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CHANNELLING A Grace Beyond Measure

A message from Ashamarae about his experience with channelling.

As some people may know, my mother is a channel and I was interacting with her guides since I was 3 years old. Spirit and channelling was then, and still is now, an integral part of my life. May I share some of the joy I see and get out of this amazing process?

For me, channelling is the bridging of one frequency of energy into another. I am opening my mind, body, emotion and energetic field to bridge the pure love and wisdom from Master Saint Germain for those present. Another way of looking at this is that I am bringing forth a more expanded part of myself. Some call it the over soul, the higher self or other names. Whether it is in a group; on the phone; or in a one to one session, each time a channelling is called forth it is a life transforming experience for those who attend, for myself and for the surrounding space. The wonder of this process is that those who are participating in the experience gracefully let go of the beliefs or energies, that stand in the way of them expressing their pure love, light and wisdom. One comes away with a depth of loving peace that has a wonderful and amazing affect on the rest of a person’s life.

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