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March Continuation Update on The New Earth!!

Many are wondering why the last “letter” ended with an explanation about percentages of physicality among Extraterrestrials compared to ourselves. I did that because I wanted to plant a seed for this Continuation. We humans here on Earth are on our way up through our Spiritual Evolutionary step. We are on our way up to a higher frequency of our own bodies and a new step into a new dimension where the New Earth is awaiting us; a higher dimension with a more fine-tuned frequency and vibration and… Continue

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Latest Earth/ New Earth update, february 2009

Latest Earth/New Earth Update


Finally, a letter. Finally, some information. But in one week, it will feel like it is too long between informations again. But that is life on Earth. Not knowing gives birth to misbeliefs. And lost hope is raining down on us. There is a big uncertainty in the world and an even bigger one in the Spiritual world. I, myself, have been waiting patiently, waiting, waiting, and waiting…exactly like you have. And one question has been echoing… Continue

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Who is Channie, and from where comes her information?

As I have been asked to, I´m gonna tell you about Channie:

First a word from Wistancia, Wistancia gave her blessings to share Channie´s words with you;

Channie C. Centara’s main body is not from this planet. Her work, as the Universal being she is out there, has brought her here to help Earth in its progress and transformation into the New Earth, the evolution and the coming of a New Era. By her side are Extra-terrestrials from the Light side and the Love side, Angels,… Continue

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We Are In The Shift

We Are In The Shift

By Channie

See Yourself As A Child Now. Running Full Blast Forward Up The Hill To The New Earth

We are now In The Shift. What a lot of New Age people and spiritual people on Earth often do not understand is that we are now IN THE SHIFT. Many are waiting for it, setting it up, visualizing it, "co-creating it", meditating on it, invoking it, asking for it and everything and it is actually HERE. And Now. Could it be that it has not that much to… Continue

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The Angelic Lake

A Chapter from Book Three -

The Angelic Lake

By Channie Centara

For every drop that touched them, the light within their auras became more and more intense; it was like a layer of shimmering Joy of Light around each one of the Archangels within the Lake. It was true joy for the eyes to see and for the Soul to deeply feel and connect with this, their experience. It was like the viewer of this wanted to be there themself and deep within the shimmer, together with the ones who… Continue

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Diary of an Angel: a planet's cleansing process

Excerpt from Channie Centara's Diary of an Angel: a planet's cleansing process

From Chapter 31: It has to do with the planet Durmack after its cleansing process; a planet that had gone up to its higher frequency and made its transition in our Universe.

…Channie Cha tucked the legs of her pants into her boots, and adjusted the clasp with which she adjusted the width and the size. It was practical to wear boots and shoes that fit snugly, and that shaped themselves completely… Continue

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The Central Sun

The Central Sun

The Central Sun is the energy source of our Universe. It is The Divine Core of Our Creation. It may seem like a planet and shines like a sun, but it is very different from those. The Central Sun gives out energy that pulsates throughout our Universe. Our Female God and Male God are both “localized” in the Central Sun energy. Maybe you could say that their energies come out from The Central Sun. Perhaps if you want to connect to Divine Energies, a good place to connect… Continue

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The Cha Order, The Alliance and The Council of Light

A little Information about the Cha Order, The Alliance and the Council of Light – taken from understanding given me by Channie Centara

In our Universe there is what is called The Alliance. The Alliance is the Association of Planets for The Light Members or the Association of the Light Planets. The Council of Light leads the Alliance and the Queen of the Council/Universe is the Leader of the Alliance. The Alliance stands for total harmony, true access to All Knowledge and of course an… Continue

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The Golden Movement, the oldest movement of the Universe

A little about The Golden Movement

by Channie Centara

Before Creation, before anything, beings called the Golden Knights, who are the Oldest in the Universe, rose up from an energy called The Golden Movement. You could say it was the energy they needed to rise from Creation. The Golden Movement is the Universe´s own energy. It represents the Power and Energy of the Universe. This movement links you back to before Creation and therefore has the possibility to restore something… Continue

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The Golden Knights and Aragone

The Golden Knights and Aragone

-by Channie Centara

Once upon a time, before there was waves upon the Sea of Creation, the Sea of Possibilities, there were Three Drops that had a will to become . . .

