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GALACTIC FREE PRESS -10/14/10 "darkness has exited, Lights ON!"

~Galactic Free Press~ 10/14/10

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~All darkness has exited the building..Light and Love are Now Pouring into the Planet, through The Lightworkers who are Standing in the Light,

Barbra Streisand - HD STEREO - Memory - CC for lyrics

A New Day Has Begun


The little i has a dot on top of it. SEE! That dot is The Highest Possibility of the Greatest Joy in Experiencing The BIG I. The Big I
is what the BIG IS, IS.

$” Improper understanding that is Creation, the I in the S. ISNESS. The illuminati took the symbol of the IS and placed its value outside,
for control and manipulation of Creation. Creation cannot be
controlled from the outside cause there is no outside. There is only
space Being filled with Consciousness=Spirit. Thats the I. In the “I
AM”. The AM is the Awareness of the experience of Spirit filling

$” They, the illuminati also tried to slash the S in the middle to make above or below, left or right, duality, isolation and separation. But
the IS is still Universal. In Consciousness and Awareness “I AM
GOD” Equal You Equal Complete And Total Sovereignty Over Your
Creation. In that you are the God You Are Equal US. We do not isolate
or separate, We Unify Together As ONE, The One Comes from the Center
of The All. Thats a Multi-Dimensional ALL, 5D is Included as the next
phase of Human Awakening, BY DECREE.

As a God living as Gods can only live as One with Creation all the Gods in the Living Universe Equal an even Greater Living Universe. Thats
HOME, this is The Journey. We are Always Home, in our Journeys, cause
Guess Who IS There? The God “I AM” EQUAL YOU. Don't ya Just Love
That? Can't you just feel that? Put those 2 together and you got it.
The IS, IS the Experience of YOU Equal US, Universally as in
Universal Substance= Source, Enjoy Your Atoms. So They Can Enjoy

when they made their dollar bill, which is their currency. On the back of their currency they wrote “In God We Trust”.. As it was
originally written “In The God 'We', Trust”.

The “In God We Trust” as they wrote it, had some fine print attach to it, “all others pay cash.” Well, We are The God We, and We Trust Love
As Our Living Currency, cause it is Current. Their currency is
outdated. Matter of fact, its obsolete. The God Awakening within each
and Everyone is Awakening within this Moment of Now, and the Love
Contained there in. Is backed Up, by the Full Value of Reality, and
that's Priceless.

We have always heard the songs, that is in the Music of Creation. Creation wanted to hear itself, so it gave us ears. Listen, Enjoy the Music.

The Chilian Rescue of the Miners is a representation of people Being brought out of the cave into the Light of Day. A Whole different
reality for them Now.

~From out of the Cave, and Into the Light, Brilliant Representation of Humanity walking from out of the darkness and HOME into The Light of a Brand New Day, filled with
Overflowing Joy~

Chilean Mine Rescue-Manuel Gonzalez-Reaches Miners-Live-10-12-10

Once you let go of the world, you remember your original objective is the Planet. You get the Planet, and you got the world. You get to choose
One, One and Only One, either The Planet or the world. The world is
the illusion, The Planet is The Real. Thats the One we chose. In
Landing the Reality of 5D. There are no lines in 5D, only fields of
Energy, Be Aware of The All Contained Within. Cause Thats where you
live. And WE Are Your Family of The Stars, and From The Stars. We
ain't kiddin! Love US


End Transmission With Love Everywhere Present



Come now to the secret places of the soul, Let us each respect ourselves with care, looking at the emotions which stir our hearts and the
thoughts which run trough our minds, Let us learn the essential
goodness of the heart from the heart itself. Morgan of Wales” ..
shared with love by George[FB]

Love Reporter Sapphire Stone

Manifest Heaven On Earth”

As The Transformation Is Continually Being Upgraded Through Our Minds (Hearts), We Are In The Process of Undergoing A New Telepathic Light Grid! This Is The
Information Highway For Processing A 5D Mentality! We Will Gain
Higher Levels of Existence Through Cognitive Reasoning

With More And More People Awakening As A Collective Consciousness, We Are Gaining MORE POWER And STRENGTH Within The Matrix of The New Communication Grid, Like A
Computer Bank of Memory We Are Overriding The Old Paradigm Into A
Completely New One!

Through Electromagnetic Fields We Are Restructuring The Core Impulses of Our Central Nervous System, Which Is The Center of Control of The Collective

By The Mere Shift of The Planetary Magnetic Fields, Your Brain Is Being Chemically Restructured By The Alchemy of Global Transmutation!

