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Jose v's Blog – September 2010 Archive (27)

Ahmadinejad uncovers the truth about the 11- S at the UN! / The news also appears in the Israeli press

Finally, someone has dared to say what a clamor on Planet Earth : Zionist elements attached to the State of Israel designed , orchestrated and pressed the button to bring down the Twin Towers in New York by explosives . And it was , nothing more and nothing less than to the Assembly General of the United Nations.

We are in…


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Ahmadinejad's statements to the United Nations have been answered by the Zionists, this time as a powerful computer virus.

Iran has complained that the computer systems of dozens of industries have been attacked by a virus called Stuxnet, Which some Western experts could have been designed to try to curb 's controversial nuclear program Iran .

" Because we use firewalls in the systems state-controlled , the poison software has been less effective . There have been no major damage , "revealed the Iranian Minister of Telecommunications, Reza Taghipour , quoted by local…


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Benjamin Fulford's:Why the battle over the $1 trillion in bonds will decide the future of the planet

The world’s top powers are all paying extremely close attention to the case of $1 trillion in bonds now missing in Italy because whoever gets to cash them will suddenly have enormous geopolitical power. The owners of the Federal Reserve Board syndicate are hoping to be to cash their quadrillions or quintillions (the numbers are absurdly unrealistic) in fraudulent derivates and thus make the cashing of a few Asian gold backed $ trillions worth of bonds into a trivial issue. Most of the…


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POOF for SEPT 19th: Everybody Important is Ready

-------- Original Message --------



Subject: Everybody Important is Ready

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 18:06:05 -0400

High Time We Went Lyrics

(Joe Cocker/Chris Stainton)

Well, it's five o'clock in the morning

feel just like the end of…


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Georgia farmer fined $5K for growing too many veggies

By various sources

DeKalb County is suing a local farmer for growing too many vegetables, but he said he will fight the charges in the ongoing battle neighbors call “Cabbagegate.”

The law was supposed to stop large commercial operations in residential areas, but is being used against a 2-acre farmer who sells to neighbors and farmers markets.…


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Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt:

The landscape of the ancient world is dotted with fabulous structures that are breathtaking in their complexity. The Egyptians and Mayans had their pyramids and temples. The Hindus crafted elaborate temples throughout Asia. The Greeks built the Parthenon, and the Babylonians constructed the Jupiter Temple and the fabled Hanging Gardens. The Romans made their mark all over their world, with engineering geniuses guiding the construction of their famous roads, the Coliseum, and numerous temples…


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"Christopher Story was not killed"

E-mail from Benjamin Fulford:


Response to recent accusations against Benjamin Fulford:

Although it is my policy to not engage in mud-slinging and focus on constructive ideas, I have been asked by many people to respond to two recent lines of attack against me.

First of all there is the accusation that I killed Christopher Story. That is serious slander and I may decide to sue. First of all, I was asked by MI6 to please cooperate with them and not reveal the…


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Ben Fulford: "Exposing the illuminati’s vicious and stupid smear tactics"

Exposing the illuminati’s vicious and stupid smear tactics

Ever since I began trying to convince the Japanese people to spend their $7.6 trillion in dollar holdings on ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction, I have become the target of a sustained, vicious and stupid campaign of harassment. These tactics by Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate lackeys have included multiple murder attempts, the forced termination of my…


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According to this article, the feds intend to commit GENOCIDE upon 30 MILLION AMERICANS

According to this article, the feds intend to commit GENOCIDE upon 30 MILLION AMERICANS within the next THREE YEARS.

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Scientists confirm pyramids in Bosnia are oldest known pyramids in the world

Bosnian pyramids have been finally confirmed. Pyramid experts from all over the world have confirmed the existence of the Bosnian pyramids. In addition, 90% of all these experts said that the the Bosnian pyramids are by far the world’s largest and oldest pyramids. There are five (5) pyramids in Bosnia and it is said that they are 12000-26000 years old. In 2010 UNESCO added the Bosnian pyramids into their World…


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Judgment Day -Uriel

Judgment Day -Uriel

The reigns of control are about to be snapped out of the hands of they who have for many ages engendered evil and propagated darkness throughout the lands . The final whistle has sounded and we the host are marching in to reclaim that which is of the Father. They will be forced to abdicate their self made thrones as the era of darkness falls away to…

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By benjamin: The plans to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem have been finalized, the Dome of the Rock will remain where it is

Posted by benjamin

September 13, 2010

The group of people who have been secretly running the governments of the West for thousands of years are determined to fulfill biblical prophecy before relinquishing power, according to high level secret government sources. As a part of their plans, they have reached a secret agreement with Muslim countries to rebuild the Temple of the Mount in Jerusalem in a manner that will leave the Muslim holy site, the Dome of the Rock, intact.… Continue

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1. system based on ability: a social system that gives opportunities and advantages to people on the basis of their ability rather than, e.g. their wealth or seniority....

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HERE .........>

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Ben Fulford, blog entry for Sept 13

The following links were sent by an individual linked to an organization as MJ12 or Majestic 12. We have independently confirmed this individual does have some sort of high level intelligence agency backing him but we do not know which agency it is. We have also been asked to electronically publish a book containing the MJ12 manifesto. We have decided to do so because we believe the group behind this individual has good intentions. …


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So Broke We Can’t Pay Attention>

September 8, 2010

It’s a scary feeling not being able to pay your bills. It can be so stressful that it consumes the entirety of our thoughts and emotions. We may fight with our spouses, or prematurely snap at our children…


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Gene Research Shows Jews & Palestinians Almost Identical

"Jesus a Bastard," says Jewish Talmud
Even the leaders of Israel My Glory, a fanatically pro-Zionist, supposedly Christian ministry, have made note of the bizarre views of the Jews as found in their own book of laws and traditions, the Jewish Talmud. The organization's magazine (Dec./Jan. 1995/1996) published a revealing…

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Message from Benjamin Fulford : The Trillion dollar criminal case against top Davos, UN officials & others will go ahead despite sudden death of key witness

September 6, 2010

Criminal charges will be filed this week in New Jersey in a $1 trillion robbery case that implicates top officials of the World Economic Forum (Davos) top UN officials including UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and members of the Italian P2 Masonic Lodge, according to top US law enforcement officials and lawyers for the owners of the over $1 trillion in stolen financial instruments. The individual directly…


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Truth About the Talmud

The Talmud is Judaism's holiest book. Its authority takes precedence over the Old Testament. Evidence of this may be found in the Talmud itself, Erubin 21b (Soncino edition): "My son, be more careful in the observance of the words of the Scribes than in the words of the Torah (Old Testament).” The Talmud states that Jews are special and…


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