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Latest Earth/ New Earth update, february 2009

Latest Earth/New Earth Update

Finally, a letter. Finally, some information. But in one week, it will feel like it is too long between informations again. But that is life on Earth. Not knowing gives birth to misbeliefs. And lost hope is raining down on us. There is a big uncertainty in the world and an even bigger one in the Spiritual world. I, myself, have been waiting patiently, waiting, waiting, and waiting…exactly like you have. And one question has been echoing in my mind: “Doesn’t something happen soon?”

Of course, things happen all the time. Everything is moving forward. And then someone is probably saying, “Well, that doesn’t really say anything.” And then someone else says, “We were supposed to change and I haven’t noticed any change.” “And what about flying out in Space? Where are they?” a third one is asking,

I can’t only tell you to be patient, patient, patient. Finally it has to be explained for you, in a more thorough and deeper way, by giving more information and some hope. The best would be, of course, to meet people, face to face, and be able to talk and ask questions. We, who live in Sweden, have the advantage that we could actually meet and that is partly my thought. But for those who do not feel like meeting or cannot do it, or to those in the world who cannot meet in Sweden, I want to present a letter with some information about the things that are happening right now.

There are many of you who greatly have made a lot of effort to evolve and you have gone really far in Spirituality while you have been waiting for the Spiritual evolution and our going up to the New Earth. But some have started to doubt and question everything because the waiting has been so long. You have lost your hope and you no longer see all the benefits of what you have already accomplished. Because there hasn’t been any information coming out, it could be difficult to understand how important your Spiritual steps are and have been. And your way of raising yourself into a higher frequency; how important that has been, and is, for everything. People cannot really see and know how much they gain and win by the opportunities and benefits that they have, by their Spiritual growth through educations and so on. But you should never discard how big the benefits are for you and for your Higher Selves and also for others. What you have accomplished through the classes and your education is of great importance, today and forever.

Maybe everything stands and falls with what you do…

You have a great importance and your frequency and vibration are unique, even if your courage and hope have been lost. Even if your heart has stopped beating for the things that you so much stood for and what felt so important and what was the highest priority before, isn’t feeling as important right now. Don’t give up! We are on the way to something Higher and bigger and we are on the way.

For very many it has only been, at the least to say, a dramatic and difficult route that the road of life has taken as it progressed upwards. That has affected us, both physically and psychologically, but also emotionally. Almost all of the humans have felt that they have been screened off from dreams, inspiration, new ideas, Spirituality, and their Higher Selves. But even from their daily lives in World 2. This is what has affected us psychologically and emotionally. There has been a kind of tiredness and ill health spreading over Earth. There has been a lack of the higher form of dimensional energies that disappeared because there weren’t any physical extraterrestrial landings. But even the contact with something Higher through dreams, etc., has fallen away in a big percentage. Even for the people who don’t remember their World 2 bodies and their full lives there, or people who don’t have a clue about other worlds, even those are suffering because they are not inspired by these higher qualities in their daily lives on Earth. There haven’t been so many new ideas and creativity and inspiring new things. Many daily problems have been hard to crack.

So how is it going with the landings?
Since July, 2006 they stopped with the physical landings that could take people out in the Universe. Even though we can see dimensional ships coming from the New Earth and from low dimensional worlds within World 2, there hasn’t been anything physical going on.

After a few years of problems around Earth and the New Earth with the dimensional wall that didn’t want to open up and the surrounding not-so-good dimension around Earth, and with in-active and changing 6-point systems and much more, it now seems that everything is clearing up a bit.

During the autumn 2008, the Extraterrestrials started to experiment with the possibility, in a safe way, to land again. To give Earth the dimensional energy it needs but also to be able to pick up people again for going out in Space. During the past years, Mother Earth and everything on Earth, not only humanity, has been feeling the lack of higher dimensional energies. This has affected everything in nature, in weather, to the human physics and psychological way of being. But with new landings, the hope comes with everything becoming much, much better again.