There Is And Has Been A Cosmic Merging of The Divine Masculine And Feminine Energies, Uniting Our Internal World To Our External World Where Inspired Creative Cosmic
Energies Arise! These Energies Are Becoming A Part of Our DNA! Don't
Be Surprised If You Find You Have A Hidden Talent You Were Completely
Unaware of, For Sharing Creative Thoughts And Ideas As A Whole, Can
Transmute Into Subtle, Positive, World Changes For The Better! For A
Brand New Divine Transfiguration Is Alive And Well!

You Are Literally Growing And Changing Mindfully Every Single Day Into A 5D Mentality!

Through The Collective Higher God Consciousness Into ONEness, We Are Being Activated By A Set of New Commands In Our Levels of Processing That Connects Us To The
Principles of The Divine Source!

We Are A Mere Computer Software Program, Plugged Into The Mainframe of A Super Galactic Computer System! Each Day You Are Being Downloaded Information That Creates
Whole New Being of Existence!

Morphogenetic Resonance Through The Pleiadians, Is A Breakthrough Reconnection of Our Telepathic Potential! This Will Connect You To The Divine Galactic
Consciousness, In A State of Awareness of Our Genetic Lineage And
Star Heritage! This Higher-Level Exploration of Inter-Dimensional
Worlds, Is For Those Seeking A More Varying Level of Integration That
Vibrationally Operates The New-Human Operating System! Anyone Not
Ready Will Temporarily Avoid This Desire For A Later Date! But
Basically This Works Through Mathematical Codes And Algorithms That
Require The Divine Human Template To Function, While Those Ready To
Work With The Magnetic Scalar Potential of Conscious Co-Creation Will
Feel This To Be A Natural Step Forward!

All Those Ready To Take On New Information Into The Unknown And Learn More ~ Great Things Await You!

Morphogenetic-Resonance Is A New Human Template of Fluid Levels of Intelligence That Creates Its Most Pure Form By Rapidly Responding To Vibrational Resonance Without Time
or Space Limitations! Meaning To Express And Create Powerful Energies
In Physical Form, Like Energies Must Align Vibrationally, In Order To
Create A New Earth And New Solutions To The Dilemma of

Since 1999, Positive Manifestations Have Been Wanting To Make Its Presence Known In Physical Form, But The Collective Consciousness As A Whole Has Been
Suppressing It! These Intentional Energies, Waiting To Manifest, Now
Act As A Balance of Creative Layers, To Put Forth New Desires And
Inspirational Thoughts Within Our Divine Purpose!

There Is A Demarcation Point That We Have Already Crossed From The Old Reality, Into The New One! We Are Infusing New Intelligence, Concepts, Perspectives And A Brand
Awareness of Our Higher Dimensional Capabilities!

Personally, I Feel ALL of Us Connecting On Face Book, Is Creating A Matrix of Unprecedented Knowledge of Intelligent Form, That Is Enabling ALL of Us To Think
Outside The Box of Our Past Existence On Earth!

Reconnection Is Polarizing Thought Forms And Encompassing The
Majority of The Collective Thoughts of Others For The Soul Purpose of
Re-Establishing The Grid, That Enables Us To Create Heaven On

Our Hearts Are Energetically Orchestrated Through A Connected Soul, Through The Transfiguration And Merging Into Our Divine Human Form By Our Higher
LOVE Is Leading The Way Out of Fear Based Thinking, Once And For

The New Way of Thinking Will Be Through The Heart, For Your Mind Is In Your Heart, Not Your Head! For Your Real Mind Is Sensation Based, Not Driven By Emotions! Honor
Body's Brilliance, Through Sensation And Co-operation Using Both
Hemispheres of The Brain So It May Work In Total Harmony With The
Energy of Source! For It Is Through Whole-Body Resonance That Moves
You Through The Morphomagnetic Fields of Creation, That Results In
Co-Operation With Total Harmonic Attraction Through Telepathic
Interconnections Between ALL Living Organisms, That Enables You To
Function Within FULL POWER!

BE That Which You WANT To BE ~ And You WILL BE ; )))



Infinite LOVE And IMMENSE Light!

Sapphire Stone

Words of Wisdom from Indigo Federation [FB]

Through My Eyes I See The Truth Of Truths That Come Forth To Lighten Me,To The World That Needs Love And Light. The Darkness Shall Fall The Light Will Conquer Everything
That Darkness Shall Throw At Me. I Am Indigo My Name Shall Rise And
Shine On The Love On This Earth That Everyone Will Feel My Love And
Light..Amen To All,May The Light Guide You And The Love Shine In Your

Love Reporter Predrag


This is response to post from Alfred Lambremont Webre at www.Examiner.comon 1.10.2010 titled "Facebook at 517 million users suppresses

Love Reporter Floredia Ranou

WE ARE ALL ONE...Change is Imminent. All we must do now, is lead the world to a brighter
day. . .
For we have lived in darkness for far too long...”

