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Breaking the Light Speed Barrier with David Sereda by Diane M. Cooper

Breaking the Light Speed Barrier with David Sereda by Diane M. Cooper

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The reason NASA cannot accept the UFO phenomenon is because they are stuck in Einsteinian physics. They cannot see another way out of this. So when they look at the UFO phenomenon, they say it can't be real because Einstein's law says if they are moving at that speed we should be seeing this huge energy signal, and we're not. So that's one of the main reasons the presence of UFOs is negated and mainstream physicists don't take this seriously.

However, if you look at what I'm proposing — that mass can turn into light and be reduced to zero — then you have a whole new set of possibilities.

Diane: Isn't that essentially what is proposed by the idea ascension?

David: It is. There are stories of masters and yogis who have been able to do exactly this with their own bodies. Christ in his resurrected body can literally appear anywhere on the planet in a blink of an eye because that body is made of pure light and can move around. It is free of the laws of physical matter.

In the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda[3] there are many stories of yogis who could do the same thing.

So where does this go next? How do you convert mass into light? This is where I've had a major revelation in physics. It's going to be hard to do in an interview, but I'm going to try.

Everything in front of you right now — everything that you see that appears physical — is just waves when you look at it at a micro-atomic level.

When we look into any substance we see atoms. Initially, we saw that the atoms were made of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The proton is a positively charged nucleus that has an electron spinning around it at an incredible speed, like a little planet, in an essentially wave-particle relationship.

All of those waves have frequencies.

Our planet Earth is a giant particle moving through a wave relationship. The wave is actually the energy sphere that the planet is moving through — a path, if you will.

This relationship shows up everywhere you look. The brain is like a particle of mass and actually produces a wave. The Galaxy itself is the ultimate wave-particle relationship. We see all these planets and stars and gases spinning around, getting closer and closer to a black hole.

When physicists look at even smaller particles, they aren't even particles any more — they are waves. That's known as the particle-wave duality.

So the question is: If ultimately everything is just waves, what is the difference between the one thing we know that can attain the speed of light, which is a photon, and ordinary matter?

The answer is really quite amazing.

Scientists have found out that solid mass is actually in a near-zero state of frequency. In other words, its electromagnetic frequency is at or near zero.

Light, however, is high in frequency.

So, in theory, you could change the frequency of mass, turn it into a high frequency state, and it would take on the properties of photons.

The only thing we can see on this planet that escapes Earth's gravity are photons. Photons are light particle waves that are bouncing off of the Earth and going out into space and not being pulled back by the Earth's gravity. They levitate. They bounce off walls and go shooting back into space, possibly giving someone out there a picture of what the Earth looks like.

So there has to be something about these little guys that contains the answer, not only to light-speed travel but to levitation and many other phenomenal things.

In 2000 I invented a model — what I call the Galaxy Clock — that allows us to look at the wave-particle relationship in 3D. Today, we use what is called an oscilloscope, which allows us to look at waves, and we measure the number of peaks per second in that wave relationship. That gives us our frequency. Frequency means how frequently a wave oscillates per second (the Galaxy Clock may be viewed at

When I decided actually to look at the wave in the UFOs — we're talking about two months after I made this invention — I was in Maui studying with a zero-point energy scientist named Steve Okerlund. He purchased a huge TV and a thousand-dollar VCR, because we wanted to have the best freeze-frame possibilities.

We looked at the very largest UFO that was pulsating and moving all across the top of the tether on Mission SGS-75, and when we freeze-framed the waves, I was so astounded — I knew exactly what I was looking at! We had three waves that kept repeating themselves over and over, and they told me everything that was happening with the craft. It was the answer to the propulsion system and how we could reverse-engineer this sort of thing ourselves.

What we saw, basically, was a series of waves that were going from a low-frequency state to a medium-high-frequency state and then to an ultra-high-frequency state — which is exactly what is needed to transform mass, which is very low in frequency, to light, which is very high in frequency.

That was the revelation. I saw a clear signature of a series of transitional waves moving from low to ultra-high. The Golden Phi spiral that we see when we run the image through a wave clock is a wave in transition going from low to ultra-high.

These craft are not using rocket engines, they are pulsating the steel or metallic structure of their craft with a series of waves that, I propose, transform its mass into light.

The next thing I did was to find a scientist, John Hutchinson, the inventor of the Hutchinson effect. He's used Tesla coils, Vandegraff generators, and Tesla radio coils to pulsate objects. In one case, which is recorded on film, he pulsates a 75-pound steel cannonball with very low frequency Vandegraff waves and then medium-high-frequency radio waves and ultra-high radio waves — and the cannon ball levitates! This huge piece of steel hovers above a wooden table.

