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The Real 'Back Story'- Reasons for Change

Leading up to this upliftment, this  shift in Earth’s  vibration 
into the next highest density, the 4th -  
a war in space, in many cases happening just outside of 'Earth space' 
over the course of approximately nine (9) years of Earth time,
is as of this third quarter of 2011 in the final clean-up phase. 

This war is finally over. Done. Finished.
As Tolec for the Andromeda Council,
I can tell you my colleagues had a long, hard, difficult war. 

I will add, this war is being won by ‘the good guys’…
by the combined forces of the member star systems & planets of the Andromeda Council,
those with Earth and Earth humans best interests in their hearts, minds & souls.

This proxy war to free Earth, from thousands of years of
negative energy bombardment, manipulation and control, was fought on behalf of Earth - 
by star system & planetary council member races of the: Andromeda Council.  

Those members that bore the brunt of the burden,
did the greatest amount of fighting included: Arcturus, Tau Ceti, and Procyon. 

The contributions of the Procyon people were especially valuable because
they learned the weaknesses of these malevolent menaces -
they learned how to 'sniff 'them out & beat them. 

The people of Procyon just recently liberated themselves
within the past 12 years of Earth time.

So that the Council could intercede on Earth's behalf, 
extensive discussions were held, and a new law was passed over-riding
what is ubiquitously known as the 'Prime Directive' of non-interference.  

A conscious, collective decision
was made by the Council to break precedent and do this... 

because Earth's people living a 3rd dimensional life just did not have
the 4th dimensional physiology, knowledge, tools, or technology to win. 

This war was fought to secure the total freedom of planet Earth and her people 
from the menacing interference of primarily two regressive races: 

Reptilians from the star system Alpha Draconis & Hydra,

These Greys are the progeny of Zeta Reticulans who have not been home
to Zeta Reticuli 1 or 2 in at least a few thousand years.

Earth is not the only planet they have terrorized. 
From what I have learned, there are at least another 21 planets
that need to be freed from these menaces. 

Fortunately, they can be beaten, as indicated by the liberation of the Procyon people 
from these malevolent, self centered, self serving... life draining entities.

(note: of the Grey races, the prime ancestor  race  -
the original Reticulans from the binary star system Reticuli -

the ones who in their waning days exhibited awareness of themselves,
their fallibility, and the fragility of life,
and realizing the pending death of their race -

these original Zeta Reticulans not affiliated with the Draco Reptilians,
were willing to share all they had learned. 

Due  to their humility, the Andromeda Council intervened, stepped in
and helped relocate them to a completely different star system. 

These people,
the original Zeta Reticulans, no longer live in the Zeta Reticuli star system.)

All other known variety of renegade Greys causing problems on Earth
are being dealt with, and are being removed from their
underground & undersea bases on Earth, as are the  Draco Reptilians. 

Their operational bases established for years on  Mars,
and Mars' & Earth’s  moons, have  already been cleared out of these beings.

Likewise, about 5,000 ‘crossbreed’ aka hybrid Grey / Human life forms,
programmed since birth, will need to be removed from Earth and deprogrammed
so that they can evolve on their own into free thinking, free willed beings. 

And, since they are a new sentient life form,
they will re-located to their own new 3rd dimension planet.

Back to the war - the primary reason for this war was to negate & eliminate 
the effect of what is believed to be - thousands  of years of negative energies 
constantly beamed to planet Earth, as well as etheric implant technologies,

utilized by a Draco Reptilian and Grey Orion alliance
that has put and kept many Earth humans manipulated, controlled,
and in a continued state of fear, anxiety & insecurity;

and to eliminate for good these malevolent entities who desired to continue to use,
manipulate & steal people as a natural resource,
and drain other precious resources from planet Earth...
all the while controlling and 'enslaving' a large percentage
of an unaware and helpless Earth human population.

The Council felt Earth's people deserved an opportunity,
a real chance to evolve on their own after thousands of years of manipulation,
control and unaware enslavement.

It is known by the Chief Medical Officer, and staff, of the medical team
of the Andromeda Council that a large percentage of Earth's population
was unknowingly implanted and negatively affected by Grey etheric & physical implant technology...
meant to keep Earth humans in a state of anxiety, fear, manipulation and control.

Though some physical implants have been found and removed by Earth physicians, 
at Earth's current stage of evolution & technology it does not yet have the means to detect,
measure or eliminate the Greys' use of etheric implants. 

Now, in the final clean-up phase of this war, and beyond, for Earth's freedom,
the Andromeda Council medical  team  is working tirelessly,
and will continue to do so, to clean up  the mess, the implants,

the resulting spiritual, psychological & emotional impact & damage,
and multiple problems the Greys have created as they have unlawfully sought to
enslave an unaware human population on this planet.

Earth's people have a right to a fresh, clean, new, beginning...
free from the serious residual, psychological & emotional effects brought on by the Greys,
the Reptilians, and all their technology.

The  healing process of the human race must continue,
and will continue,throughout  the  transition & transformation time as Earth
and her people move into the higher spiritual vibration of the 4th dimension...
as healthy, free, sovereign human beings.

Andromeda Council


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Comment by Besimi on September 1, 2011 at 8:30pm

Thank You Cloude :)  ...enjoyed reading these both Andromeda messages.

....NAMASTE Dear friend. LOVE & LIGHT.


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