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The achievement of unity on a global level cannot happen until the supreme value of love is made known to the hearts of people everywhere. This cannot occur as an idea, but must happen as an experience of truth that speaks to the inner knowing, changing a person into one who cannot help but be loving because nothing else seems real, and therefore nothing else is possible. From the place in which we stand today, such a consciousness may seem far away, and yet it is but a slight movement of extension that can allow us as individuals and as a collective humanity to raise our awareness to the plane upon which there is only love, and there is no one who is excluded from it.

Many, today, wish for this to happen, for the idea of 'one world' is balm to the soul. We wish for it, and we wait for it, and we help to create it in each moment through our effort to establish the links in thought, word, and deed that such a shift requires. In this lies a great responsibility... For each thought that we think can either forge another link in the chain that connects us with all others, or it can sever us from life. Each word that we speak can either resonate with the vibration of love for all, or it can speak with the voice of separation and division - a voice that permits certain individuals, groups, or peoples to be perceived as essentially different from us.

It is not inaccurate to say that the world depends upon each of us, for it does. It depends upon the collective thought process given shape by each individual consciousness, and it requires that each consciousness be infused by something that is outflowing, generous, and concerned for the whole, in order that humanity finally rise to the place in which love becomes possible.

It may not happen in a day, a month, a year, or even longer, but the new vibration of love that is sweeping the planet as part of the earth's transition into light shall ultimately have the effect of creating a new vision for the heart of humanity. As part of that vision, what has held a place as the need to dominate, control, or take from others rather than sharing with them, will no longer be a viable way of life. It will no longer be viable because it will no longer make sense in terms of the emerging picture of the human family. This vision lies immediately before us and is no longer light-years away. It is one that God has brought into close-range because it is the earth's time to make this transition into unified consciousness, and it is time for each inhabitant of the earth to become part of a new way of life that shall exceed anything that was thought possible before. This is part of the Divine plan for the emergence of the earth into a sacred planet, and it is part of the plan for the sanctification of the life of humanity - a life that will no longer feel separate from its Divine source and origin.

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