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Now, what if I don't get this mystic thing,

don't get that special, spiritual ring?

What if I don't see you where I go?

Where would be the sequence if it snows?

There are only if's and could it be's

Every breath is holy in the symphony

I could put your hand out, you could beg

We could be the puller of the sled

If we stand upon what we were once

We could tear tomorrow into chunks

But I would rather stand where we are now

Speaking effortlessy why's and when's without the how's

You are the most obvious choice for me

It has been a pleasure and an evening of mystery

just being like this, standing out here

in the middle of our nowhere

I can whisper what I hear

and you can touch me with your ear

What are you hiding from the world? Is it joy?

This elitist bullshit has to end my darling boy

If what you got is real won't you share?

If I can understand you we'll be there

Speak plainly, my love

Speak openly love

Pray my soul loves

Pray my only love

Begging for life

There are only if's and could it be's

Every breath is holy in the symphony....

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