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~The High Council of Orion - Ascension Symptoms ~

Many are now experiencing various symptoms that herald the increase in frequencies
and the anchoring into the human body of the new energies.
Hearing “problems”, throat “problems”, stomach “problems”
will all indicate and change in frequency of the human...
Greetings dear ones we come to guide and support and to help YOU move out
of the illusion that dissolves as we communicate.
Much is breaking down and dissolving across the planet and it is vital
that this is detached from.
Many are now realising that the images and sounds that their eyes
and ears pull in from around them are filtered and contained and are not the whole TRUTH.
We guide that many more will begin to attune to higher and higher levels
of communication with ALL realms as the old begins to dissolve
and in its place the new heightened energies of TRUTH.
Many are now experiencing various symptoms that herald the increase in frequencies
and the anchoring into the human body of the new energies.
Hearing “problems”, throat “problems”, stomach “problems”
will all indicate and change in frequency of the human.
Where there have been blocks, whether ancestral or related to this human life experience
the energies will start to move them.
Be aware of loss of voice, of upsets related to diet, of hearing strange noises in the ears,
all will confirm that YOU go through what is akin to an “upgrade”.
Many who have worked with or been aware of energy will be aware
of these symptoms and will be able to work through them.
For others this may be something new to them and we guide ALL who are
aware to hold the space for them.
Seeking medical help for these symptoms will prove to be fruitless
as these symptoms are indicative of ENERGY upgrades
and although felt through the physical are not physical.
Many humans are more than aware of the human energy system and all it is made up of.
This is now a time of synching all the different etheric bodies together
and again this may result in various symptoms occurring within the body.
We guide ALL to detach and to drink plenty of fresh water and relax.
Sleep is vital in the processing stage and we guide ALL to honour their body,
if YOU require more sleep then please have more sleep,
nothing is to be gained from “plodding” on.
The foodstuffs being consumed will change rapidly across the planet
as those who awaken to deeper levels and those who have begun to synchronize
the different etheric bodies will be more sensitive than ever.
The vibration of what is consumed will be FELT and this may result in
a very acute reaction to some foodstuffs.
We note the outpouring of concern across the planet for the way that animals
are killed in preparation for food.
This will change dear ones, as many will not able to consume the flesh
of an animal that is killed in fear.
 The vibration will not sit well within the human body and will not be tolerated by the body.
The way of creating foodstuffs will begin to change across the planet.
As the vibration of the human BEing increases the need for foodstuffs
can diminish with many humans being perplexed by the amount of time needed
between consuming one foodstuff and another.
This will vary from human to human and will vary depending on
what the human is doing vibrationally.
Those who go through a deep cleansing and synching of levels of BEing
may only need lots of fresh water with light foods.
The vibration if not stable, and this happens at times of major energy fluxes
across the planet, will not tolerate food very well.
We guide ALL to become aware of how foodstuffs and drinks react with the body
they have in this human life experience and to honour that body.
YOU are truly moving into a state of ONENESS and the full impact of this
will begin to become anchored within YOUr BEing as YOU move through the process.
No longer is ascension just talked about as to what “may” happen,
it is happening around YOU and within YOU at this moment
and from each moment to each moment.
The time for WALKING TRUTH is NOW dear ones.
Those who choose not to “walk the talk”, those who maintain that the mind knows
more than the heart will find the coming weeks difficult and chaotic
as the new energies do not support the old.
To stubbornly maintain that things “don’t make sense” is to be in denial of TRUTH.
For the new is FEELing dear ones and the mind cannot FEEL, only the heart.
Once more we guide an example, if for example YOU feel the need to rest for
12 in a 24-hour period and follow this up by drinking nothing but fresh water
for the remaining 12 hours then many around YOU
that may not be awakened will begin to question.
YOU may begin to question but if it FEELS right then it IS right.
The heart is the driver in the new dear ones, not the mind.
For illusion taught many things under the guise of love and many things were taught
in relation to nutrition that are not TRUTH.
We look across the planet and are saddened by the pain and emotion invoked
in the drive to be the thinnest and the prettiest.
ALL are beautiful dear ones for ALL are unique.
YOU were not incarnated in human form to be the same,
to look the same and to conform to ONE design, that is not the role
nor the function of the human BEing.
For those who are caught in the illusion of thinnest, prettiest,
more fashionable we ask YOU hold the space.
For to torture the human body so that it may represent what illusion states it must,
is not from the heart. In a world where half the population starve
then it makes no sense for those able to eat to not eat.
Do you understand our analogy dear ones?
We wish to guide on the separation of wealth across the planet
and guide ALL to detach from what is being show to YOU at this time.
It is not possible to change a world and a society
without first realizing what is wrong with it.
The images that are being placed around the world are there to highlight
what is wrong with society, to show how ALL are not held in equal loving terms.
That is all that is highlighted. It is vital that the pictures are detached from
or the human BEing interacting with this material will fall back
into the illusion of right and wrong and duality.
Things will begin to even out across the planet
and this will be done stealthily and continually.
We draw YOUr focus once more to those humans who are not going to awaken
across the planet, the humans who act as mirrors for those who are awakened.
It makes no sense to wipe out famine in the blink of an eye
or to save all the animals in one swoop for they would not be able to cope with this.
This is also again why we guide that we will not reveal ourselves
immediately across planet earth.
It is too much for the humans who are not awake to process.
It would serve none to create more chaos in a world
that seems to have turned upside down for those who are asleep.
We guide ALL to process ALL information through the heart
and to see the TRUTH that is below the smoke and mirrors for all is NOT
as it seems across the world.
The leaders that have left the planet look like they have been “taken out”
when in TRUTH the vibration they held is not supported by the new.
This will increase and look “normal” dear ones, it can be no other way.
Those who were misled by illusion of the ascension
which would see paradise laid out at YOUr feet in an instant are now beginning
to realize how illusion took their power from them.
The power that is NOW is the power that is worked with dear ones.
The paradise is in full view but those in illusion will not be able to FEEL it.
Everything is in full view; it depends on the level of filter the human applies to the view.
Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you understand our words?
To fight over wrong and right is to try to live in illusion and that energy
is no longer supported by the new.
We ask that ALL are aware of this and ALL begin to focus
on the human life experience that they wish to create.
Much is lost in the sense of power to be pulled back into the illusion of same,
for it does not exist dear ones.
We are the high council of orion and we come to guide and support all at this time.
Do not rely on the eyes and ears of YOUr human body at this time dear ones
for the transitionary period is not over.
Rely on the heart for it will show YOU TRUTH.
Much disinformation continues to be relayed across the planet
and we guide strongly for ALL to be discerning.
That also applies to our words, for we would not wish any human to take on board
our words without processing through the heart.
To blindly follow or absorb is the old energies dear ones
and the new energies are here for YOU to anchor.
We send out much love and many blessings to the human race
as they go through the transition into the new and we support and guide at all times.
ALL realms are on hand to support and guide individuals should they so desire.
Simply hold the space and ask for the connection.
Many will find this easier than ever before.
The new energies increase across the planet and the level of human consciousness
will continue to rise sharply over the coming months.
This is a momentous time in human history dear ones and we are honoured
to BE amongst YOU at this time with more and more connecting to us.
We have waited aeons for this and we are truly blessed.
Channeler: Karen Doonan
Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
October 24, 2011


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