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I use this blog because it one of the only places i can come to that people listen and genuinely care. I write this becuase i am really hurting right now. Ive never had the effects of heartbreak hit me so bad. I cant eat because it feels like there's a stab wound in my stomach, I cant sleep until i pass out because i can only think about her, and how i want her back so bad. if i wake up, i can never get back to sleep. Ive started shaking, my body feels so weak. I guess ive never loved anyone as… Continue

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Our journey to wholeness is part of our ascension journey, whose purpose is to reconnect us to Source. And as we uncover everything that has created our separation, our challenge is to stay in balance, mind, body and spirit, so we do not judge ourselves harshly for what we may see as a mistake. The separation was part of our journey into the third dimension and through our return we are re-membering our spiritual nature. But that… Continue

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People will have different interpretations and reasons for the changes they see taking place all around them. However, you of enlightened awareness will know that they are the positive signs of the final days of the cycle of duality. It has run its course not just through your cycle, but previous ones that saw your older civilizations come into prominence and then fade away. Each one left a legacy behind of stories and spoken traditions that… Continue

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God said:

From what do you flee? Knowledge of yourself? Is that why you run around so much and involve yourself so much in others' lives? What are you afraid of finding out? Are you afraid to find out that you are a Holy Being established in Truth? Or that you are not the blessedness I attest that you are? What do you run away from?

You may complain about the rat race, yet you are not confined to it. When you run… Continue

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God said:

As you lose your boundaries, you may notice more the boundaries that others keep, and you do not feel the peace you want to gain. You do not feel peace at all. In fact, you feel perturbed.

You may say to yourself: "How do these people who profess to Oneness have such a narrow vision?"

And so your impatience is stretched to the limits. And so you are breaking a remaining boundary, which is your… Continue

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e silence you seek in your life is an aspect of yourself, an aspect you remember from other lifetimes you have had. Or rather, lifetimes you are having in this moment, this Now, but a different reality. The peacefulness of compassion, love, acceptance and Being is something every soul have felt at some point, and it is this feeling that creates a longing inside for something other than their current reality.

God, All That Is,… Continue

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"Dirty Medicine" by Lynne McTaggart

After 21 years of reporting on the excesses and dangers of modern medicine for my newsletter What Doctors Don’t Tell You, I have become a bit ho-hum when confronted by yet another new revelation about the practices of drug companies.

But I have to tell you that I have been shaken to the core by new evidence that a good percentage of the medical research published in the world’s top medical literature is ghostwritten.

In the…


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China yuan warning ahead of US currency report

The US should not use the weak yuan as a "scapegoat" for its own economic problems, a Chinese government spokesman has said.

At a regular briefing, commerce ministry spokesman Yao Jian said China would continue to reform its currency policy, but at its own pace.

Later the US government is expected to release a report which could officially brand China a "currency manipulator".

Despite criticism, the US has so-far stopped short of that formal… Continue

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The mighty Capitol Hill: a StarGate ~

In this interview (October 13, 2010) William Henry shares his experience at James Gilliland's ranch ( and his insights into Capitol Hill.

"Freedom's Gate - Light Body Activation

The mighty Capitol Hill, in the tradition of all holy hills has a temple atop its mount.

The Capitol Building is a Temple of Transformation that uses sacred architectural principles to create a magnificent space where heaven and earth unite. It is a STARGATE!

Author and… Continue

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GOOD NEWS! Universe Singularity now emanating pre-Wave energy for 'Enlightened Unity Consciousness' ~

The singularity of our solar system is Sol, our sun - a dimensional portal to other galaxies, according to physicist Nassim Haramein.

These universe singularity energy waves serve as carrier waves of ‘the universe’s mind and spirit software’ - the way that the intentional universe (some call it source, the ‘sea of Light’ or God) lets us know of its intention for consciousness in the entire universe.

9th Wave of Unity Consciousness: Manifesting an Utopian Golden…


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Message from Earth: Organic Matters

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GALACTIC FREE PRESS -10/14/10 "darkness has exited, Lights ON!"

~Galactic Free Press~ 10/14/10…


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this happened on 10/10/10. There was a nuclear facility and a pyramid nearby. Things are really getting interesting now!

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this is breathtaking. Any of you remember "FIRE THE GRID" from 2007? Anael was the music we all mediatated to. Just love her.

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Soldier silenced for testimony in Afghan killings probe

Editor's note: For more details on this story, watch Drew Griffin's report on tonight's Situation Room, which airs at 5 p.m. ET. Click here for an archive of Griffin's reporting on this investigation.

Seattle, Washington (CNN) -- First, Justin Stoner blew the whistle on his platoon. Now, the Army apparently wants to silence him.

In photos obtained by CNN, Stoner sports bruises and abrasions on his back, chest and near his neck -- the marks of a beating inflicted by fellow soldiers as… Continue

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Happy Anniversary to us!

Two years ago today was the [non] event which brought all of us together. I love SOE and am very grateful to Brad for starting it. I have learned SO much here and don't even remember the person I was two years ago. Special thanks to Besimi and Simone! Please don't ever leave without telling us where you are going!

And how about that NYC sighting yesterday which actually made mainstream news? On top of the EIGHT sightings in China since July, and the multiple 1010/10 sightings…


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MINERS saved today?

near the mine is located the big black healing stone, fallen down from space, lying there for some hundred years, last real incas are custodians, the great golden seal of the last inca king was found there. there is a powerful secret society, the LORDS OF THE BLACK STONE, also having a branch in Salzburg, Austria.

what did the miners…


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The Symbolism of the Rescue of the 33 Chilean Miners


This Post is directly related to the Symbolism of the Rescue of the 33 Chilean Miners

Note from Rayelan:

Today in the Micro Effect chatroom I commented that I believed the 33 Miners story was some kind of…


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Stephen fry

I’m not sure if our American cousins know who he is, but for those who don’t Stephen Fry is an English comedian, actor, director, writer etc.

For years I have deeply respected the man and enjoyed his work (and on two occasions had the pleasure of working with him). He is phenomenally intelligent, you could ask him a question on any subject (except

popular music) and he’d have a detailed and highly amusing…


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