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casper 7-26-09 evening

Another "Targeted Message", this time FROM PRESIDENT OBAMA TO CASPER.

"You are a big blow hard and you are full of chit. We will see to it that you are published no more".

Message received Mr. President.

Are you now taking over the Internet? WE are aware of your Party's proposed legislation to shut down conservative talk radio, will you honor us with a Bill of our own or must WE ride the coat tails of your other destructions of the First Amendment?

The funds remaining in the accounts of THE FORTY have been frozen. They were shills for OBAMA, "pass through" if you will providing him funds for Stock Market manipulation and Lord knows what else.

OBAMA continues to say, SCREAM is a better word, that we will not see these packages as long as he is President which will be "for another 12 or 18 years or whatever I decide because I am the RULER". The packs WE watch were still in D.C. Sunday afternoon.

WE have kept you abreast of the interference with OUR communications over recent months, this update should test their willingness and their ability to apply their NAZI TACTICS WE have been warning you about.

Mr. OBAMA, are you really President of the U.S.? Or just President of the CORPORATION OF THE U.S.?

Why do you refuse to produce your birth certificate? Are you in office illegally?

Why do you stand in the way of OUR funding and the re-funding of the world? Could it be that tax receipts on our funding go to the Constitutional Treasury which you can't access and are therefore of no use to you and your NWO/ILLUMINATI allies?

Is personal power so precious to you that you would destroy a Nation and millions of its people?

WE THE PEOPLE did not vote for the CHANGE you bring. You have NO MANDATE from anyone with half a brain or the slightest amount of Patriotism in their veins. You are a USURPER Sir. While your core constituency, because they are ignorant, have no idea what you are doing, the rest of us SEE AND UNDERSTAND all too well. Do you think you are fooling the Veterans of Foreign Wars? Or anyone else with the age, experience and maturity to recognize you? Why do you think dealers can't keep guns or ammo on the shelves? Do you think it a secret that your assent to power was financed by huge money from MUSLIM COUNTRIES disguised as small contributions? And now WE learn about the CHINESE and CHICAGO MAFIA? Why are you saying, today, the funds from the 40 accounts now belong to you and you are going to trade those funds tonight? By now you must know that too has been blocked.

Mr. OBAMA, PRESIDENT of the CORPORATION OBAMA, our nation is desperate for honest leadership and long overdue for a "minority" President. We voted for you to get rid of BUSH'S arrogance and unnecessary wars. We voted for him to get rid of the corruption of CLINTON and we were none too happy with SENIOR either, as he was a liar (read my lips) and leader of the organization you now represent.

We do not want your Socialist/Communist/Fascist policies of TRILLIONS to the Banks on the backs of generations of taxpayers or the other ridiculous policies being crammed down our throats. You Sir, are surrounded by IDIOTS disguised as Liberals/Progressives/ETC.. They are EXTREMIST. The American people had no idea what they were voting for when they voted for you.

Won't you please do yourself, the American people and mankind a great favor and resign? Right now? And if you are feeling especially generous tonight won't you please take Nancy Pelosi with you?

Would you like to explain to the people why you are blocking our deliveries and holding the people under your thumb unnecessarily? Why you are holding the Constitution and the announcements hostage? I thought not.

The people SEE, Mr. President, and this little wave will become a tsunami before you know it.

casper 7-26-09

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