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Now to address the nature of how one would go about achieving global domination. 


Where to start ! I suppose I'd have to be exceedingly evil to want  to do that. I'd need to be around like minded people though also. 


Families and groups. 

I suppose that once I'd established my diabolical plan I'd then have to share it with the others. Maintaining sole control would  be difficult, there'd always be warring factions amongst my now 

newly created '' ELITE.'' 


Perhaps they'd split into groups ... who knows. One thing I could do though, to effectively consolidate power is to breed with the other families. Many years down the line : the breeding turns to inbreeding as the genetic pool shrinks. Racial traits begin to appear, unique to this group of families, which affects not only their physical characteristics, but their nature in terms of behavior. 


Being greedy fuckers becomes part of their genetic nature in essence. 


I'd then have to sit down with my now racial supremacist buddies and plot a way to bring about global dominance. 


I'd focus primarily on hoarding as much precious resources as I could such as gold, silver and diamonds, thus drastically decreasing the amount of such commodities that the sheep were able to obtain. 


I'd focus mainly on gold, and now that it's value has increased I'd encourage people to store theirs with me, Issuing them receipts for equivalent value. 


Pretty soon I'd get wise to the fact that not many people come back to retain their gold as it's nice and safe with me, and I could hand out many many more receipts than I had in worth for gold … soon 

afterward everyone would be dealing in these worthless receipts. 


I'd have successfully conned them into thinking that they actually had value. 


I'd most likely use such receipts to finance both sides of every war. 

Only I'd give the eventually and of course pre-determined ( based upon my tribe's own greedy interests ) winner just that little bit more '' money '' to ensure victory. 


I'd Then call in the debts that both the winners and losers had accumulated. I'd probably dispatch different members of my family to different nations ( especially losing ones ) to continue ( or set up ) the fiat scam which has been thus far so successful, under the guise of lending.


As technology advanced, ( and fast forward to the 21st century ) 

I'd have people working round the clock to analyze the enemy. 

The enemy in this case would be the sheep, whom are only fit to serve me and my now genocidal supremacist kind. By now I'd have control of many aspects of their life. I'd be able to form their opinions for them, through my monopoly of the communication media and Hollywood. I'd have dispatched members of my tribe to serve in many many different governments across the world, and created apparently different political factions which focused on a false left, right paradigm. 


I'd most likely add fluoride to the water, claiming that it's good for teeth while all along knowing that it's an industrial poison/mental supressant. Just in case any of the sheep were getting wise. 


Then I'd set about destroying the internet under the guise of protecting intellectual property rights. After all … the internet is the last truly ( sort of ) free form of expression and communication .. and it allows people to connect and share Ideas FAR too easily for my liking.  

It has to go. The less people that know about my diabolical plan the better.


The massive chunks of plan for global domination that I've missed out would most likely include patenting seeds, using vile GM technology, controlling the food supply, earthquake and tectonic weaponry, weather modification, and even having the fucking gall to introduce a tax on breathing known as the Co2 tax. 


All the while if I was fucked with I'd scream and whine that I'd been persecuted for 5000 years, without ever offering a reason why ( which I find HILARIOUSLY funny ) and remind the world how 

much my tribe has suffered. 


Reminds me of a quote a friend of mine once coined ( or repeated ) 


'' The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you ''





                             "              MY FELLOW BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN LIGHT          "


                                             WARN THE OTHERS ABOUT THIS SATAN'S PLAN.




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