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Georgia farmer fined $5K for growing too many veggies

By various sources

DeKalb County is suing a local farmer for growing too many vegetables, but he said he will fight the charges in the ongoing battle neighbors call “Cabbagegate.”

The law was supposed to stop large commercial operations in residential areas, but is being used against a 2-acre farmer who sells to neighbors and farmers markets.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on September 18, 2010 at 5:28pm
"The Time For Action Is NOW!

The health and survival of our children depends upon it! Here are three easy steps that will get results and only take about five minutes! Everything you need to take action is right here on this page. Please do it now and tell every one you know to take these steps as well.

It's essential for the success of this campaign that you fax your Senators. Emails are deleted, and snail mail is shredded BUT faxes MUST be saved for a minimum of seven years which means someone has to read, record and file your fax. This creates a greater gravity to your message! It has worked for other important campaigns similar to this one. Why change what already works. Just follow these steps and use the links provided on this page.

Step One: This is where you'll find your Senators and their Fax numbers.

Step Two: This is a Form Letter that has been prepared to make this process easier. You'll need to copy the entire letter as you'll be pasting it in the Fax Content Window in a moment. Feel free to add to the message and personalize it.

Step Three: Open the Fax Send window where you'll be able to type your Senator's name and fax number, enter your name and email address and paste your form letter. Once the form letter is pasted you will need to replace the text in {brackets} with your name and address in the appropriate spaces provided. DO NOT SEND THE FAX WITHOUT CHANGING THE TEXT IN {BRACKETS} AND REMOVE THE BRACKETS TOO. Feel free to modify it or personalize it!

A final note. Once you send the fax message you will have to confirm that you want to send it by going to the email Inbox of the email address you used and click the confirmation link. This is so we know there is a real person behind each and every fax being sent. You will also receive progress updates telling you when your fax was received. Ok.. now get busy!"

Why S510 Bad?

These bills would impose unnecessary, burdensome regulations on small farms and food processors – everyone from your local CSA to the small bakers, jam makers, and cheesemakers at the local farmers market. Small local farms and food processors are fundamentally different from huge, industrial food suppliers that ship food all over the country. Congress can and should address the problems with the industrial food supply without harming the local food systems that provide an alternative for concerned consumers!

We MUST STOP S 510." ..

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