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The Avatar Experiments - Please read!

I had this one dream that unfolded over years/months, but mainly within 3 days. It would start where it left off.


So, I was in a summer camp and you would have to go through levels. Yet, once you are high enough you realize it is no summer camp. It is some type of pro-alien brainwashing program in which your consciousness gets transferred into an Avatar.

It just so happens that the Avatars are blue, but they have scally blue skin same height as us.

In the "Summer camp" we would do lots of swimming, and they tell you in order to be able to swim the fastest you would have to swim like a fish. (Meaning genetic fishy modification) ALthough, I didnt realize that at first.


I was guided by Angels the whole time, but once I went "up" somewhere in space close to Earth and these avatars were in cages like a large prison cell, but just packed with blue scally females.

In the beginning of the dream, the summer camp had both boys and girls, but as you progress high enough, there is less and less boys. Eventually being none.


To progress to the next level, I go to the "office" which gives you "disk" (aka music) to listen to. These vibrations can mutate you extremely fast.


So, we do normal camp things - and evantually it just becomes a girl camp. In which we party and have dorms and all that cool stuff. So everything seems normal. NOT!


So, I get to the last level, in which I enter this huge room with only two people in it. They say congrats and hand me a map, the last stage is to go down (bad omen) into the lower levels and meet with these aliens who will evaluate you. (not the nice kind either)


I was like HELL NO! Woke up!


Yet when I first had these dreams, they were weird. I was in water! Which this was way before the movie would come out. Yet, once i regained consiouness in the water, the dream/vision would end. Sometimes something would talk to you. Then finally, guided by my angels, I had the last 3 day dream that was way explicit.


What do people think about this???

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Comment by Trudy on September 3, 2011 at 9:00am

Well I have weird dreams too in the past but I never gave it credit for I thought if it is of importance the meaning will get clear to me other wise it is fear wich is brought too me by lower entities cause I give them the opportunity. Nowadays but not every day, I get clear vieuws in my meditation/dream state ... I ask my guides to access the Higher Dimensions and to tell me or let me know in some way what is important for me to see or to know for my progress into Ascention...

Namasté Beautiful Soul Tiger Lee *L*

Comment by Tiger Lee on September 3, 2011 at 8:20am
That is true, but it was one of those dreams that my Angels were guiding me through. For me, they are more rare dreams, but even to me this dream was off the top, but it was also something that was being revealed to me at the same time. It is gone and done now, but I was more inerested in if anyone has ever experienced something like this, but I take that is a "no" lol.
Comment by RichardtheRaelian on September 3, 2011 at 4:23am
I agree with Trudy's words.
Comment by Trudy on September 2, 2011 at 5:30pm
Fear, it is all about FEAR ... please let go, think positive before you go to sleep ;)
Comment by Tiger Lee on September 2, 2011 at 4:20pm

It just dawned on me. Isnt there some type of cult in ME or NY that believes they will be able to ascend into these alien bodies? That makes me wonder, lol.

Comment by Tiger Lee on September 2, 2011 at 4:15pm

I used the word avatar to relate the info, but they are clones of some sorts. When my guide took me to that ufo right above earth, it seemed to be an actual place. Yet, I kind of had to sneak there (aka the guides always cloak us). The nega-aliens are never seemingly violent, until they have no use for you. I wish i could remember some of the conversations I had while I was in the tanks, but more than a few of those incidents, I knew what wanted to talk to me, and I didnt want to talk back. Who would have known that manipulation can happen at the dreaming level? Yet, this goes way back to when I was a child, then it was much worse, and outside jsut dreaming - it was also before I spiritually shifted.

Comment by Tiger Lee on September 2, 2011 at 10:06am
Which I just realized why my angels guided me through this. The waking up in water has been happening for years. They are large rooms filled with water. Either the ultimate God play or a desperate measure for a dying race? I dk, but my Angels helped me make an end to this. Yet, there were so many other girls in the program too. I think, if a subconsiouness, over years of manipulation, agrees possibly with it, without you consiounly knowing it, then a transaction of somesort could possibly happen? Funny, my Guides were like NO, and they didnt have to say a word, they just showed me what was happening.

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