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There was a time when you were happy, when you were in the flow and had success and love in your life. Then something happened and your life changed. There was struggle, disappointment and sorrow. The old ways of doing things no longer worked but the new ways had not yet been revealed to you. You now long for the past and for the happier times you had then. Perhaps if you went back to that time and place you would be happier. Your focus is on some place beyond the present moment, yet it is where every opportunity for creating all that you want resides. The future cannot be any better or different than the present moment because this is where your future begins..

The future you long for does not exist beyond the present moment. Whatever you have had to experience in the past prepared you to create your life at this moment. Whatever occurred in your life in the past represents the lessons you needed to learn. They may have been lessons in appreciation, gratitude or power. You may have needed to become aware of your fears or beliefs or find your source of inner strength. All of these represent your soul lessons that brought you to where you are in this moment. And all of them prepare you for a future that includes the joy, abundance and love you long for..

Your experience is one of growth and movement, as with all things in the Universe you are here to transform, to experience the past and use it to create a new future. Each of you has been experiencing your soul lessons that arise from karma and have been asked to heal them. Each thing that is removed from your life is something you no longer need. You can be happy and successful again in new and different ways. But your energy and attention are required in the present moment if you are to create a future that reflects what you desire..

The joy you experienced in the past is a blessing that will be magnified in the present moment when you allow yourself to consider the possibility of new ways of being. The Universe has unlimited creativity and has a greater awareness of your possibilities than you can imagine. It is your co-creator in the reality of your dreams. Set your intention for joy, abundance, peace, love and success in all that you do. Appreciate the past and its lessons, be grateful for what you had and know that this and more is available to you. This is where you create the future with each step you take from moment to moment. Embrace the present because that is where the future begins... Know joy and peace now and you can create it with each new step on your path!

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Comment by simpleman on December 10, 2010 at 10:11pm

That was great, thank you.

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