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The Mural in the UN's Security Council chamber

> The globalist “elite” are obsessed with the symbolism of the phoenix, the bird which explodes into flames and is then reborn from its own ashes. Now look again at the mural located in the UN’s Security Council chamber…

The mural actually depicts the Security Council chamber itself. Look at the color of the wall in the background of the mural, then look at the color of the wall surrounding the mural. Also look at the shape and color of the object on which the phoenix is standing in the mural, then look at semi-circular desk at which the Security Council members sit. You’ll see that the phoenix is actually standing on its ashes which lie on the desk of the Security Council. But in the mural, the desk has a disfigured appearance, as if it’s been melted, and the ashes of the old phoenix lie on the burnt table.

So the mural depicts the New World Order phoenix standing in the ashes of the old UN on the burnt Security Council desk. It portrays the destruction of the Security Council chamber by fire. Blowing up the UN complex thus becomes the fulfillment of the mural.

> The Korean War was the first major test of the UN, and in the nearly 67 years since the war began in June of 1950, the UN has lacked the power to bring it to a close. The shooting stopped with an armistice, not a peace treaty; technically speaking, the UN and North Korea are still at war. So is there any more effective and dramatic way to demonstrate the “too weak” nature of the current UN structure than having it be destroyed by North Korea? From the ashes of the weak, destroyed UN would rise a new, stronger UN (the New World Order) that would have the power to decisively deal with nations that don’t toe the line.

> With all of the nuclear threats currently being made by North Korea, everyone is focused on the security of Seoul, Japan, Hawaii, and the western US. And since everyone in the US is looking west, a North Korean attack in the east would catch the whole country by surprise. According to the geopolitical script, an attack on New York “would strike at the very heart of North Korea’s enemies, the UN and the US” and it would be “strategically brilliant, but suicidal.” “The insane Kim Jong-un went out in a blaze of glory,” they’d say.

(more to come over the course of the day)

ALERT: Possible attack on the UN complex in New York between now an...

This attack could employ either a nuclear warhead or an explosives-packed ship or sub and would be attributed to North Korea. Here is the initial indicator (from Update 13‘s postscript)…

A reader sent me a link on the upcoming nuclear response exercise Gotham Shield 2017. Upon looking into it, it appears to be a real exercise, and it is already underway…

…from a Google cache from the National Response Team website

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Comment by CHRISTINA on April 27, 2017 at 10:59am
Comment by CHRISTINA on April 27, 2017 at 10:55am

According to the geopolitical script, an attack on New York “would strike at the very heart of North Korea’s enemies, the UN and the US” and it would be “strategically brilliant, but suicidal.” “The insane Kim Jong-un went out in a blaze of glory,” they’d say.

Retweet if you think Kim Jung Un would be doing Americans a favor if he blew up Washington DC

Comment by CHRISTINA on April 22, 2017 at 2:42pm

> Since the North Koreans reportedly lack an ICBM capable of reaching New York, the attack would most likely be seaborne. It could take the form of a cruise missile or medium range ballistic missile fired from an offshore submarine or freighter. Or to be more sure of the attack’s success, it could take the form of a suicide boat or sub that sails right up to the UN.

As you can see in this picture, the UN is located right next to a navigable tidal estuary (the “East River”)…

And as you can see in this picture, sizable boats pass by it each day…

Now if you think of the MOAB attack that happened in Afghanistan a few days ago, its explosive yield was the equivalent of 11 tons of TNT, and a boat or sub could carry much more than 11 tons of high explosive (it would be the Mother Of All Boats). A boat or sub could also carry one of North Korea’s nukes, which are estimated by some sources to have a 10 kiloton yield (the same yield featured in the Gotham Shield exercise).

My best guess is that one of North Korea’s missing subs will surface in the shipping channel, sail right up to the UN, and blow its payload (either nuclear, conventional, or conventional / radiological). To ensure that the attack is successful, though, it would be conducted either by the Pentagon or by North Koreans with Pentagon engineering and logistical assistance.

> As previously mentioned, the name of the nuclear response exercise references Batman, and can you remember the plot of the last “Dark Knight” movie? It involved an attempt to blow up Gotham with a nuclear bomb, but Batman ended up flying the bomb away from the city and it blew up over the bay. In this “North Korean” attack, a nuclear bomb could blow up over the water right next to the UN. Is this just a coincidence?

Now that I’ve outlined my thoughts about the potential (but hopefully now cancelled) attack, let me close by sharing a comment from a reader…

“…what I find hard to accept is your claim that the “globalists” are regularly obliged to change their plans as a direct consequence of your exposing these in advance, and yet they do not take any action against your website, or even directly against you; surely if you were having such an effect on such powerful people they would use various means to stop you exposing their plans?

I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on this point.”

This is my response…

There is nothing special about me or my website; the globalists shy away from exposure from any sufficiently public source because it fundamentally alters the outcome of the exposed operation. Why risk the unknowable and potentially disastrous consequences of running an exposed op when they have unexposed contingency plans to which they can turn? Read The Magician and the Heckler for more of my thoughts on this.

As for why they don’t harm me, here are two potential reasons…

1) The “elite” are not mindless thugs; they are mindful thugs, and they seem to operate from their own system of principles which outline fair play and sound procedure in what they do. For whatever reason, coming after me may violate fair play and/or sound procedure.

2) They know I’m just the tip of the iceberg, and shaving off the tip makes the iceberg all the more dangerous (because you can’t see where it is or where it’s going). The fact that I’m writing about a subject tells them that there are thousands of others around the world who have come to the same conclusions, and there are many thousands more who are just one or two steps away from coming to those conclusions.

My blog serves as a place where people can go to see their own thoughts, complete their own thoughts, and validate their own thoughts. It also serves as a place for those who sincerely seek truth to get the first unpleasant slap in the face to wake them to illusions in which they’ve become mired.

In short, I’m just a network printer, and if they destroy the printer, they won’t know what’s going on in the network.

And with that, I’ll call this alert complete (for now).

(P.S. – 21 April 2017) – I forgot to explain why I fingered Ordos, China as the city in which the new UN will meet. It’s really just a hunch on my part, but there are reasons for it. I’ll write about it if developments warrant it.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on April 21, 2017 at 11:19am

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