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Day by day i'm feeling stronger.
Finally i don't feel anger or hate if someone sends it to me.
Simply because i send them my love.
My mind is clear.It's like my chest is going to explode with all this love i have inside.
I easily make meditation.
I've been using solfeggio frequencies and iso-chronik tones.
For me works on this sequence:
Deep Meditation (Background Only)
Chakra Balancing
DNA Stimulation/Repair or Solfeggio frequencies

In two weeks i could get to the level i was 15 years ago.
I started making meditation when i was 14 years old.I don't defend that it is necessary to be vegetarian, but it really helps to clean the body and make our energy stronger.I stopped because i entered a deep depression when i was 17/18 years old and only ended at 25.
Nowdays i'm not 100% vegetarian because i had a health problem.But i also was vegan because it made no sense to me that i had to eat an animal since i love them and respect nature.
How was it possible?that was a duality i had on my youth.Still can't understand.Maybe if i'd never felt the taste of meat i wouldn't have the necessity to eat it.
I don't say all have to be vegetarian, but try to eat biological food and less sugar,meat or fast food.

I'll start iso-chronik tone " Astral Projection " today.


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