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Poofness for 10-30-11… “Spooky Halloween Secrets”

Greetings and Salutations;

Someone suggested, I just say this week, ditto ditto, ditto, good bye. I can not tell anyone the ‘moment’, but huge things have transpired this past week, that have set the world up for it’s transition….to the brave new world. I realize that telling spooky stories to people(bad news) gets more press, what will folks do when they find out the ‘problems’ have solved. While the dinar has not shown publicly, behind the curtain it’s already being traded. All else…


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Asian currency union RESCUES Europe

This was news this morning during simultaneous press conferences in Beijing and New Delhi announced by President Hu Jintao of China and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India.

One of the first acts of the new currency union is taking over the debt of some weaker brethren in the European Union. Thus the Greek problem is solved and the danger of the domino effect of collapsing southern European…


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2012 - A Glimpse Into The Magnifient Year Ahead ~ Metatron!

The above Archangel…

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I want to share some things that have happened to me

hello all, first of all sorry for my English is not very good,

thank you very much to all the people working on Saviors of Earth :)

I want to share some things that have happened to me

one night, I couldnt sleep, it was about 3:00 a.m., suddenly a warm light, I illuminated my head head, look up, it seems, I saw a prism of quartz, a little less size of my head, turning my environs a bit slowly, suddenly, for my impression, I had closed my eyes and I stand up and…


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What my dream showed me about 11/11

The dream segment that I had on 28th Oct went like this:


I was on the computer, when my iTunes suddenly showed 11:11.

All of a sudden, my inner self spun around inside my body, which turned absolutely still, or rather, time stood still for my body.


The feeling my inner self got was:

- Being in many places and times at one point in time (i saw many mes, which are all me)

- Being connected to everyone and everything at the same…


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Remember Unconditional Love and Compassion

Help us to remember; 

That the jerk who cut us off in traffic last night

is a single mother who worked nine hours that day,

that she is rushing home to cook dinner and help with homework,

to do the laundry and spend a few precious moments with her children. 

That the pierced, tattooed, disinterested young man

who takes forever at the checkout stand, is a worried 19-year-old college student, who is balancing his apprehension over final exams with his…


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I Am

I Am

In your world you are truly alone, enclosed in your ever-changing dream, which you take for life. Every pleasure, physical or mental, needs an instrument. Both the physical and mental instruments are material; they get tired and worn out. The pleasure they yield is necessarily limited in intensity and duration. Pain is the background of all your pleasures. You want them because you suffer. On the other hand, the very search for pleasure is the cause of pain. It is…


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Part 2 of random things about me

There is no darkness in the midst of Light

I live in a world where the words male and female are flexible and subjective, even redundant. A world of perpetual transformation, where sexuality and gender become obsolete as people begin to question why they should be the same person, day in, day out. A world where the overriding ethos is to question and explore your sexuality and gender without the restrictions prevalent in them altogether and surrounding activities that are seen as old…


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Random things about me


Live in this world as if you are a traveller, a passer-by, with your clothes and shoes full of dust. Sometimes you sit under the shade of a tree, sometimes you walk in the desert. Be always a passer-by, for this is not home.


Love and compassion will heal the world



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~The High Council of Orion - Ascension Symptoms ~

Many are now experiencing various symptoms that herald the increase in frequencies…

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Want To Defeat The Banks? Stop Participating In The System! Let's Do It Now<<<<

Fed Reserve
Fed Reserve
By Brandon Smith * October 27…

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Tutorial: How To Get Around Government Censorship Of YouTube Videos ! We and Friends Post~ For the Good Of All !


(HigginsBlog) – Step By Step Guide Explaining How To Get By Government Censorship Of YouTube Videos.

Our so-called liberty loving democratic governments are resorting to tactics of a fascist totalitarian dictatorship and censoring YouTube videos…


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Relationship Loving Yourself "This self-pity and self-indulgence Is unbecoming of the Great Soul That you are." —Bhagavad Gita

The Legend of Yourself

Once upon a time, you were a Great Being, a beautiful Spirit living in total Oneness in Heaven with Mother/Father God – All That Is. You could not be angry, for there was no one to become angry with. Could not be afraid, for there was no thing more powerful than You. In fact, there was no thing, period.

One day, you went to the…


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Alien Abduction Experiment O B E

It has long been theorized that encounters with extraterrestrials are nearly always the result of spontaneous out-of-body experience. The OOBE Research Center has proven this by means of an experiment. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!

The experiment was developed and conducted by…


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The Moratorium Imposed By The Earth Allies On Their Various Objectives Is Ready To Be Lifted.!!!

The moratorium imposed by the Earth allies
on their various objectives is ready to be lifted.
It has been a difficult task to locate and take into custody
all those…

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28th October 2011

I found this text on 28th October 2011 and it is a beautiful message...I do hope we experience something like what is described.


Information on 28th October 2011

Compiled by Grant Woolven


The final cycle of the Mayan Calendar is the Universal Level. It began on February 11 this year and ends on October 28. October 9 to 28 is the ‘Seventh Day’ with a theme of attuning to…


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“We would open with this: Congratulations! You are officially on the runway to new earth.”- The Pleiadian High Council

“We would open with this: Congratulations! You are officially on the runway to new earth.”- The Pleiadian High Council

The Anticipation

So here we are…on the cusp of the long-awaited completion of the Mayan Calendar, the ancient and accurate “time”-keeper of 16.4 billion years of evolutionary consciousness. There is so much going on all over the planet to support the emergence of a new evolutionary cycle, but the event that is really blowing my mind is…


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Lauren Gorgo 10-26-11…”11-11-11: Source Code Activation”…”This time in your life is one that will astound you”

This is quite a major article by Lauren. There are several points that I could make here. Yet I sense it is for each to “get” their own points from this. The one piece which did hit strongly is this:

“We are soon to experience life as multidimensional beings, which the PHC say is one of exquisite undertaking…a way of living life through the perception of simultaneous realization & with the ability to focus through the incorporation of many dimensions of…


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3 Days of Darkness ~Entering the Photon Belt ~ Inter-Dimensional Shift

"I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.
I honor the place in you, where lies your love, your light, your truth and your beauty.
I honor the place in you, where...if you are in that place in you…

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