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So, two major changes going on in the world right now that are really affecting everything. One, there is a group of people, also collected together in governments, business and places of influence and power, who believe that humans cannot take care of themselves, that the average human cannot be responsible for their own thoughts or actions or deeds. They believe that humans need some sort of guidance from governments, from churches, from other things. They don’t believe that humans are by nature intelligent, good, honorable people. They think that humanity is still, oh, in its own form of dark age. They think that people left to their own will destroy this Earth through war, through pollution, through corruption.


are you part of that group? “No! No, no, no. Actually, this is going to be an interesting experience over the next few years, because this group that believes – they earnestly believe – humans cannot be held responsible for themselves. They cannot be given power or money or choice or anything like that. There’s this group that believes that humans have to be told what to do.


They do it under the banner of God, of country, of family, and they basically don’t believe, that you are God also. They believe that without laws and rules and regulations you will destroy yourself. So they also believe that they are doing you a favor, you see.


There is another group of people on Earth who just don’t give a damn. And a group of people like you that know, that truly believe that humans are, by nature, good. Still working through issues and karma, still attracted or addicted to drama, but given the true pure choice, given divine will in their lives, they will rise to the occasion. Oh, they may go through some chaos. They may go through some crises to get there, but ultimately, they will make the decision that is best for them, and ultimately, anything that’s best for you is best for the world.


So you have this interesting dynamic going on. There are people very passionate, particularly passionate, when it comes to thinking that humans still have to be controlled, thinking that humans are going to destroy the environment, destroy the economy, destroy everything around them. They’re fighting hard, fighting very hard, for control – control of your life – but they’re doing it, they think, from a good place.


You can see it in the dynamics, you can see it in politics and particularly religion. What religion today – truly, what religion today – believes that you are God also? Believes that you can handle this tremendous amount of energy coming in, handle making choices in your life, handle yourself? And we know, that you can. That you can.

Let’s take a deep breath with that.


This is one of the forces of resistance … Yes..

So, another dynamic – very, very similar at the same time – another dynamic is a group of people on Earth who do not want change. If anything they want to go back to old ways, and you know you can’t.

But they do not want change. They are afraid of change. They think change perhaps holds something evil, holds something unknown. Change is ungodly. So they are holding out for things to stay the same or go back to what they call ‘simpler times.’ And they weren’t simpler. Just remember some of your past lives how un-simple they were, how unconscious those lifetimes were.

But they want to go back. They want to go back about, oh, somewhere between 1400 and 2000 years. Back to the good old days! Yes, back to the desert. So they are doing everything that they can from a mass consciousness basis to resist change.

There are others that know that change is inevitable. It’s going to happen, one way or the other. There are some who understand how beautiful it is to have change.


So these are the dynamics that you’re feeling all around you in your life. You’re feeling that mass consciousness – part of it – doesn’t think that you can be responsible. Part of it doesn’t want change, and this is causing some, well, amazing energy conflicts – conflicts that I’m going to be working with later today. And perhaps, just perhaps, you would like to join me in our work later. Would you like to do that?

I’ll tell you that it is very exciting, high energy, a lot of drama, a lot of passion, a lot of duality, all mixed together and with some intrigue and conspiracy.

You don’t have to take your physical body there. That’s what you’re really afraid of – something hurting your physical body. You’re not worried about your consciousness. That you know is quite flexible and very resilient. You’re not worried about just coming there in spirit and hanging out and watching what happens. You’re not at all afraid if I say let’s go into this conflict – it will be happening later today, sometime tomorrow – let’s go there with your spirit, with your consciousness and let’s not pick sides, even though it’s kind of fun to do sometimes. Let’s not try to force the outcome of the situation, even though it may involve – take a deep breath – human lives and property. Let’s just go there and bring new potentials, potentials that are not being realized right now by the parties involved. You see, and that’s what a true change worker … it’s what true spirit does.


You know, that’s something that really Spirit – the big one, the eternal one – Spirit really can’t do that like you can, believe it or not. Spirit is there all the time, but unlike you, Spirit can’t go there and bring new potentials. Really somebody who’s

in conscious human form and understands how to expand their energy has the highest level of consciousness to bring in new potentials, even greater than angelic beings. Angelic beings are kind of fluffy. They’re kind of non-solid. But a human who expands their energy into a situation like this can bring more potentials than anyone or anything else.

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Comment by JIM4HOPE on June 25, 2012 at 5:08am

cant never could cause cant never tried (to change!)

Comment by Ted on June 9, 2012 at 7:50am

"change is the only constant"

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