The Extraterrestrials have researched and gotten a way that they could change something in the particle physics of humanity, and put in energy between the particles. In that way it could be possible for humans to go in Space without any risks. Before that, there had been a risk of a molecular degradation because Earth had not gone on its journey to become the New Earth at the right time.

During autumn 2008, the Extraterrestrials had a test group of three people who were supposed to go out in the Universe. The Extraterrestrials had three different kinds of ways to put in energy on the particle level, before they started the travel. Two of the people said, afterwards, “If you need any more help, I don’t want to be there in that test.” The third person said that it was pretty okay. Then one more test person was selected and the Extraterrestrials modified their ways and tested again. This person was positive for the emotion and everything around the travel. Then three new people were selected, but then the Extraterrestrials changed their minds and only sent out one of them. This time they had made the techniques even better for the person’s well-being before, during and after their travels out in Space. And this time the person was positive with everything.

Then they were going to select a bigger group of people; I think it was eighteen. But since then it has only been rumors of what really happened. I never heard anything more about it. But even though we haven’t heard more about that, the autumn 2008 seemed pretty good and it seemed to be a higher possibility for landings pretty soon.

In December 2008, the Extraterrestrials started to bring back their own kind to Earth. In the end of everything, the Extraterrestrials had very quietly and very quickly evacuated out everyone they had on Earth, before the landings stopped. These Extraterrestrials had been in the safe houses all over the world and in houses that the Extraterrestrials own. And now they have started to bring them back to Earth; this time not through landings, but in other ways, as I was told. These Extraterrestrials have the highest responsibility for the Extraterrestrial activities on Earth. These Extraterrestrials give the contact and link people all over the world their landing times and the New Universal information. They also give out and spread Higher Spiritual knowledges, new ideas, brilliant environmentally good inventions, etc. Now they are coming back and hope starts to grow within the hearts of contact people and link people. Soon, we were thinking, soon, we were thinking…all of us.

So when these Extraterrestrials came back to the safe houses, there were many of us who got a little bit perplexed or baffled. Among those were the people who used to work there, because no one, (meaning contact and link people), was welcomed into the safe houses any more. Not even the Earthly service people who help with everything were welcomed in. So it was understood that something very big was planned there, in those houses, and they wanted to be alone from everything and everyone. Maybe because we humans are so curious, especially contact people and link people. Otherwise we would have quickly and effectively, through our network of contact, spread out all the news and even some secrets maybe.

What we can say is that soon everything has to start, we all said, when we saw the houses filling up with Extraterrestrials.

But why have they been waiting so long? There are many people who have asked that. Well, one of the reasons is that they want to be able to start landing on a bigger scale, and all at once. And then everything has to be totally clear in the smallest of details. It is important that the 6-point systems’ energy is okay, (which it is now) and everything else around the traveling is working perfectly, especially now when people need help on a particle level before they are traveling out in the Universe.

When the Extraterrestrials start to land again it will be a little bit of a panic. Everyone wants to get out immediately! There are very many contact and link people the world over, and they have their friends and they have friends and friends and friends. And then it is absolutely important that all the educations are started as soon as possible. And there are many students for Universal White Time Healing Level 5 classes and many NET 10 participants who also, of course, want to get out.

So the Extraterrestrials want to be sure that they have personnel for all those landings and the particle energy thing, and persons who can greet all of those humans in the best of ways. So that is why they have waited. They want it to be possible to do what they call “swing arounds.” This means that a person can be going out for a few hours, from a special place with a specific landing time and then go home to Earth again, for a while, and then go out again, the same day, a little bit later. The persons themselves must then catch a ride with other Extraterrestrials and ships for the rest of the day and for their other journeys. Journeys that maybe have the thought or intention to be for Earthly friends or for their own education. The new travels, back and forward, are scheduled by the persons themselves. This is so it could be from a better place, closer to home or on a specifically activated 6-point system. This lowers the pressure on the Extraterrestrials in the safe houses because they would only need to give one time for departure, although it has to be that there are people “on the other side” that can do all the startings and landings. In Sweden and in the world there are many places with 6-point systems and big and small portals of energy that are possible to use for departures. Butm to start with, all of these landings are going to be happening undercover and not totally showing.

