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Doorways of new thought open upon you and about you as you stand in the mist and amidst change. Doorways that
present themselves as a gift you have so sought to receive. Doorways that open and close dimensionally allowing you to see through them from time immortal. Your life in this season of shift will explain and exclaim itself to all levels of you as you finally unwrap the gift of you. For too long you have allowed others to determine your value, to determine your self worth, to determine whether you have a good thought or a bad thought, a good day or a bad day. For too long now you have allowed others to evaluate and re-evaluate who you are and why you are here. You have
been designed by your deeds, and you have been re-defined by the way others receive said deeds. As you come to a point of explosion in a plane of expansion, it is time to let go of the rope that you have been holding onto. The rope that you think you are, the life that you think you have and allow yourself to free-fall into all that you destined to

The doorways of expansion past all previous limitations are there if you allow yourself to see them. Do not be afraid of the future. Do not be afraid of your beauty, of your sexuality, of your dreams, or of your thoughts. Do not be afraid of your world or the darkness in your world. Do not define yourself or the world by the news. The magic of you awaits you. Do not be known by who you were 5 minutes ago, but allow yourself to be designed in a new logistical way, past perimeters, past expectations, past the very past that haunts you. You are a voyager in this life. You are a cell in the body of the Universe. And just like a blood cell in your body, you move all through the body of God and the body of life and light in your life. The journey begins and ends with you. The magic begins and ends with you. No matter how much you read and how much you do, how much you pray ultimately it falls upon how you see yourself as. Do you see yourself as a beautiful magical creature that you are? Do you see yourself as someone who is stretched beyond time and space? Or do you see yourself as a mere mortal? If this is all that there is to your life, how are you spending it? Are you spending it being angry or negative or sad? Or are you spending these golden nuggets of light in loving every minute of you, every inch of you?

Re-define who you see yourself as and give that new definition to the dictionary of your cell membranes and cell intelligence. By re-defining this new chapter of light that you are writing, you change the outcome of the world. If you could re-define yourself, how would you want your world to see you? How would you want the people to remember you? If you were to have a vision that contained every person that you have ever crossed paths with, what percentage of that vision would be beautiful, what percentage would be dark, what percentage would be sad, what have you given that you have not received? The universe opens its arms to you and takes you upon its lap. Granting all of your wishes as a kindly rich old uncle. This day is about becoming you.

You have allowed yourself to play the role of human for far too long. You have allowed yourself to get lost in the wrappings of humanness and limitations that serve you well as their master. You sit at a crossroads a dimensional flux. In this place of all time / space and possibilities, you will view what has been consuming your time and energy on earth. You will see entire sections of worries, fears, hates and unforgiveness'. You will see arenas of love and
gratitude. You will see all of your failings shuffled and categorized throughout all time. You will sup upon them and dance with them for one last time. Then they will leave not to set foot upon the porch of your light, or the landscape of your future from that point forward.

The vastness of your presence now makes itself known. No longer can you be a victim. No longer can you have an excuse. No longer can you punish yourself for all the deeds that are done and undone through all space and time. Come forth in all of your glory to be seen, to be felt, to be known. There is no escaping your light. There is no escaping your heart. There is no escaping what you are destined to do by every thought and every action. It is time to believe in yourself, to vote for yourself, and to know that you are the right person for this next level of light.

Ask and so it shall be. Ask that every person that you meet, mirror your beauty, mirror your good, mirror your heart, and mirror your love. Ask that every person feel the spirit of love in you. Ask for these gifts that you still do not feel worthy of receiving and they shall be deemed yours for the asking. Know you are precious and you have worked so hard to become this beautiful light that you already are. This time of peace is yours if you so desire it. The universe
cannot force you to become love, to become peace, to become beauty. It can only allow it to be partaken by you. Open up to receive this. You have asked. You have prayed. You have begged. You have meditated for peace, for love, for beauty, for abundance and here it stands. What shall you do with all of your granted prayers and your granted wishes? What shall you do when everything is fulfilled? Are you tried of asking for it yet? It has accrued as a cornucopia of light. It is now time for you to sup upon it and break bread with all of it that you have prayed for. I leave you with these thoughts.

From the Desk of GraceWatcher of Sakinel

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Comment by Besimi on January 10, 2010 at 3:15pm
Great post Gracewatcher .
..thnx for posting.Much love :):):).

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