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Ahmadinejad's statements to the United Nations have been answered by the Zionists, this time as a powerful computer virus.

Iran has complained that the computer systems of dozens of industries have been attacked by a virus called Stuxnet, Which some Western experts could have been designed to try to curb 's controversial nuclear program Iran .

" Because we use firewalls in the systems state-controlled , the poison software has been less effective . There have been no major damage , "revealed the Iranian Minister of Telecommunications, Reza Taghipour , quoted by local daily Iran.

The minister admitted , however , than systems less protected other have been infected by this virus that permeates through port USB and exploits the vulnerability of the operating system Windows .

" An electronic warfare has been launched in Iran , "said Alyaie

" teams special operations have begun to clean computer systems industrial and have been on alert to act if this threat becomes more serious , "he added .

For his part, Mahmud Alyaie , officer in the same ministry , he figures the attack and said that about 30,000 addresses IP belonging to Iranian industries have been affected the somehow by virus designed to recognize control a network and destroy or reschedule .

Transfer Data

The manager explained that systems control industrial in Iran have been developed by the multinational company Siemens and the Stuxnet has specific features to deal with these systems and transfer data outside.

" An electronic warfare has been waged against Iran, "he stressed Alyaie , general director of Information Technology at the Ministry of Industry and Mines.

"This computer virus is designed to transfer outside data the production lines of our industries, " added the official, quoted by the news agency Mehr .

The virus " Trojan " that is inserted under the guise of a secure application , the Stuxnet attacks monitoring programs, acquisition and control data used for the automatic management of power plants, water purification and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

European companies Internet security such as firm Kaspersky Labs , Symantec pointed out that the complexity of the virus suggests that there has been developed by a pirate or a signature, if not with the possible assistance of a State.

" Stuxnet is a working prototype as weapon cyber and lead to the development of a new kind of arms race in the world, "said company Germanic Kaspersky Labs in a statement.

In this sense , some experts have suggested that the objective of the virus could have been the controversial Iranian nuclear facilities.

Much of the international community, with the U.S. and Israel to the head, accuse Iran of concealing , under its peaceful nuclear program , another clandestine nature and military applications would aim acquiring an arsenal atomic, An allegation Tehran denies .

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Comment by Trudy on September 29, 2010 at 5:26am
Two countries are the biggest threat, U.S. and Israel. They have the largest nuclear arsenal. And no one who checks that they do not go out of line. Yes of course we think there are inspection site, but the secret warehouses are not visible to our monitoring. But that secret nuclear storage sites are visible for our brothers in space. They see and know EVERYTHING. President Ahmadinejad knows more than he let happen to the outside world. And the Zionists know that they actually have no grip on President Ahmadinejad because of this wisdom. I have followed for years the relations between the West and the Arab world. The tone of President Ahmadinejad has changed ... his aggressive approach to the West has changed, because he knows the truth now, who's behind the world's domination. Whether he is in contact with our space brothers, or he has discovered his true origins.
Namaste josev xx

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