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There are avatars on the planet right now who can create matter out of consciousness! If that is the truth, then isn't the next logical step for the advanced Human Being to do the same? That's what a miracle is, and it can be generated in your body just as the avatar does it, for the principles are identical. As you begin to see who you really are and you start to see that spiritual "family member" inside you, you change. What does a grand avatar have that you seem not to? The answer to that question is: COMPLETE SELF-AWARENESS. When you discover the divinity inside, your DNA changes to accommodate the reality of your discovery. This is also called "creating your own reality," a subject we have explored before.

Your DNA is perfect, but you have allowed restrictors to be placed in your body that provide for short lifetimes, disease, and imbalance. With intent, these restrictors are lessened and the DNA is allowed to become closer to what it was designed to be. All of this was created by you and for you. Now you are being enabled to bring the DNA into a state that will respond to your consciousness.

The message of Kryon from the beginning has been that not only did you live through the parts of life when the "doom-and-gloom" prophecy was absolutely certain to come about, but through your conscious effort, you changed it. It's important to realize Kryon had nothing to do with this permission window, or the work you have done on the planet. Instead, this good news has to do with the human/angel walking this planet--YOU! It has to do with an empowered Human race. Altogether, your planet has gradually chosen to understand that things could be different and that humanity had the ability to change it. Finally, you understand a code that we had given you over and over--that you had the ability to change the course of time, change prophecy, and create a new future.

And you did!

The grandest attribute of Human change in the new millennium is the DNA shift, and the pieces and the parts of it you cannot measure will be the first to change. These parts you cannot measure are those that are magnetically influenced. These magnetically influenced parts are designed to awaken pieces of chemistry in you. Many will think that this is miraculous--the ability to have life extension, the ability to have peace in the midst of turmoil, the ability to have the love in your heart you asked for, or to have the anxiety levels greatly calmed. The shift also allows you to finally glimpse the piece of God that you are. All of this begins at the cellular level for within the cells of the Human Being is the blueprint of a spiritual and physical life. It represents all that you have ever been and the reason you are here; the karmic attributes carried from the past (what we call the "recipe" and setup for your life) are represented in this DNA blueprint.

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Comment by Mosher79 on January 12, 2009 at 3:36pm
WOW, amazing, I hope that one day I can reach this state of being!!!

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