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Russia: UFO emitting beam seen by many villagers.


Russia: UFO emitting beam seen by many villagers.

A mysterious UFO was witnessed by dozens of residents of a number of villages in Western Russia on the night of the January 6 2009. The UFO was orb shaped and changed colour from glowing white to electric blue. It periodically emitted a white laser beam in the direction of the ground. The UFO travelled in a manner unlike any man made craft. The incident was widely reported in the Russian media but unsurprisingly received no media coverage anywhere else.
Villagers of Kurskaya, Gatovya, Manakhova and Terekhova in the Starooskolsk region near the city of Belgorad, 40 kilometres from the border with the Ukraine saw the object. Most interestingly many claimed to have experienced interference with to their TV reception, amplified when the white laser beam struck theground and when the object moved directly over their homes.
Some local sceptics are claiming that what was seen were spotlights from nearby mines and processing plants, however many residents cannot see how this accounts for the interference with their television reception.
A Mr and Mrs Skripov from the nearby village of Gorodishka also highly doubt this as they claim to have seen the beam directly hit a road in front of their car. ‘We are familiar with spotlights and this was not one’ Mr Skripov remarked. According to witnesses the object eventually shot up above the clouds.
A theory currently being espoused by Dr Valery Uvarov, who heads department of UFO research at the National Security Academy of Russia, is that many UFOs are 3D holograms sent out by alien civilizations: basically their version of SETI. Was this such a hologram? Descriptions seem to suggest the object had a non-solid quality to it. Was the Orb a representation of a home planet of another species and the laser that shot out from it, hitting the ground, a symbol of their attempt to make contact with us?
Are fellow inhabitants of this universe trying to reach out to us: bypassing our ‘elected’ leaders? Is some-one out there aware of the sorry state of this planet where those that ‘serve’ us consider it a privilege of power to withhold information from us and see UFOs as little more than a means to creating more powerful weapons?

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