to support.

It is coming, ready or not. The minimum amount of any corrective stimulus would be more in the neighborhood of $4-5 TRILLION. The so-called cash stimulus is far too little; adds nothing to the infrastructure or new jobs-creation; and brings no mortgage relief, and will likely be dropped as the debate continues. Horse-trading always requires bait, switch and swap options. Then the real options begin to emerge.

Lady Master Nada hinted–but did not state–that we might see something ‘important’ emerge tomorrow. We will also see what Mother Sekhmet has to say tomorrow night.


The WingMaker ships in orbit over our north and south poles and equator are here to ensure no physical disaster interferes with planetary ascension. No pole flips will occur. No stasis event will occur. No disaster from Jupiter will occur. No illuminati plans to control us will be allowed. (Mark Huber, Jan.11, 2009.) I have shared the same info with my team Bless you all Tami

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Comment by Vigusa on January 31, 2009 at 6:03am
WOW nice nice nice :))))) This is a dream come true if it happens :))))
Comment by RL on January 31, 2009 at 12:52am
haha! love to mother earth and our galactic friends
Comment by Ismail on January 30, 2009 at 10:39pm
i can just say brilliant. i cant wait for the TRUTH to come out. i have been waiting for too long.
Love, Laughter and Light to u all.
Comment by Nightfable on January 30, 2009 at 9:22pm
Thank you!! I felt such truth resonate from this message, it gave me no apprehension or fear and left me feeling content and wanting more. If this is how pre-ascension will proceed, then count me in!! :D

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