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From project camelot Benjamin has now contacted Dan

Benjamin has now contacted Dan and is waiting the results of the Japanese tests.

26 January 2009

• We just managed a short conversation with Benjamin Fulford, who, as many of you know, is recovering from very recent surgery reported originally by Rense on 23 January. Considering the amphibian-like character of the tumor they removed, everyone has been curious as well as concerned over how he is doing.

Today we had the following Skype chat which he has given us permission to print:

Kerry Cassidy (KC): Hi Ben, how are you feeling?
Benjamin Fulford (BF): Just fine
KC: We have lots of people asking about you... since your surgery.
BF: My best guess is that I had some sort of South East Asian parasite.
KC: Can I give them a statement?
BF: Sure
What happened is that I noticed my right leg was getting a bit numb and I could not run even though I could walk.
KC: Wow..
BF: They did an X-ray of my spine and it showed nothing wrong so they did an MRI that spotted an 8cm tumor.
To get it out they had to saw open my back-bone.
KC: Was that painful?
BF: The surgery went well and I can now walk about although of course I cannot bend my back.
KC: Will it take a while to heal?
BF: All I remember is falling asleep under the anesthetic and then waking up in my hospital room with the doctor showing me the tumor in a tray.
I was groggy but I managed to take a picture with my cell phone camera.
KC: Yes, we saw it on Rense.
BF: It will take a couple of months for my spine to fully heal.
KC: Bizarre
What about the year in the Amazon?
My instinct is to look for down to earth explanations before looking for more exotic ones.
KC: Could you have gotten it there?
BF: My best guess is that I got it from eating raw snake meat in Vietnam.
KC: Seriously?
BF: I remember reading after that that there is a parasite you can catch from eating uncooked reptile meat.
KC: Wow, surreal
But didn't you feel anything?
BF: I was at a fancy restaurant in Vietnam where they took the beating heart out of a live cobra and put it into a glass of liquor and made me wash it down.
It was still beating when I ate it.
KC: Oh my God
How long ago??
BF: I remember severe back pains for a while but then they went away.
That was 10 years ago.
KC: Do you think you will feel a lot different now?
BF: My leg feels better.
The nervous sensation is returning.
KC: You are a meditator too, though.
So you must have kundalini energy that can help heal you.
BF: My father died the day after my operation. He came to me and I knew before my family called.
KC: Oh my God.. I'm sorry !!
BF: He had leukemia
KC: Was it a shock?
BF: No, I went to Canada before and we had good closure. He was probably hanging on until he could hear if my operation went well.
KC: Interesting timing
This must be a whole transition in your life both things happening at once
BF: Yes, big things are about to happen.
KC: Do you want to talk about it on the record?
BF: I just need to let these Illuminati hang themselves on their own rope for a bit longer.
Sure, I do not mind if it is on Skype
KC: Ok, good... well what things do you see?
BF: I must play my cards close to my chest for the time being.
KC: Ok -- any clues?
BF: The year of the OX should really be called the year of the cattle. The bulls will charge forward to new pastures, brushing aside the petty predators as if they were mosquitoes.
No violence will be necessary.
KC: Hmm, Ok good to hear that..
Who are the bulls?
BF: By the way [name deleted] went to [place deleted] to get his gold and suddenly dropped out of contact.
We know about the last time
We hadn't heard he went there finally
He must have decided there was no more time to lose
There has been a scramble to secure assets in the old system before the new system is announced.
KC: Yes absolutely... any idea when?
BF: It depends on what we decide over here.
KC: Really? Meaning China and Japan?
BF: I will let you know when the time is right
KC: Ok... well I'm glad you are recovering well...
BF: I have to go now but please feel free to set up a Skype interview
I will be in hospital for another week.
Bye for now
KC: Ok, thanks so much.. do you mind if we print this?
BF: Go ahead
KC: Be well
BF: You too.


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Comment by Andy (UK) on January 28, 2009 at 5:28pm
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