Earth. We are one.

~ GLOBAL AWAKENING ~ Our planet Earth. The most beautiful object in the sky. . . For she is one of a kind. The people that have befallen to history, experienced
destruction many times.

Something that happens to ALL Civilizations should they fail t...o live in Harmony with nature. . . Currently we are living in a world structure controlled and
manipulated by governments and the Monatary System. Forever enslaving
its people.

It is important to know that within the current structure the world will never experience True Freedom. Freedom is that what lay within, for that what lay within
should be a direct reflection of the world at large. . . But sadly it
is not so. The knowledge of which the ancients possesed is making
ground ALL around the world. "Established Institutions" are
slowly losing face. They have no other option but to accept the New
World, as its changing. & the Awakening is taking place right
before our very eyes. . . Change is Imminent.

All we must do now, is lead the world to a brighter day. . . For we have lived in darkness for far too long. Together we can Change the Entire World. . . Not by
manipulation and control for this has already been done

. . . No, instead it is a matter for us to become aware of the consciousness that lies within each and everyone of us, for there lay our greatness. Our True nature. . It
that what connects us all. Here is where we will find true and ever
lasting peace" It is an "Essence" That which we All
posses. & that energy shall never leave us, for it never can. . .
It has never left us, we have merely "Chosen" to ignore its
beauty. Some call it GOD. For if the energy we inhibit is GOD, then
we are All GOD in Creation Creating GOD.

We are unique Conscious beings. Beautiful in every way. It is only when we chose not to listen to "ourselves" We become destructive. The world at large is
currently lost, for we allow the material plane to govern our entire
lives. We have become so dependant on it. That most; know no
different. . . It is time to wake up!

There are numerous spiritualists, New Age Writers, New Movements, Healers, Discoverers, Explorers, Medicine Creators. . . & Ideas that are paving the way to a
Open and Transparent way of life! It is time to Realize that - "there
is nothing more Powerfull than an Idea whose time has come" -
Victor Hugo.

Yes Dear Brothers & Sisters it IS Time. The time is now. For if not Now, Then When? Let us argue no more, let us be lost No more. For we have Always known Ourselves. .
Yet society demanded we forget about our true nature of who we are,
and what we are. But we are Magnificent & Extraordinary. And we
can create Just such a world. . .

Atlantis and Lemuria may have fallen to History. The Sumerians had contact with another race of beings. The Vedas tell us stories of space travel inbetween distant

Religion has had its way with the world. . . Wars to often have been fought over who is right and who is wrong. The Monatary System Also, has had its way with the World.
. For we are enslaved to its creation. But who created it? We did.
Just as we can Uncreate it. But now it is the Time for the Teachings
of the True Masters to come forth and change the Globe . . . You and
I. Meditate. Associate with Open Minded Individuals who are in Search
of the True Nature and Purpose of Our Existence in this Beautiful
Universe. We are All One. We Always Have been, & We Always will
Be. Namaste ~ Be One

~ Do you recall in first or second grade those wondrous moments when you looked out of the classroom window and "disappeared"?
You were no longer the child sitting at the desk. You had become
everything and anything.
You blew with the wind.
You touched the sun.
You grew as a flower.
You were light.
You lived your fantasy.
In those moments, you were close to contacting your Angel side. Has it occured
to you onow that in times of longing to
escape, it is not an unknown you reach for but a solid memory? In
meditation or when you fall asleep, do you not sometimes experience
the rush of wind, the feeling of freedom, a sense of abandon? Often
when one is aware of Divine presence, it is because one touches one's
Angel half. These things are available to you not only when your mind
is silenced. THey are present all the time. It is your intellect that
delays the experience by its granted position of authority in your
lives. ♥ Emmanuel {FB}

♥♥♥ SHINE A LIGHT ♥♥♥ bev stratton-proemper, visionary artist


By Love Reporter Bev Stratton-Proemper

They say life s a big puzzle, so how many pieces?
They say experience trouble an you learn to defeat it
It s true what they are saying, I know without a doubt
If you don t experience any of this, you re left in,
looking out.

It took a while with many tears and so much sorrow,
I ve learnt my lesson and I m now ready for tomorrow,
I m shining within, with a strength and assuredness,
I m happy with me, I would nt want anything less.

I ve passed all the tests, they were nt all that easy,
It made me stronger but not a little bit queasy,
The results can be seen in my eyes every day,
They shine from within, they smile all the way,

I have found humility in the only way possible,
I have found thankfulness, it was nt left in a bottle,
It s only through experiencing the trouble and the strife,
Can you find what your looking for in this wonderful life.

