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Editor’s note: The following writing is divided into two parts.

First there is a brief “pep talk” to the receiver by Comman­der Tomeros Maasu Korton. At the beginning of an 11/15/93 writing by Commander Hatonn (page 134 of Journal #82), he mentions that Commander Korton: “...steps in with several of you as you ponder rather difficult-to-answer questions. Maasu Korton is our ‘Head of Communications’.”

And in an 8/31/96 writing (in the 9/3/96 issue of CON­TACT) Commander Korton himself explains that: “For those of you who are not familiar with my designation, I am a Com­municator. That is to say, I specialize in establishing and maintaining op­erating communication links. I am able to cover an extensive spectrum of frequencies in order to help couple the third-dimen­sional expression with that of the higher-dimensional expres­sions. Consider me a facilitator, linguist and translator—all in one. I operate across many inter-di­mensional and inner-dimen­sional frequencies.”

We share Korton’s introductory remarks to this receiver with you-out-there because many among the Ground Crew, who have been following this series of writings over the past several months, mostly from the “Rainbow Masters”, have been urged to—and are working diligently at this time toward—im­proving your own abilities to communicate directly with the Lighted Higher Teachers. Thus, what Korton has to say to this receiver in his short “pep talk” may possibly also lend en­couragement to other serious students.

Korton’s comments are then followed by a longer discussion by the Ascended Master known as Violinio St. Germain, Master of the Seventh Ray (or Aspect) of Creator’s spectrum, the Violet Ray of Transmutation, among the seven great “Rainbow Mas­ters” communicating at this time to help us get through Earth-Shan’s planetary transition and rebalancing.

In Journal #7, called THE RAINBOW MASTERS, Germain says: “I head up the program for the thrust of the Sev­enth Ray, for it is the transmuting ray. I am passionate about it, unbend­ing regarding its use for purity, Truth AND FREE­DOM—FREE­DOM OF THY GOD SELF, IN THE SERVICE OF THE CHRIS­TOS, WHICH IS GOD—PURE AND SIMPLE: GOD FREEDOM EXPRESSED IN MANIFEST FORM IN THEE AND IN ME....

“If ye wish to sum the measure of my existence in all prior times, please let it be said, ‘He lived to make men free’....

“In all my times upon thy place, I have sought to stand squarely on a platform of basic human rights for a responsible, reasoning public education in the principles of liberty and equal opportunity for all. I have efforted to teach thee ones to espouse your inalienable DIVINE RIGHT to live life according to your highest conception of GOD. No right, however simple or basic, can long be secure without the underpinning of the Spiritual Graces and the Divine Law that instills a compassionate righ­teousness in the exercise thereof. Always I have efforted to make thy country a fortress against ignorance and superstition, where Christ achievement could blossom, and devotion to THE ONE could prosper in the quest for the Holy Truth (Grail)....

“I have always efforted at being an immortal spokesman for your scientific, religious and political liberties. I believe that humanity shall accept as an axiom for its conduct the prin­ciple for which I have laid down my life: the right to investigate. It is the credo of free men—this opportunity to try, this privilege to err, this courage to experiment anew.

“We scientists of the human spirit shall experiment, experi­ment, experiment, ever experiment. Through centuries of trial and error, through agonies of research, let us experiment with laws and customs, with money systems and governments, un­til we chart the one true course.”

For more background on this important group of teachers, the “Rainbow Masters”, plus earlier writings by them, refer to the Back Page for Journal ordering information.


Greetings, my friend. It is I, Maasu Korton, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator God.

I have come to assist in the coupling of the Higher Energy source. Relax and clear out the demons, for you are under GREAT psychic attack. There are many ones who do not wish these messages of Lighted Truth to continue.

Know that God’s voice, or messengers acting on His behalf, canNOT be silenced! It would be infinitely easier to blow up your entire planet than it would be to stop God’s message. All that is required of YOU is to have a desire to serve and give we of the higher-frequency realms (Angelic realms) opportunity to commune with you.

Please stand by as there is another message yet to come forth.

* * *

Germain here in the Oneness of Creator’s Light, that ones may come to see the trickery of the adversary.

“United we stand, divided we fall.” Truth is truth! It is infi­nite and will stand the testings of time, governments and reli­gions.

The adversarial forces are working diligently to distract, dis­suade and detour you ones from seeing that which is truly taking place.

You have “holy” wars. You have “racial” wars. You have the “battle of the sexes”. Your family units are undermined due to economic stress. You are being bombarded via the media sources in such a manner that there are “experts” to con­vince you of a different viewpoint, on the same subject, every day.

This is MIND CONTROL in its most basic form — “Divide and Conquer”. There is no point in arguing over reli­gion, sex, politics, or any of the other distractions presented to you ones. There are masses of people who haven’t a clue as to what is ACTUALLY taking place. Why? Because they are easily distracted by the sleight-of-hand of the evil “black” magi­cians.

The adversary is a master of the third-dimensional psy­che. He knows exactly how and when to strike. This will always be when you are most vulnerable—ALWAYS!

He can easily trigger thoughts that will invoke memories of past emotional pain. This is usually subtle and happens at a time when you cannot easily release the pain or even realize what has happened.

