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i went through many changes this last months

i've been out for work!

since the begining of january i felt a huge need to be alone with myself and my thoughts.

i was reading to many info here and there that i was becoming upset.

i took the necessary time my heart was asking to be light and easy again.

so i've been through changes: physical,mental,energetic and spiritual.

for along time couldn't sleep well.always woke up at the middle of the night.

had a few out of body experiences during my night sleep.

had constant headache,pain on my back,on my chest.couldn't see well enough to read.been dislexic when i write,speak or read.lost some weight.always have a strange caption of the reality that surrounds me,it's like seeing myself on a constant movie where the image it's 3D and i'm on it.

suddenly started to speak and make contact with animals.all kind of animals come next to me and let me touch them and they feel good with's funny.

i discovered with my military night watch telescope that 2/ 3 ovni fly over my town during the night, 2 times per week.sometimes the fly so high that i can't see them without a telescope.and many times they do it in group.

i still didn't found what they are doing here all the time.

this last years it became regular.

my dog died on april.i stood empty for a while.felt rage and's normal!

but now i let it go and finally i feel better and i can speak with humans again.

i'm living my life.i work on a normal job.i try to raise my daughter the best i can and my 3 cats.

but all the time there is an inner voice asking me to disconnect.and i really feel i'm not feeling good here anymore.always wich at night to wake up the next day in a different reality.somewhere i belong.

i don't know what kind of shift will hapen with humans and with our this moment i found it difficult to believe in any channeled message.andmy heart tells me other things.

so i'll keep my ears and eyes open and personnaly i rather be surrounded with animals and my family, than the stupid idead some try to give that to be pure we have to be out of everything,well, i'm heart is pure always been.never felt hate or thought to harm anyone.all other things i aknowledge in my life was because i am a human i like to be on this polarity:positive and negative.

negativity don't need to be's necessary for a balanced energy level.

i don't want to be laughing all day for all my life.i like to cry when it's releses my heart and soul from the stress.

i just want to be in a planet with people that respects .love and lives in harmony with all kind of beings.

that's all i need.

love above all flowing naturally from all hearts.and when i think of it i we can cry with joy.

now i'm going to sleep.

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Comment by Golden_Angel_K on June 8, 2010 at 7:01am

Thank so much, stay blessed and much blessings to you.
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on June 8, 2010 at 4:15am
thank you for your entry rw. ive been freelancing/unemployed since late last year and every other day my mother likes to remind me im not being very useful.
there is 0% passion to be in any employment, as a result my bank is rather empty too, but im living frugally and happily!
however, whenever im stressed, nothing good happens. when i am feeling "ahh fuck it, lets just have a holiday since i'm unemployed" i struck lottery when i 100% felt happy and content without a job.

so yes, i guess there is a message here, a message here to really relax and let go (its hard, believe me, i was a workaholic 2-3 years ago).
Comment by Rainbow Warrior on June 7, 2010 at 8:02pm
and sorry for all errors on my writing but as i sad before i think and my fingers write it different.

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