And we can clearly see the revelation. We can see how these very large UFOs are silently witnessed hovering above cities, houses, and farmers' fields. There's no rocket or thrust.

So we have the first part of the answer.

Now, if you can make a space shuttle or any spacecraft levitate by raising its frequency, we would see the same relationship between mass and photons. All objects with mass fall into the Earth's gravity except for photons, and we know that photons are in a higher frequency state than mass.

The exciting thing is, once you can convert mass into light, it can leviate but it also can disappear. Once you're there, you can maintain a state of zero mass with a small amount of energy. And further, you can attain the speed of light on very small amounts of Einsteinian, or physical, energy. This is how I believe the UFOs are doing it.

Diane: I am aware that you researched back in history to see where these disc-shaped objects appeared previously.

David: Yes. What we wondered next is where these visitors came from. I was working on a FOX TV special, on a show called "UFOs: The Best Evidence Caught on Tape - II," which aired in April 2000. They created a segment on me and the NASA UFO material. In the middle of the research, one of the researchers came up and showed me a picture of an ancient artifact with a physical identical match to the NASA UFOs. That was another astounding find.

When we look at the NASA images, we see a large, round, translucent disc of light with a black hole in the center and a rectangular notch cut out of the side. When we freeze-framed that, we saw a spiraling wave radiating off the center of the black hole

The picture of the ancient artifact that was brought to my attention is something called a Dropa stone.[4] Several of these were found in a series of caves on the Chinese Tibetan border in 1936 by a professor of archeology at the University of Beijing.

A burial site was found, with skeletal remains of tiny people with large, bulbous heads. Initially, they thought they were apes, but apes don't bury one another. Then they discovered, in interlocking caves, these Dropa stone discs that were round with a hole in the middle, and some had a rectangular notch cut out of the side and some had a spiraling groove of closely-written characters not unlike hieroglyphics inside of the spiral. So we had a perfect match. It was really incredible.

It took many years to translate the characters in the spiral. Someone had to study the local language and actually determine what was written on the discs. In 1947, an English scientist named Dr. Karyl Robbin-Evans went to study the Dropa stones, and, later the people from the area. He learned that these ancient artifacts were artistic impressions of a giant spacecraft that crash-landed in their mountains twelve thousand years ago, whose inhabitants came from the star system Sirius.

In 1996, in England, we had a crop circle with the exact same markings — the same degree of spiral, right down to the black hole in the middle, all identical to the Dropa stone and the NASA UFOs.

Because we make this connection to Sirius, I ended up reading Robert Temple's book The Sirius Mystery[5], which tells us the earliest gods and goddesses that educated humankind were from the star system Sirius and were the builders of the Great Pyramid. The Goddess Isis and her husband, Osirus, are said to be from the star system Sirius, as well.

Then I looked at the Dogon Tribe of Mali in northwest Africa, who actually migrated from pre-dynastic Egypt because they wanted to keep safe the knowledge that came from the original builders of the pyramid and the original gods of the star system Sirius.

They actually prophesized the return of the Syrian gods and goddesses. And Lo and behold! the space shuttle during the tether/satellite incident was actually flying over the motherland where the Syrian gods and goddesses are said to be from. We can hear this from NASA's commentary on the film.

As a further "coincidence," I took some research from Richard Hoagland. Three years after the tether incident, he announced that space mission STS-96 was being launched at the precise time when the star system Sirius was 33.33 degrees from Cape Canaveral. Well, the founding fathers who wrote the United States Constitution were all highest-degree Masons, and the number 33.33 is the highest symbol of enlightenment in Masonic wisdom. So I do not believe this timing could have been a coincidence. I believe NASA was using this type of communication literally to tell the star system Sirius that we understand who they are.

Diane: There is such an incredible amount of evidence showing the existence of other beings? Why, then, do you suppose there is so much denial about it?

David: Well, there's a lot of fear. There's also the control issue. The people who have direct experiences with extraterrestrials or interdimentional beings don't seem to be working for universities or for NASA.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on July 27, 2011 at 4:37pm

Thanks for the link Radivoj, haven't studied it yet. Looking forward to your translation :)


@ Bishop and Richard

Glad it has caught your attention too :)

Comment by Richard Levasseur on July 24, 2011 at 4:16am
Your posted message above.Has encourage me to want.To watch a video interview of David Sereda's presentation on 2010.In front of the international UFO congress. 
Comment by Radivoj on July 23, 2011 at 7:43am

Faster than light speed is proven in this experiment:

I will translate my description of physics and interstellar travel soon

Comment by Bishop on July 22, 2011 at 5:15pm
that was a cool read, seems alright to me! and i love the tether incident and the dropa stones too :D
Comment by CHRISTINA on July 22, 2011 at 7:49am

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