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Ten Reasons to Meditate

Meditation is the practice of lowering one's brain frequency from a waking Beta state to a slower Alpha state. Just as a heart beats a certain number of beats per minute, the brain pulses a certain amount of brainwaves per second. In the Beta waking state, brainwaves vary from 15 to 40 cycles per second. In the Alpha state, brainwaves vary from 9 to 14 cycles per second..

Beta is the normal state for waking thoughts and daily activities including talking, working, and shopping. Beta… Continue

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Pleiadian Special Keys


How do we do this? Simply let it go. Let go and let the Spirit, or as some would say, let go and let God. Move yourself aside, meaning that the human part of us can become bewildered with the circumstances of what surrounds us in the physical and material realm. Get past the human part by focusing within and visualizing the soul that you really are. Visualize and know for sure that God is part of you, and that you are part of… Continue

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Are You Holding Back?

There are so many things we humans tend to hold back. We repress a lot of our emotions, whether they are considered 'good' or 'bad' ones. Sometimes we hold back on expressing our love for fear of being misunderstood, or perhaps thinking the timing is not 'right'. Most commonly, we have been taught to hold back on our 'negative' emotions — fear, anger, sorrow, pain, etc...

As a child, I was often told to squelch those emotions that demonstrated 'weakness'. I held back my tears in… Continue

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Cosmic Awareness

Visualize the universe as it is, a 3D holographic of matter, space and time. Within all matter forms is light and awareness and energy and the frequency of a light form, an astral form that gives it structure and its crystalline matrix form and within that is the idea of what it is, and within this idea is the primal thought that created all things and within that is pure, quiet conscious. In fact, the totality of everything is nothing but pure conscious awareness; phasing, resonating, and… Continue

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Compassionate Detachment

Doesn't loving someone compassionately mean that we love them very closely? Sure it does! An old saying tells us that two people who are close friends or lovers are "attached at the hip." So why would we want to detach from them at all? Wouldn't we want to stay close to the people that we love the most? A whole new meaning evolves once we combine the seemingly contradictory words "compassion" and "detachment."

Before we can talk about why we might detach from someone, let's talk…

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Activating YOUR Zero Point

This is the written guideline for the meditation... You can also download the actual meditation as led by Phoenix Rising Star, available in MP3, from The Spirit of Maat ( spiritofmaat. com ) in August and from Your HeartWalk Center in Sedona in July...( sedonaheartwalk. com ). If you are interested in participating in this meditation through a free teleconference on 8-8-08, please email with teleconference as the subject...

Background: This meditation came… Continue

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Seeds of Truth and Light: Awakening to the New Earth and Living as a Master of Light

Beloved Lightworkers and Masters of Light, you begin here another year on your Beloved Planet Earth. At this time, you appear to face many challenges as you move forward into New Earth Consciousness. Beloved Ones, You are Awake, and now is the time to see these challenges as blessings, as the Seeds of Truth and Light are made manifest in your lives, and you are empowered to live as Masters of Light and to Co-Create your own lives through the… Continue

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A little FUN!!! Which Golden Girl Are YOU?!

I answered these questions as honest as I am and the results are in & accurate! LOL!!!

Which Golden Girl Are…

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The Power Within

There are avatars on the planet right now who can create matter out of consciousness! If that is the truth, then isn't the next logical step for the advanced Human Being to do the same? That's what a miracle is, and it can be generated in your body just as the avatar does it, for the principles are identical. As you begin to see who you really are and you start to see that spiritual "family member" inside you, you change. What does a grand… Continue

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The Legend of Virgo

The constellation of Virgo is representative of purity and fertility, it is also known as divine justice, order and law. Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac and the second to have a human representation. Virgo is depicted as a young woman holding a sheaf of wheat, for the constellation of Virgo is associated with the harvest. Babylonians called the constellation The Furrow, the Goddess of corn. The most prominent star in Virgo is named… Continue

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1/11/09 Prayer for Peace

~Prayer for peace~

I am gathered here today to form a sacred ceremony of love and light

A sacred circle of hopes and dreams

I am gathered here for a humble blessing

To bless all life in the explandence of my love and light

I am gathered to call in the greatest amount of healing that cosmic law will allow

I offer my prayer into the vastness of the Universe to mend the sacred hoop of my people to bring…

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