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BenjaminFulford : About those Ming who cooperate with the Nazis

About those Ming who cooperate with the Nazis

An informant has come forward with information about a Chinese Ming faction that has been cooperating with the Bush Nazis. It turns out that a Ming Princess was secretly married to the Taisho Emperor (but impregnated by the Meiji Emperor) as part of a strategic plan to create an “Emperor of Asia.” The group is known as the Baikado (梅花) or Plum Flower Faction. In Japan now it is the Kanei (金井) family that supports them. This is the group… Continue

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The packs WE watch are still in D.C..

OBAMA did try to trade the funds in the 40 accounts last night as he said he would, only to find the accounts blocked. He is claiming personal ownership of these funds.

A couple of you have questioned whether OBAMA would make the statement attributed to him in last nights update so let us clarify that now; The words were from OBAMA'S OWN MOUTH, not second hand 'hand me downs' and THERE WERE MULTIPLE "WITNESSES".


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war on terror

Before you read this there is something I think you should know. These are just my own ideas. I will appreciate any feed back reguardless of its position.

Has anyone else noticed that the original war on terror in america has stalled out. What i mean by that is, Yes fighting a war on a style of fighting is obsurd. But more importantly people arent really affraid of what could happen. Yes there is a possible swineflu threat. On the other hand if you have watched the news. Anyone who… Continue

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Editor’s note: The following writing is divided into two parts.

First there is a brief “pep talk” to the receiver by Comman­der Tomeros Maasu Korton. At the beginning of an 11/15/93 writing by Commander Hatonn (page 134 of Journal #82), he mentions that Commander Korton: “...steps in with several of… Continue

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Only 1 hour and 15 mins left to go!

For those of you who aren't aware of what energies we are going to raise today in an hour or so. Please go to the videos section of the site and type in Shelley Yates. She describes what we are going to do today. Most thing it's a healing of Mother earth. It's more about us visualizing a perfect, loving, peaceful and harmonious planet "The new world".

Some have mentioned to me that Mother earth has said that she is not in need of healing and this is true. She is well capable of… Continue

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This is what the Galactic Federation of Light told Blossom Goodchild just a few days ago. For some reason this explanation resonates more with me that some mathmatical encrypted message to us. They all do look like some sort of "coat of arms".

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thoughts 3

the heart is a closed space
to carry bitterness and resentment in it decreases your capacity for love and light

bitterness and resentment cause the heart to wither into atrophy
love and light cause it to expand - so while it is a closed space, there is no limit to how big it can become

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Music by Fire the Grid

I have put down a Globel Peace meditation this morning on my page and it fits well with the Fire The Grid Meditation today.

Are we all to listen at the same time? So we both can send energy to all living things on this beautiful planet? It takes 12 minutes....

You can download it to your own page...

Love, Vonnie…


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Alignment: Dark or Light?

A question I often hear, when a new seeker is trying to choose a path, is “Is this path entirely love and light?” This is a question that needs some serious consideration. The path I teach is one of love and truth; this involves much courage in facing one’s shadow; it is not all light. In our pure form we are not the things we identify with, but the source of them all. Thus we are not light or dark, but the source of both. However, we have choice, and with… Continue

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casper 7-26-09 evening

Another "Targeted Message", this time FROM PRESIDENT OBAMA TO CASPER.

"You are a big blow hard and you are full of chit. We will see to it that you are published no more".

Message received Mr. President.

Are you now taking over the Internet? WE are aware of your Party's proposed legislation to shut down conservative talk radio, will you honor us with a Bill of our own or must WE ride the coat tails of your other destructions of… Continue

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BenjaminFulford :The story behind the $500 billion on the Fed’s books

The story behind the $500 billion on the Fed’s books

Many heads were wagging as Federal Reserve Gang Boss Ben (helicopter) Bernanke was grilled about why the Federal Reserve Board sent $500 billion overseas in late 2007.

Bernanke says the money went to 14 other central banks but he is lying. What really happened is that the Federal Reserve Board, facing bankruptcy at the end of the secret fiscal year of 2007 went begging to all the other European central banks for money to… Continue

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After last weekends disclosure that the World Court was once again set to screw us and their Representative had accepted a bribe of 2 B from OBAMA silence prevailed, unless you consider the daily ABC Hell Storm news?

WE knew something was not right as the blackout extended worldwide with emphasis on CHINA. Not only were our calls blocked more intensely than ever before but even calls among CASPER TEAMMATES were being blocked. In a single day 27 calls between us were blocked, 15… Continue

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Obamas drug Czar and mary jane

Obama’s drug czar: Marijuana ‘has no medical benefit’

Stepehen Webster

Raw Story

Friday, July 24, 2009

When President Barack Obama appointed former Seattle, Washington police chief Gil Kerlikowske to lead the Office of National Drug Control Policy, activists supporting marijuana policy reform were cheered by the news, however briefly.

Kerlikowske’s appointment came on the heels of Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement that America would not… Continue

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david wilcock web site

What is Ascension? Print E-mail

Is It Real? If So, Am I Gonna Make It?

By David Wilcock 9/26/03

Is “all this Ascension stuff” for real, or is it just the imbecile fantasy of people deeply divorced from reality? Here is what the media never tells you, at least not all at once.

We all know that the Earth is experiencing global warming and other changes, whether the petroleum giants like it or not. Just read the… Continue

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golden mean

Dan Winter is most known as a teacher of Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion. His invention's HeartTuner and BlissTuner have earned him literary credit (book:'Instinct to Heal') for inventing the term Heart Coherence. Discovering the harmonic content of compassion in EKG and bliss - even enlightenment in EEG - lead him to a radical new physics: that IMPLOSION - the electrical -geometry of fractality- is the cause BLISS - as it is the cause of gravity in… Continue

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Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver: Isolated Ionic Solutions and

Charged Particle Colloids

Welcome to the most comprehensive and objective source of information on isolated silver colloids and ionic silver solutions in the world! is a non-commercial venture based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, organized to provide the public with accurate and comprehensive information and research about "electrically isolated" ionic silver… Continue

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alchemy web site

Nearly 400 megabytes online of information on alchemy in all its facets. Divided into over 2500 sections and providing tens of thousands of pages of text, over 2800 images, over 250 complete alchemical texts, extensive bibliographical material on the printed books and manuscripts, numerous articles, introductory and general reference material on alchemy.

This site is organised by Adam McLean, the well known authority on alchemical texts and… Continue

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A 'Targeted Message' of some importance;

six she set
seven she sprung
from the dead the living comes

the dead have not been very truthful on things


casper 7-24-09

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Monsanto and our food supply

Obama Puts Monsanto Lobbyist In Charge Of Food Safety

Alexis Baden-Mayer, Esq.

Organic Consumers Association

Friday, July 24, 2009

Genetically modified foods are not safe. The only reason they’re in our food supply is because government bureaucrats with ties to industry suppressed or manipulated scientific research and deprived consumers of the information they need to make informed choices about whether or not to eat genetically modified foods.

Now,… Continue

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Obama Admin Begins Opposition to States Sovereignty and Gun Rights

Obama Administration Begins Opposition To States Claiming Sovereignty And Gun Rights

Text size

Tom Remington

Black Bear Blog

July 24, 2009

The several states are lining up to reclaim their sovereignty and telling the federal government to butt out. This is being done in myriad ways but all are related in that most claim that the Tenth Amendment protects the states from federal tyranny. States are passing resolutions, memorials and two states have passed laws and they… Continue

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