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Visualize the universe as it is, a 3D holographic of matter, space and time. Within all matter forms is light and awareness and energy and the frequency of a light form, an astral form that gives it structure and its crystalline matrix form and within that is the idea of what it is, and within this idea is the primal thought that created all things and within that is pure, quiet conscious. In fact, the totality of everything is nothing but pure conscious awareness; phasing, resonating, and playing in different forms and in different ways.

Remember the light of awareness inside everything in the universe. Cosmic awareness is a realm of time and space in it's non-locality form. When mindfulness is set on this application then you can truely see everything for what it truly is. Boundless, infinite mind is present throughout the cosmos, all at the same time. There is no separation in the awake mind. It's present at every point in space, time and matter and fully aware. That's the point in how we are awake now at this present time. As the mind is infinite and aware, it can connect to different points in the past, in the future. That's only if you choose to. Gazing into the points in time might leave you feeling a little resentment, a little angry but optimistic. From what I've seen, there's nothing but hope, that all depends on if you want it. Who doesn't want hope though.

Since everything in the universe is awake and alive, it moves and shifts. Say for example, ETVs (extraterrestrial vehicles) You have to be at very high states of consciousness to operate one of these, right. It's amazing to watch them dematerialize and rematerialize! We're all shifting into our time where we're going to be able to use our minds to operate things of that nature and moving objects with the awake awareness that it's not separated but actually all interconnected. It's our God-given birthright and it somehow got lost or forgotten at birth.

I have been on these ETVs before and it's amazing to see the universe from's material of course but it's made with fiber optics that's transparent. You know you're inside something but it's totally clear, it's one of the most amazing experiences of my life to see my planet and other realities with these beings.

Unity consciousness is the same application. We're all connected to each other through this awake, infinite, boundless mind. You can't deny this. Look at what we're able to do. It's not that certain people are "special". We're all special, there is no separation. Of course we're all unique... our separation is within our egos and our outer shells. No one can rule the world or the universe. You think the creator would allow that kind of behavior, of course there's one that try to take control but they always fail. Nevertheless, unity consciousness is being totally fearless about who you are and what other people are to you, which are ultimately our brothers and sisters. So to hate or have resentment for your own cosmic family is to hate or have resentment in yourself. When you learn to embrace this truth, you will be set free.

God consciousness is the awake, spiritual mind within all things created. It's manifesting all the realities in the universe and is consistently changing. God doesn't want to see suffering, the suffering is unfortunately cause my the human condition. We are it's creation and was given a chance to live life accordingly to it's consciousness. To be pure, innocent, divine and create a place of unity, harmony and love throughout the cosmos. The awake divine mind within us is boundless and in that, we will not die. There's nothing to fear in death. It's just the next plane of existence. Pure totality. It's all about tapping into all your senses, your perceptions, using your 3rd eye inside your mind.

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