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September 2011 Blog Posts (73)

Benjamin Fulford, 9-6-11…”The people of the planet earth want peace”

Satanic cabal threatens to make San Francisco and Damascus “uninhabitable.”

The criminal cabal that has seized power in the G5 countries has reacted with new threats of mass terror to the concerted efforts by the nations and people of the world to remove them from power.

The latest threat, made by phone to a White…


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Does anybody else read these messages? It seem that the account has been suspended. very strange I can't access anything.  Any info on the topic would be helpful. I find the words of these messages very helpful at times, I would be sad if it where taken down.

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During the Three Days of Darkness we will remove the undesirables.

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 4th September 2011

There is so much happening on Planet Earth at this time that is being deliberately kept from you. Everything is going according to plan, even though so many obstacles are placed in our way. They just serve to delay us rather than obstruct us. Nothing on Earth can stop this Transition. The time has come for the Dark Cabal to face the…


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Jesus: The Moment to Move to a Whole New Level of Consciousness is at Hand

The moment to move to a whole new level of consciousness is at hand

September 4, 2011 by John Smallman

Humanity is on an evolutionary path of spiritual growth that is approaching a point at which it will experience a great expansion of awareness, enabling vast new realms of knowledge to become available which will be of enormous benefit to you all. This is no… Continue

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~Gratitude is a Frequency in the Universe~


Added by Claude on September 5, 2011 at 11:00am — 4 Comments

~Egypt Rulers Still Collaborating With Israel~

Egypt Rulers Still collaborating With Israel

The so called Egyptian revolution does not augur well for Gazza trapped Palestinians.

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Silence Falls Upon America & Some Labor Day History

In the hundreds of reports I review each day on the most important events occurring in the world I couldn’t help be moved by the picture of a banner during the largest protest in Israeli history yesterday that simply read… “An entire generation wants a future.”

In reading these poignant words written from the depths of a soul being robbed of its future I became deeply…


Added by tranceman on September 4, 2011 at 2:43pm — 1 Comment

Diatomaceous Earth

I am not promoting any site that sells this stuff, but I felt many of you may be intrested in alternative to pest control so I share what I know. This stuff really works. The main reason we looked into this was for a natural non toxic way of killing fleas on our dogs. When I started researching DE, I found out it has more benifits than just killing fleas. I did my home work and then we ordered a 50 pound bag of food grade from earthworkshealth a few weeks ago and have witnessed the…


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Comet Elenin Could Be Disintegrating


Animation of 5 images taken Aug 19,22,23,27,29 displaying the nucleus of Comet Elenin in the process of disintegrating. Credit: Michael…


Added by Ravi Raju on September 2, 2011 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

The Avatar Experiments - Please read!

I had this one dream that unfolded over years/months, but mainly within 3 days. It would start where it left off.


So, I was in a summer camp and you would have to go through levels. Yet, once you are high enough you realize it is no summer camp. It is some type of pro-alien brainwashing program in which your consciousness gets transferred into an Avatar.…


Added by Tiger Lee on September 2, 2011 at 9:53am — 7 Comments

~Andromeda Council Reaching Out With Help Across The Heavens! ~ A New Beginning !

To assist and prepare all Earth humans to make the step-up, this “upliftment”,

in spiritual awareness & consciousness to the 4th dimension

as Earth is about to cross the galactic equatorial plane

The Andromeda Council has committed many resources, trained people, ships,

counselors, advisors in many areas of expertise, to help  Earth people…


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~Andromeda Council Reaching Out With Help Across The Heavens!~

The Real 'Back Story'- Reasons for Change

Leading up to this upliftment, this  shift in Earth’s  vibration 

into the next highest density, the 4th -  

a war in space, in many cases happening just outside of 'Earth space' 

over the course of approximately nine (9) years of Earth time,

is as of this third quarter of 2011 in the final clean-up phase. 

This war is finally over.… Continue

Added by Claude on September 1, 2011 at 11:13am — 1 Comment

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