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Ways to Raise Your Consciousness

Life can be a GIFT or a NIGHTMARE, depending on where you choose to operate from consciously. Practiced regularly, the following 10 tips will assist you in shining your beautiful unique light so brightly that your resulting raised consciousness will be a GIFT to yourself, humanity and the Cosmos.

1. Forgive yourself and others. Life is too short to hold on to regrets, grudges, miscommunicatio​ns,​ or disappointments​.​ Free yourself by forgiving and letting go of any negative energy… Continue

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The Kingdom of God lies within you

There is an awakening of consciousness occurring within humanity. We are part of a small but rapidly growing segment of the population that is awakening. We are amongst the first to develop that inner knowing and who recognize the shift in consciousness that is occurring in the world. Yahweh is guiding you to read this. You have been called: to awaken from the dream and remember who you are and why you were born in order to fulfill the purpose of your existence. Those that are drawn to read… Continue

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Unity and the Divine Plan

The achievement of unity on a global level cannot happen until the supreme value of love is made known to the hearts of people everywhere. This cannot occur as an idea, but must happen as an experience of truth that speaks to the inner knowing, changing a person into one who cannot help but be loving because nothing else seems real, and therefore nothing else is possible. From the place in which we stand today, such a consciousness may seem far away, and yet it is but a slight movement of… Continue

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Understanding Freedom

There is freedom all around you. It blows through like a fresh breeze, cleansing the house in which your mind dwells, rippling the curtains as it moves. And a part of you yearns to follow it, to fly out the window, to catch that breeze of freedom and leave the worries and burdens of your life behind.

And this you can do. You can climb out of that dusty attic, full of the relics of your childhood, newspapers piled up to the rafters, old toys discarded on the floor, corners piled high… Continue

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Doorways are Opening

Doorways of new thought open upon you and about you as you stand in the mist and amidst change. Doorways that

present themselves as a gift you have so sought to receive. Doorways that open and close dimensionally allowing you to see through them from time immortal. Your life in this season of shift will explain and exclaim itself to all levels of you as you finally unwrap the gift of you. For too long you have allowed others to determine your value, to determine your self worth, to… Continue

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A Tree With Many Branches

The world is filled with individuals. Not simply individual people, but unique things, experiences, and thoughts. Thus, the idea of achieving oneness, or connectedness with all things, can seem improbable or even impossible. We are surrounded by an astounding diversity of perception that might be called distractions on the path to oneness. But oneness does not mean same-ness, nor does it seek to homogenize the universe. Instead, oneness is an opportunity to see diversity as the palette of… Continue

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