Now in the beginning of 2009, it feels like everything is getting much closer. But we have, all of us, by now learned to not hope too much and not say too much. I don’t want to give you false hope, but that doesn’t stop me from really hoping. Be aware that even though things feel heavy and insecure for many now, we are going through the most exciting time in the world’s whole history. But things are really much bigger than that and here and just now. The Universe, yes, the whole Creation is on its way upwards in frequency like never before. Everything and everyone in all the Creations everywhere, outside of our own Creation, are doing the same. They are on the way to something Higher. We, ourselves, are also on the way. Not only to a fantastic future on the New Earth, but to something much, much, much more and Higher than only that. We are on our way back to our Highest Origin of Totality, Light, and Togetherness in Holy Love. Anything bigger than that is not possible to go through in any lifetime and it is happening right now and for every one of us. That is big!

If we are talking about something that big, well, then it doesn’t matter about days, months or years that pass by as we wait. But remember one thing, now it is not about years any longer. And most of those months have also passed us and are behind us. So what is left is…

The time for changing is really close. And maybe it is beginning right now. Who knows….

I feel, in myself, very secure in this time of changing when I know how much many of you, spiritually, have accomplished and how you have grown. Maybe it is even good that nothing has happened yet, because now, as it is, both, for me and you, our starting points are so much better than what it was a few years ago. It will be so much easier for everyone including the people we are supposed to help a little bit later, when we have the Knowledge that we have taken in during our waiting. I can’t help it but I feel proud for all of you. I feel a little bit like a mother hen when I am saying that. But many of you have really gone really far since I met you or since I became aware of your existence through others’ work in connection with my own.

I hope that 2009 will be the big year of Total Change. That is what I want to go out with and talk about. And I am talking about it in the freedom that I also want to talk about it wherever my voice can be heard or my words can be written down.

Below is Something you can reflect on.

How many percent physically, are you?
The answer is, of course, 100%. We, in World 1, are 100% physically real. World 2 is a different consciousness level. In short, saying that means they know more than we do about fundamental forces and other important things about how everyone and everything is held together in the Universe and in the Creation. In their world, of course, everything is 100% physically real. But if they are coming to visit us on Earth, which is a lower dimension than their own, frequency wise and vibration wise, then you could put everything to a point where you could actually say that they are between 80-96% physically there, when they meet us here on Earth.

Why is there such a wide range of percentage level from the lowest to the highest point? Well, in the Universe and Blue Creation there are, of course, many different kinds of beings and races of Extraterrestrials and different other beings. So a certain planet’s Extraterrestrials on an Earthly visit will show themselves physically by 86% every time they visit here. And another planet’s Extraterrestrials to Earth might show themselves in a different percentage, most likely.

But what happens, then, if Earth’s frequency goes down? Will the Extraterrestrials who are usually 86% when they visit Earth, still have 86%? Well, no. They then have to change their frequency and their particle levels to adapt to our environment. That is what they have also now done, because of the way things are. There are a few extraterrestrials within the percentage between 80-96% that no longer can travel to Earth. It is too painful for them to go down to our lower dimensional level and frequency. Some parts of our problems have been helped with The Kit that was given out in English earlier. It has really helped quite a bit. During the end of December 2008, and the beginning of January 2009, it became even a little bit better for everyone, including us.

What could be added is that we, as humans, will always experience the Extraterrestrials that are between 80-96% as being 100% physically here. We cannot see or feel those missing percentages up to 100%. They see us as heavier than 100%. If the Extraterrestrials wish, they can change themselves so that we are experiencing them as more physical and so they reach our 100% level. Well, they can change themselves, but it is kind of uncomfortable, but possible.

Oh, I´m so exited.
Love and lots of Light to you all!

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