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It seems dificult to love ourselves.
But it's easier.
You should love yourself because you are capable of an endless love.You are beautifull.You can help without asking anything back.You make mistakes but still beautifull.If you are strong enough to deal and accept your mistakes than you are even more beautifull.look into the mirror,look at you and see what a wonderfull being you are, you have the highest power a being could be blessed with: THE CAPACITY TO FEEL LOVE.
Love is inside us's the meaning for all life to born.Even for those you are lost in greed, power,money when they stop to dream,they always wish to find love.This is true.
it is on your deepest thoughts the desire of true love.
To give love is as simple as to breed.
If you're a mother or father stop to love your children.
They don't need much more than that to believe find who they really are, to grow up with confidence and honesty.
Tell them everyday you love them for what they are even if they do mistakes,hurt you ,but always love them.
Spent your time with them and with everyone you love.
Your hands are supposed to heal,to hold,to hug,to write and to feel.
Use it.

Some of you want to get as fast as possible all kind of abilities.If you don't have results for the first time or more, don't despair,simply don't rush it.It will happen.But first, you have to know your deep self.Take a journey into your thoughts,heart and mind.Feel your body.Understand it.Understand what surrounds you.Than free yourself.

love and light

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