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How did you start your day? Did you get up brush your teeth and follow it up with a 20-minute session of deep breathing meditation. Well you may need to rethink how to start your day. Scientists say they have found evidence that meditation has a biological effect on the body. A small-scale study suggests that it could boost part of the brain and improve the immune system.

In an eight-week study on the effects of meditation including a seven-hour seminar and daily practice of meditation, revealed that the 25 adults who were in the study group exhibited greater electrical activities in the frontal part of the brain. In addition the meditative group were less anxious and felt more positive physically and emotionally.

Participants were also given a flu jab at the beginning of the study and those who meditated had higher levels of antibody than the control group.

A relaxation technique known as Transcendental meditation may decrease blood pressure and reduce insulin resistance among patients with coronary heart disease. Let us consider the ramifications of running of to work with a cup of java in your belly.

Chanting Om as a meditation technique may do more than just give you a feeling of inner peace. In another study it claims that chanting Om can improve our cardiovascular health by decreasing the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Lately the news is all about the health benefits of meditation. So how does one get into this new groove of meditation? Well really meditation is not really a new groove. It has been the backbone of most religions for centuries. Spiritual development has always includes hours of silent and contemplative meditation.

To begin you will need a clean and quite place to sit and relax.
Start off by taking a few deep breaths to clear out the lungs. Followed by closing your eyes and quieting your mind. In the beginning you will experience the constant dialogue that goes on in the brain. Just sit and follow your breath. You may use a sound to focus the mind. After a few days of practice you may experience a sense of relaxation or you may fall asleep that‘s OK.

With daily practice you will soon get the hang of it. It is one of the few things in life that you really do not need a teacher, but if you feel that you have a need for a teacher just look in the yellow pages under meditation. For the past 30 years thousands of Americans have been studying and practicing meditation. Get in line and join the club. You’ll be glad you did.


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