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Asian currency union RESCUES Europe

This was news this morning during simultaneous press conferences in Beijing and New Delhi announced by President Hu Jintao of China and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India.

One of the first acts of the new currency union is taking over the debt of some weaker brethren in the European Union. Thus the Greek problem is solved and the danger of the domino effect of collapsing southern European countries.

Political union

The value of the Euro Asia and linking to each other freely convertible, the trade and tourism between the continents greatly simplified. The presidents of China, India, France and Germany will start negotiations which should lead to the two continents Europe and Asia by 2020 a political union.

Japan maintains the yen and prefers to British model position to take between the new Eurasian superpower and the major emigration countries Canada, Australia with New Zealand.


Russia and its former republics after 2020 will be invited to the new Asia-economic monetary union to join. Now give up the ruble is for Putin and Medvedev is too early.

China and India pay a heavy price for the largest rescue operation in modern history. By linking the Asia to the European countries that weaken their competitive position in export field. Nevertheless, they decided to content themselves with a lower economic acceleration and to temporarily say goodbye to the double-digit growth rates in decades.

They stated in their explanation of this operation, which was prepared in secret, that the importance of an economically prosperous Europe and the United States was considered the greater development of China and India than their own short term interests. This shows the tandem China / India to which the leadership in combating the dangerous world crisis after 1940 by the Western leaders have so far been lacking.


Europe will only be required to return all trade barriers with the new Asian currency union will be lifted with immediate effect. For the population of the Asian economic union, the introduction of the new currency has no direct effect. Local currencies are in European format with the introduction of the euro will be re-upgraded.


U.S. President Obama was shocked at the news that for him like a bolt from the blue. The new combination of currency unions, the role of the United States as a financier of the world and the U.S. dollar finally finished. On the other hand he showed himself satisfied with his long desired by the actual appreciation of the Yuan.

South America and Africa congratulated the world with this initiative and announced bilateral talks with each other will start to explore the possibilities of closer cooperation in the economic field to investigate.

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