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Awakening the World ....... Every Heart makes a Difference



Please join the peaceful revolution - click here for the global heart focus image at 9.30pm UK time every day

I am always being asked the question: ‘What can we do?’ Well, this weekend I am launching something with fantastic potential that we can do together without even necessarily moving from your chair. It is easy, simple, has endless personal benefits for those who take part, and will literally change… Continue

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Predictive Programming: Captain America Blockbuster scripts attack on Norway before it happens?

So… What IS predictive Programming?

Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be… Continue

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Breaking the Light Speed Barrier with David Sereda by Diane M. Cooper

Breaking the Light Speed Barrier with David Sereda by Diane M. Cooper

Excerpt from

The reason NASA cannot accept the UFO phenomenon is because they are stuck in Einsteinian physics. They cannot see another way out of this. So when they look at the UFO phenomenon, they say it can't be real because Einstein's law says if they are moving at that speed we… Continue

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Hungary destroys all GMO maize fields

Hungary destroys all GMO maize fields

//13 Jul 2011

Some 400 hectares of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds have been destroyed throughout Hungary deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development Lajos Bognar said.

The GMO maize has been ploughed under, said Lajos Bognar, but pollen has not spread from the maize, he added. Unlike several EU members, GMO seeds are banned in Hungary.

Authorities have been checking for… Continue

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ET First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst


So, welcome to the show and tell your name please.


My name is Vaughn.


Hello Vaughn.


I just have a couple of points I’d like you to address, quickly. Just that, first of all people, all of us listening, need to remember: don’t jump into anything blindly. Always use your inner guidance, because I have seen some of the ET First Contact sites that sounded really great, but they had some meditations, that… Continue

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Thursday, 14 July 2011 10:23

Lean back a bit from your computer monitor and squint. Seriously...push your chair back a couple of feet.

My hat is off to the man that was leading this Squadron.…


Added by CHRISTINA on July 14, 2011 at 7:06am — 9 Comments

A 3D food printer to give pizza your colors of choice

A 3D food printer to give pizza your colors of choice - By S.A. - Published: 12/27/2010

Scientists at Cornell University in New York are developing a commercially viable 3D food printer, which uses raw food ''inks" that are fed into the printer and once you load the recipe and press the button, voila!

An electronic blueprint states exactly what materials go where and are drawn up using traditional engineering computer-aided design (CAD)… Continue

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"Replicators" and other fun stuff :)

Greetings from Galactic Heart...

Buddah encourages us to live the "middle way" and to have balance in our lives. Since the passing of my mother, I have been looking at balance. Lately, with time speeding up and the feeling that there isn't enough time, I've been feeling out of balance. I receive so many fun emails but due to my work load I wasn't taking time out to enjoy these nuggets. Yesterday I took some time and would like to share some fun links with you. So just for fun ...… Continue

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Propaganda, The News, What People Believe & Why

by Dr. Cynthia Boaz, Truthout

There is nothing more sacred to the maintenance of democracy than a free press. Access to comprehensive, accurate and quality information is essential to the manifestation of Socratic citizenship – the society characterized by a civically engaged, well-informed and socially invested populace. Thus, to the degree that access to quality information is willfully or unintentionally obstructed, democracy itself is degraded.

It is ironic that in the…


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Prayer for the animals

Prayer for the Animals

"Hear our humble prayer, O God,

for our friends the animals,

especially for animals who are suffering;

for animals that are overworked,

underfed and cruelly treated;

for all wistful creatures in captivity

that beat their wings against bars;

for any that are hunted or lost or deserted

or frightened or hungry;

for all that must be put death.

We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity,

and for those who deal… Continue

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Extraordinary people - Daniel Tammet


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World Disclosure Day™ ~ July 8, 2011

It's time to come together and assert your Right to Know!

World Disclosure Day™, July 8

Here people and organizations from every nation are invited to record their support for a World Disclosure Day as a new component of the truth advocacy process.

Disclosure,the formal acknowledgement of an… Continue

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Earth's Core ~ A Spinning Crystal Ball, the Size of the Moon

October 1996



Seismologists discover that the inner core rotates

Researchers are now probing what may turn out to be the most curious small body the solar system has yet presented for scrutiny: a globe the size of the moon that appears to be a well ordered crystalline entity. This body is poised little more than 5,000 kilometers away, yet it is completely invisible. Located at the center of the earth, it is known simply as the inner core. Two…


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