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Rainbow Warrior's Blog – November 2008 Archive (7)

changes can never come through War or blood

Changes can never come through war or blood, because that wouldn't be chaging anything.That would be doing the same.

A real change has to be made with true love.

I don't want to be making the same mistake over and over that all human kind has been doing since they forgot who they were.I would never do it.It is not on my self that kind of feelings and action.And it is not on yours.On no one.

Focus on love and spreading love.

Focus on the reality.

If you want to help Gaia… Continue

Added by Rainbow Warrior on November 28, 2008 at 5:30am — 6 Comments

is it possible that astrology is right in some way?

Well i am a birth sign Cancer.I know some friends that are cancer too and we do have many things in common.
so i've been asking myself if when we decide to born or reborn, that means that the constelation of our time and day birth is where we came from?
If so...explains some things like phsycological and physical qualities in common.
well just an idea i got in a dream.
would like some answers.

love and light.

Added by Rainbow Warrior on November 21, 2008 at 8:42am — 7 Comments

Two good books to get some ideas and understand how life begun on earth

The Celestine Prophecy explains the meaning of love, energy and as good exercises for who wants to acomplish Clinton's lesson number 2.

For who might be interested on how life begun on earth and how aliens influenced it, THE BOOK OF ENOCH it is a good start together with Brad's last discussion about it.

love and light.

Added by Rainbow Warrior on November 19, 2008 at 6:04am — No Comments

Love above all

It seems dificult to love ourselves.

But it's easier.

You should love yourself because you are capable of an endless love.You are beautifull.You can help without asking anything back.You make mistakes but still beautifull.If you are strong enough to deal and accept your mistakes than you are even more beautifull.look into the mirror,look at you and see what a wonderfull being you are, you have the highest power a being could be blessed with: THE CAPACITY TO FEEL LOVE.

Love is… Continue

Added by Rainbow Warrior on November 18, 2008 at 6:30pm — No Comments

the benefits of Chi kung / Qigong


Added by Rainbow Warrior on November 17, 2008 at 6:00pm — No Comments

Day by day

Day by day i'm feeling stronger.

Finally i don't feel anger or hate if someone sends it to me.

Simply because i send them my love.

My mind is clear.It's like my chest is going to explode with all this love i have inside.

I easily make meditation.

I've been using solfeggio frequencies and iso-chronik tones.

For me works on this sequence:

Deep Meditation (Background Only)

Chakra Balancing

DNA Stimulation/Repair or Solfeggio frequencies

In… Continue

Added by Rainbow Warrior on November 16, 2008 at 1:57pm — No Comments

Aquilo que sou - conversa comigo mesma - Talking with myself - Who am i?

Olá o meu nome é Ana rosado.

Tenho 29 anos, vivo em Portugal, junto á serra de sintra.

Quem sou eu de facto?Tenho tantas memórias dos meus sonhos de infância.

Lembro-me de ter sonhos que se tornavam reais passado alguns dias.

Lembro-me de amar acima de tudo a natureza e os animais.Lembro-me que não conseguia gostar muito das pessoas porque as achava diferente de mim.Nunca entendia porque tinham que matar,porque abandonavam os seus filhos,os seus pais,os seus animais de… Continue

Added by Rainbow Warrior on November 14, 2008 at 7:34am — 2 Comments

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