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There is so much change going on in this world

There is so much change going on in this world that I say to the scientists of this planet, have fun with all of your facts and your logic. Have fun with all those things, because they are going to get blown apart. Absolutely blown apart. All the theories right now of why things work the way they do are about to get blown up. It’s not like it’s going to happen suddenly like a big nuclear explosion one day. But the discoveries, the scientific and the discoveries of physics are going to come so fast. There’s going to be so much arguing with the scientists and the physicists now. They’ve got a nice stable theory about energy and reality. It’s going to get blown up. And in some of the experiments that are taking place right now as we’re speaking, right now, it’s going to absolutely destroy them.
And to those who are the religious leaders, to the religions in general, have fun with your history and your righteousness, because it is going to turn to dust and be blown in the wind. All of the concepts about religion, which are generally very, very false, generally no real understanding of God, they’re going to get blown up. They’re going to crumble. They’re going to fall apart. So to all them I say have fun with it now, because you’re going to be left in a situation stuttering and stammering, trying to go back to old history, and it’s not going to work. 
And to all the philosophers right now I say to you, dear philosophers, stop philosophizing. Get in the sandbox and play; otherwise you’re just dead. Get in the sandbox. You know, philosophy really hasn’t gotten this planet very far.

And finally to all the government leaders who think they understand what their people want, who really have no clue; understand, dear government leaders, leaders of anything – of businesses, but particularly of governments – understand what people really want. Freedom. But understand that they have no clue of what it is. They have no clue.
And when you, government leaders are giving your big speeches and running for office and making promises, really you need to take a look at what they really want. What they really want. Not just in your leadership, but in their lives. It’s ultimately freedom, but they’re so afraid of it. So afraid.

My point here is that things are going to change. The world, the headlines. The world is changing at such a rapid speed. You get caught in it,. You get caught in this “What’s going on? It’s so fast.”

You stop. You take a deep breath, and you just realize, yes, everything is changing. It’s evolution. It’s because of consciousness, because of you. You just stop and take a deep breath and allow. It’s that simple.
It’s going to get tougher in so many ways with the people around you, the world, the news, the craziness. It’s going to get tougher. And you know what, all the rest of you? It’s not yours. It’s not yours.
You’re feeling it, of course, in your body and everywhere else. You’re feeling it, but it’s not yours.

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Comment by Besimi on April 24, 2015 at 9:14pm

:) interesting post Jose.
…thnx for visiting again,after long time brother.
always nice to hear from you. Namaste & much love.

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