Usually you will be busy doing something urgent that must get done. This, in turn, causes you to suppress the emotional trauma while you get done that which is before you.

The result of the suppression causes one to “seemingly” put the thought or emotion out of one’s mind. But, in fact, it re­mains until the emotional pressure can be vented or otherwise released.

The time sequence here is quite variable. These emotional pressures could build for days and weeks, or even just moments and minutes.

The adversary plants his seed and then waits for just the right moment to trigger another, usually less impacting, frustration that will cause you to lash out. Most often this triggered release is in a violent or vicious manner that causes you and others great discomfort and pain. In doing so, the adversary can drive the best of friends, parent and child, or husband and wife, apart if this goes unnoticed.

The adversarial dark forces are masters of their “black” art. The subtleness in their mental manipulations is the key to their success. Knowing of their methodology is per­haps the first line of defense.

You ones should monitor your thoughts closely.

All things happen for a reason. If you feel the urge to lash out against another, for whatever reason, I would suggest you go within PRIOR to doing so and ask yourself: “Why am I al­lowing myself to get this angry in the first place?”

It is fine to get angry. There are proper places for every emotion. It is not wise to be angry without CONSCIOUSLY understanding why you TRULY feel this way.

Your emotions are yours and yours alone. YOU are respon­sible for creating your own emotional state! If you perceive that another is annoying you or “needling” you, then remove your­self from the source, if possible. If you choose to remain in the “game” of another, then you have, in effect, chosen to get an­gry or frustrated. Thus YOU have allowed and caused your own personal emotional state.

Remember: you ALWAYS have a choice! Physical man may very well be able to lock your physical body in a physical cage, but only YOU can allow your mind to be enslaved, manip­ulated, or tortured. Man creates his own “hells” through the choices he makes. The worst “hells” are of the mind.

As a general rule of thumb, the following may help: “IF YOU CANNOT DO OR SAY A THING WITH LOVE IN YOUR HEART, THEN IT IS BETTER TO NOT DO OR SAY IT AT ALL!”

If you choose to do something begrudgingly, then you must realize that YOU, again, have allowed for the conditions which precipitate your mental frustrations.

Your greatest enemy is yourself in this regard. As we of the Higher Realms have efforted to convey to you, time and time again: KNOW THYSELF! Monitor your thoughts and be responsible for ALL your actions and emotional states.

Stop REACTING to another’s tauntings. Take the time to stop and THINK! Go within and seek your own personal bal­ance FIRST. If you are unable to find balance, and act with love in your heart, then it would be wise to not do or say any­thing that would further irritate an already volatile condition.

Let us say the volatile condition is the result of a highly emo­tionally-charged conversation. Discern and acknowledge the in­tent (the real message) of the conversation, if possible—such as a plea that the other is confused, frightened or angry. But, do not give in to acknowledging the emotional tantrums of one who will not responsibly control their own trauma. Or, if I may put it another way: don’t play into another’s “control” drama.

This is a time of instant karma. Those things which you send out shall circle back faster and faster. If you choose to send out love, you will be amazed at how fast it returns to you. If you choose to send out anger, frustration or pain, you can expect the same returned to you— possibly even faster—since usually the tendency is to point out the faults of another much more readily than good features.

Each souled person is a reflection of Creator. We are ulti­mately one in the same. To beat your brother down would serve no useful purpose for, in the end, the only one that you hurt is YOURSELF.

The adversary is desperate and becoming more and more desperate with each passing day. He has and will tear apart friends and families. He has and will tear apart races and reli­gions. He has and will tear apart countries and continents. BUT—he can only destroy that which you effort to create IF you allow him to do so!

Allow not your perceived differences with another to pull you apart. Forgive others and, MOST importantly, forgive yourself. To err is human—and all of you reading this have erred and shall continue to err. Make your mistakes; learn the lesson; forgive self; and MOVE ON! The key is to NOT keep making the SAME mistakes over and over again.

Judge not another, for sometimes the perceived error of another is not, in fact, an error. Your perception of any given incident may be, and usually is, completely different than that of another.

For example: Sometimes quiet, shy people are mistakenly called “stuck-up” or are viewed by others as, “Oh, he’s too good to talk to me.” It is usually quite the opposite; the quiet, shy (introverted) ones often view themselves as not worthy or “good” enough to talk to others, or perhaps it is too painful be­cause they are too often misunderstood.

Allow for realities outside your own. Stand ready to assist your friends and families, even if they do, from time to time, create conditions that make it difficult to do so.

Cast out the darkness and call upon Creator God’s Light. Unify in intent to do goodness for your brother. Unify with love in your heart—even for those ones who present you with your most difficult lessons.

God bless those of you on the front line. God bless those of you who send support in the form of kind, acknowledging let­ters. Ones here are tired and need your support now, more than ever.

Thank you! I am Violinio St. Germain, Master Teacher and Wayshower, come in a coordinated team effort with my brother, Maasu Korton, so that my receiver will have clarity and so that you ones can have example of how the Higher Realms unify in intent to get Creator’s messages out. SALU!

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