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When I was young I took a swimming lesson. I was frightened of the water and wished for my mother to come take me out of the pool and hold me. There was a chain- linked fence between the parents and the pool. As long as I looked away from the water and to my mother, my anxiety grew stronger and my desire for safety grew closer to panic. Finaly, I climbed out of the pool and ran to the fence, crying for her intervention. I could not cross the fence and my mother did not come to me. I was at the pool to learn to swim. I began to feel like a fool, standing at the fence and crying. When my mother encouraged me with words like: " You can do it; don't be afraid; I'm right here", I turned back to the water and jumped in.

I don't know how well I swam that first day of lessons. All I remember is standing at the fence crying, then getting back in the water. Today I love to swim. The water is a friend to me, a natural place that I am free to explore. Once I was afraid, but I must have smiled at that fear and embraced it. If you fight with water, you can not float. The more you struggle against it, the deeper you sink. I learned to make friends with the water. When I smiled at the water, it began to carry me and even lift me up on its surface.

Recently I realized that my spiritual condition was similar to the state of my young self crying at the fence. I was asking God to pick me up and take me away. My anxiety was not comforted by any worship or prayer of petition. It has occured to me to let go of the fence and return to the water. I am here to swim.I am realizing that as long as my mind is existing somewhere else, some future paradise, some great escape, then I am missing the wonder of being here now, of being alive.

The greatest miracle is that any of this is here at all. Every breath and every blade of grass, every bird song and hot ray of sunshine, every cloud and every baby born is a beautiful story that is everything and everyone. Everything is connected. Everything is interdependent. Everything is always changing. Now is eternity. Look deep into any object and you can see that, whether it is an apple or a chair, it is composed of an infinite chain of events and substances that have no end and no beginning. Our bodies are like this and so are our minds. Everything is manifesting in its time, under correct conditions, arising out of the sea of thoughts, coincidences, matter, light, heat, and love. When conditions are correct things come to be, When conditions change, things change. When we smile at this flowing river, this water of existence, we can let go of the fence, we can jump back in. I am learning to cease desiring paradise somewhere else and to see that now we are here and we are here to learn to swim. .

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