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“Brain-Chip” Implant in the brain of Magnus Olsson


A successful businessman visits the nearest hospital after an anxiety attack. He is…


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On Monday 20th February 2012, confirmatory intelligence emerged from Japan (here) that, below the surface, a widening rift in geopolitical loyalties is developing between the older and younger members of the British Royal Family bloodlines. This rift is understood to be developing and extending through most of the European Illuminati hereditary control-structures, not just in the UK, but also in countries such as The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.



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The Rainbow Serpent Project : From Tor Webster

An Amazing Journey Of One Soul ~ This film is to inspire people to travel consciously around the world and into their hearts.

Watch the Documentary link here:

The Rainbow Serpent Project :

Director: Tor Webster | Producer: Tor Webster

Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2009 | Story Teller's Country: United…


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they will not be on this planet for very long.



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The best paper and data on the man. Will repost here so to avoid it getting lost

Wilfredo Sarabia Saurin (also known as)

Wilfred Saurin (aka)

Datu G.L. (aka)

Wilfredo S. Ramos (aka)

William Morales (aka)

William V. Morales (aka)

Joseph E.S. Daraman Jr. (aka)

Joseph Eutiquio Severino Daraman Jr. (aka)

Joseph Daraman (aka)

Joseph Teo Hui Kiat (aka)

Johannes Riyad (aka)

Yohannes Riyadi (aka)

Saroeun Soush (aka)

Wilfredo Serion (aka)

Dr. Saroeun (aka)

Soush Saroeun…


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Virginia House Passes NDAA-Nullifying Bill; Other States Join Fight

The sovereign states are courageously asserting their constitutionally protected right to self-determination by standing up to the federal government and refusing to execute the most noxious provisions of the recently enacted National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).



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A very negative view about 2012 and beyond...but unfortunately...full of truths!

How is the World Going to End in 2012?

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Mon, 20 Feb 2012

To pay them to just hang out and write code. I read in the news this morning that some …


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House of Lords

House of Lords

Lords ChamberMeeting started on Thursday 16 February at 11.04am. Ended at 6.39pm

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The International: Oil, Drugs, Guns & Kissinger Associates

At the nadir of Four Horsemen/Gulf Cooperation Council/CIA petrodollar drugs for guns recycling scheme quietly sit the international banksters.

Through every major scandal and behind every despotic regime stands a global financial oligarchy- ultimate beneficiary of the world’s addiction to oil, guns and drugs.

The oil wealth generated in the Persian Gulf region is the main source of capital for these bankers. They sell the GCC sheiks 30-year treasury bonds at 5% interest, then…


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A March 31st deadline has been delivered to the committee of 300 by the gnostic “illuminati” faction

The group that claims to have started the American, French and Russian revolutions state they have issued a March 31st deadline to the committee of 300, according to their spokesman “Alexander Romanoff.” In addition, Prince Harry has been in touch with the group and has agreed to take over control of the British Royal family from Queen Elizabeth. There are signs, such as the resignation of over a dozen senior bankers and the announcement of a $15 trillion fraud in the UK and a $6…


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Government ‘may sanction nerve-agent use on rioters’, scientists fear

Government ‘may sanction nerve-agent use on rioters’, scientists fear

Posted by Real News Reporter on February 18th, 2012

Leading neuroscientists believe that the UK Government may be about to sanction the development of nerve agents for British police that would be banned in warfare under an international treaty on chemical weapons.

A high-level group of experts has asked the Government to clarify its position on whether it intends to develop “incapacitating chemical agents”…


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Smoking Out The Monster

A Message From David Icke...

A very clear theme is emerging that I can see in my own life and in that of many others who work in my field to a larger or lesser extent. We are seeing ever more obviously people who claim to be one thing revealing themselves to be quite another by their own actions. It seems that they can't stop themselves from doing so.

Good, it is about time their mask was lifted and how appropriate that they are doing it themselves while…


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The Sacred Science, what happned?

Has anyone else noticed that the documentary 'The sacred Science' (at least I think that’s what it’s called) has been removed from you tube?

It's about a group of people with conditions such as specific caners, diabetes, depression, going into the amazon and be treated my local shamans. No matter what anyone says, that stinks, and I only got half way through. If anyone has a link to the full doc, please post it. Come on, for me? 

Perhaps this is evidence that the big…


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Thanks to all the people who find this information on the net. I just collect it all and put it in one place or in this case, share it with you. Either people are becoming very wise to the Illuminati tricks of  or the killing machine is getting sloppy in their work. So far this year, we have had two significant markers from the creepy elites. I will talk about the other one in part 2.

The Costa Concordia Cruise ship was this year’s first epic disaster in more ways than one. Allow me…


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Make no mistake....Whitney Houston was MURDERED!

Its Black History Month here in the US.  For those of you outside this nation’s border, this is an important note. We are not even half way through the month and we got a gift from the killing machine as 3 dead black history makers have been left at our doorstep.

 Last night we lost one of the last pure voices in this world. Whitney Houston was not a synthesized voice, she was a gifted artist. She was the last of the gifted…


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I had to do something horrible today

My cat Domino left a wee Robin half dead at my door. The little thing was, well I won't go into detail, but it wasn't going to recover. I carried it round the back of my garden and had to make a tough decision. It didn't seem to mind me handling it, it was probably in shock, but it looked up at me as if we were acknowledging each other.

It took me 10 minutes to realise that I just couldn't leave it to suffer. So I killed it. My first time killing something other than an insect and in…


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For quite a few years on coastlines around the world, metal boxes that glow, hum and have no openings have been showing up. In recent accounts, the humming has been more of a loud shrill and what some would say, a disturbing sound. It is said they show up following sightings of UFO craft. As always, these boxes are carted away to unknown classified locations and the truth held back from the public.

Here is an excerpt from the story and I welcome you to please go to the link and read…


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THE LIGHT OF TRUTH.........Billy Meier...NOT

There is nothng more thrilling for me than the light of truth beaming down on the world's biggest disinfo agents, frauds, scammers, and channelers of unknown government sources. Its another bad, bad day for Billy Meier fans. His circus is in the stage of a final curtain call. The gig is up on 'ol Billy. I often wonder how these people live with themselves knowing that they have scammed countless people.

From a REAL source with REAL footage, photos and facts, James Gillaland has…


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ECETI on "Mother Ship Trip Cancelled"

Mother Ship Trip Cancelled

We are overwhelmed with emails asking that I speak on this matter. I have already spoken yet not at length concerning the Mother Ship Neptune giving everyone a joy ride. We said there is no knowledge of any planned mass pickup or joy rides from the beings we are in contact with. We also said this does not fit into their ways or universal law of which they must work within. I find it odd that a master race would choose the name of a planet in our own…


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