I been there, done that, taken it on
I m free to determine the lyrics in MY SONG

© Bev Stratton-Proemper 2007

TIME TUNNEL acryl on canvas
©Bev Stratton-Proemper 2009

Letters to the Editors

From K.H. YAP

"It is my pleasure to connect with you FathermotherGod Amon Ra, I am so grateful for your participation in the occuring events ahead and also
the Love and Light from your heart. I knew from a very young Age I
was different from other children and the Truth that I spread is only
I also come from the Higher Astral Light Frequency and I have summoned my
higher self to aid me in my journey. It has been
about these currents that events are starting to make sense, I am not
crazy, and to believe in Love and Compassion is not crazy. Always
blessings to You."

Thoughts give birth to a creative force that is neither elemental nor sidereal. Thoughts create a new heaven, a new firmament, a new source
of energy, from which new arts flow. When a man undertakes to create
something, he establishes a new heaven, as it were and from it the
work that he desires to create flows into him. For such is the
immensity of man that he is greater than heaven and earth." By
Aureolus Paracelsus

The Funnies Section”

Golf, By God!

Moses, Jesus and another guy were out playing golf one day. Moses pulled up to the tee and drove a long one. It landed in the fairway but rolled directly toward a water
trap. Quickly Moses raised his club, the water parted and it rolled
to the other side, safe and sound.

Next, Jesus strolled up to the tee and hit a nice long one directly toward the
same water trap.
It landed directly in the center of the pond and kind of hovered over
the water. Jesus casually walked out on the pond and chipped it up
onto the green.

The third guy got up and sort of randomly whacked the ball. It headed out over
the fence and into on-coming
traffic on a nearby street. It bounced off a truck and hit a nearby
tree. From there it bounced onto the roof of a nearby shack and
rolled down into the gutter, down the downspout, out onto the fairway
and right toward the aforementioned pond. On the way to the pond, it
hit a little stone and bounced out over the water and onto a lily pad
where it rested quietly. Suddenly, a very large bullfrog jumped up on
the lily pad and snatched the ball into his mouth. Just then, an
eagle swooped down and grabbed the frog and flew away. As they passed
over the green, the frog squealed with fright and dropped the ball,
which bounced right into the hole for a beautiful hole in one.

Moses then turned to Jesus and said, "I hate playing with your

~Elder's Meditation of the Day ~

"Those who live for one another learn that love is the bond of perfect
unity."--Fools Crow, LAKOTA

To serve each other, to respect each other, to trust each other, to honor
other, to love each other, to cooperate with each other, to care for
each other, to forgive one another, to focus on peoples' good, to
laugh with one another, to learn from one another, to pray for each
other; these are all acts of love. These values and actions will
connect us to one another in the Unseen World. Nature is a good
example of how we should get along with one another. Watch nature.
She is our teacher. Nature lives to give to one another. The insects
give to the birds, who give to the four legged, who give to the two
legged. The Creator made all things perfect.

Oh Great Spirit, let me serve the people today. Let me see that it is better to
than it is to receive. Be with me today.

Shared with Love Alyson xxx

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Thank You for Sharing with Us, your Family of Light. We are Requiring your Assistance Today, to Support Us in This Divine Mission. We are working 24 hours a Day
unconditionally all
given freely, and We have simple needs that still are required. A
Simple donation of 5$ would assist us, to be able to keep our
internet going, and support us as We build a New Website to support
the High Level of Traffic for the Information of Truth. The Donations
are Energy to be Used for The Highest Good of ALL.

Thank You for Honoring us with your support today!

Highly Recommended Reads

Galactic Update By Sheldan Nidles 10/12/10 " We Are Right On schedule" Sheldan Gets 5 Stars for THIS ONE!!

Love Reporters

_ ^ _ Rysa Perisanna

with a Forward From Jaaque [FB]

~ 11 ~We begin the Goldring Series that Observe & Acknowlege the Elite and Dark ones WE are
awakening from, giving them no energy, however
welcoming those type and those asleep who are caught in the web of
deceit & obscuration by them as they awaken & move into the

~ I AM one of thousands to a million/s who has been awakened through all of these feelings, shock & emotions & enlightened to the
transformation we are in now, I am here to share the

~ The Way to Awakening ~ Wayshowers III ~

" The Moment of Transformation is Approaching with The Absolute Inevitability of The Divine Will" John Smallman

The moment of transformation is approaching with the absolute inevitability of the Divine Will....”

Inspirational Writings By Me~

Devan Hampson Hammel “Letting go of the mind”

Love Reporter Slueth[ Ellion]

The Time has Come”

The Call, The Awakening Trilogy

"Humanity is Breaking Free"

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With ALL our Love Unconditionally

Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff

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