One day they met over the sea - its surface. They merged into one and there was gold in the sky over the sea. The Sea of Creation was then still and nothing existed. Everything that is existing now, wasn’t created, everything was peaceful and calm. The emerged… Continue

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The Aura of Earth and the Aura of The New Earth Touched

First Kiss

by Channie

Something wonderful occurred on September 21, 2003. Something we have been waiting for. Longing for. Dreaming about. The aura of the New Earth and the aura of the Old/current Earth "touched." Of course what we call the transformation of our planet had already begun already for years. But this touching is extremely Significant - and now things are going to go much faster and in a different way. In one way it feels like the intimate connection took place. The… Continue

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New Earth, by an Archangel

New Earth

by an Archangel

New Earth is like a song that has not been sung – a totally new sound in Creation. A song with a sound of hope. When earth changes from one garment to the next, some harmony and harmonic will be set within the Universal scale of music – you could say, that is of a new key.

It is like this – a song will be born. And to carry it’s new structure of notes – a higher pitch will come to the song. The voices of the group consciousness who carry the… Continue

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How low can you go?

How Low Can You Go?!

By Channie Centara

Sometimes even the most advanced Spiritual being, doesn't know it All. And maybe the most important of all higher Knowledges and Truths, simply need to come from another source and direction, other than that Higher Space where it originally sprang from. Maybe the carrier and messenger of such a Knowledge and Truth need to be the smallest and most insignificant being, from the lowest of Worlds. And maybe that's the reason why that someone… Continue

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How to travel from A to B out in space in exactly 0,00043 sec!

The extraterrestrial vessels use White Time-tunnels which have been constructed. They can also be used for soul travel over vast distances.

But, there are also streaks of White Time traversing the universe like thin threads. These streaks or threads are often pulled together to form White Time. This is not an ideal solution, since they are unstable and not wholly trustworthy as interplanetary "roads." If a thread breaks, the vessel will find itself in "real-time" all of a sudden, and might… Continue

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Talking July 19, 2008 about landings

More updates from Channie:

Channie Talking July 19, 2008 about landings

There have been a lot of meetings in the Universe. Some of the things from the meetings, I have been asked not to talk about it. Because it is not in a balanced way and it could disturb things. I can talk about some of it at least.

Even though this information may not give a solution or anything, even this information wasn’t to be shared at all until the right timing.

If I start… Continue

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Earth Update May 12, 2008

I got this and lol and at the same time I cried tears of joy.

Earth Update May 12, 2008

From Channie

Since the last letter a lot of things have happened. There have been 100’s of 1000’s of dimensional ships that have come to Earth and tried to balance Earth and the grids. But because the dimensional ships are not physical and almost never, ever land on the surface, they cannot bring in the dimensional energy as good as it would be given with physical… Continue

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Earth is The Knot!

Earth is the knot!

The Creations [of different colors] are like round rocks stacking up. The Creations stacking are like if you drill a hole and put a string of thread through. They have stacked and will meld together and become one frequency to become a winning Game. The Knot in the end is Earth. The Blue Creation [where we live with our Universe] is the last one in the stack. So, we as humans on Earth carry the Knot.

To have a dimension, you need a specific Core.… Continue

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The completion of the chakras

Are you wondering about what has happened to our chakras?

The Completion of the Chakras

The Crown Chakra and its Channel

is almost finished and wide open to take in a higher light. Its color shifts in bright white and pearl together, and a bright golden light behind like a Sun and its Force. The best stone is a Transparent White Sapphire (possibly with a light tone towards yellow, but not towards blue).

The upper Chakra of the forehead (by… Continue

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It´s just a Game!

It’s just a game

--By Channie Centara

There have always existed specific souls that have chosen to come into the Blue Creation for very special reasons. When they are there, they are trying to find or come into contact with a specific energy, or something else that they carry and hold in a unique way in the Blue Creation. They exist to help others understand and realize great truths, such as, for example, the Fundamental Truths and the Holy Principles that lead… Continue

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THE KIT: To Reach The Right Frequency for Ourselves and Others

Hi there guys!

I have been asked to bring this information to you by Channie Centara Cha, ambassador for Universal White Time Healing on Earth.

It is a beautiful way to speed up our ascension as well as Mother Earth`s ascension, along with some information regarding Mother Earth.

The first one "The Kit" I received september 20th, followed by "the special letter" september 21th, and "the continuation" I got oktober 16th.

Note: Channie is the writer of My… Continue

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