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BenjaminFulford : About those Ming who cooperate with the Nazis

About those Ming who cooperate with the Nazis

An informant has come forward with information about a Chinese Ming faction that has been cooperating with the Bush Nazis. It turns out that a Ming Princess was secretly married to the Taisho Emperor (but impregnated by the Meiji Emperor) as part of a strategic plan to create an “Emperor of Asia.” The group is known as the Baikado (梅花) or Plum Flower Faction. In Japan now it is the Kanei (金井) family that supports them. This is the group that furnished the diplomatic protection to the two “Japanese” recently arrested in Italy with the $134.5 billion (or $500 billion depending on the source). Now that we have identified these people, they can be easily dealt with. The Japanese members of the trilateral commission must wake up to the fact that we know who they are and where they live but they know almost nothing about us. The Chinese want to establish a meritocracy and not go back to tyrannical imperial rule.Japan wants to end colonial rule.

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