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Your life source, your energy, is light, which enters the body through the skin, as does in plants. The light also enters through the eyes and most importantly, your food source. Through technology and commercialization, you have abandoned and forgotten the true meaning of nourishment from the food supply, which must not only feed the physical but also the spiritual self.

Regarding your approah and understanding of food, the concern, the tendency of many to process life (the vital light) out of fruits and vegetables. The essential chemicals (needed not only for the perfect functioning of the body but also the opening of the pineal gland) are found primrarily in raw fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Raw and unprocessed, are perfect light bearing foods, from the very bottom of the food chain, just as nature intended when you were close to the soil of Earth, that you understood.

Listed below are the simple procedures for the acceleration of the light body:
-Eliminate dead animal flesh from your diet
-Eliminate artificial coloring, flavoring, synthetic food sources, and synthetic vitamins
select wholesome, unprocessed, natural foods from the bottom of the food chain such as grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables
-Radically change your methods of preparing food to include 60% - 70% uncooked vegetables and fruits
-Elimate the use of microwaves in every aspect of your food consumption(even warming your food, use the stove, microwaves are taking away the essential particles in the food)
-Seek biologically grown produce or better yet, grow your own(plants respond to the heart, they flourish with love)
-incorperate seeds,beans, and fiber into your diet
-bless the food you ingest and encircle them with light
-drink filtered water
Seeds such as those of the sunflower, are amongst the most beneficial food sources , they contain very high frequencies of light and provide substantial nutrients and biochemicals to the body. Enjoy seeds and nuts in their natural forms rather than toasted, salted, and processed in chemically processed factories, that destroys the light.

Garlic, the miracle food, serves as one of most potent natural disinfectants for your systems, and it performs a number of functions in the maintaining of balance and good health.

Meat, I wish to reiterate, is very devastating to the body, mind, and spirit. Consider that you are taking violent death into your being every time you cut into a piece of meat, and remember that is old, dead flesh that you are feeding a body you wish to enlighten. See the irony of this contradiciton. You are bombarding your body with the adrenaline overload of the terrified dying animals which causes mood swings in people who eat meat. Hormones, toxic chemicals, and genetic tampering utilized to artifically stimulate growth, for the obvisous reason of increasing the yeild to your light being. Not forgetting the frightening fact of details of bacteria and other living organisms feeding off the dead carcass of the dead animal you're currently consuming. You might want to consider that as well. Dead meat, the darkest food supply, is most clearly going into the digestive system, plugging it up. Why not eliminate it. Once you realize its density as an obstacle to your work on the light body, you will discover that your desire for meat has simply disappeard. "Those bounded by desire, see only that which can be held in their hand's.

To reach that upper level, your mind, body and soul must be one. It takes hard work, it's a sacrifice, it's a new way of life. Take life one day at a time, for the master is watching you from the sky. Wipe out all the complexity, it's the ultimate test for you and me.

When you walk, hold your head up high, the master is watching you from the sky. It's time to leave the nest, where you were born, this journey you won't make alone, spead your wings and fly. There's a power deep inside you, a inner strength, you'll find in time, once more, the glow. You possess the power of the glow and you need to glow to grow. You love to live, you live to love. There is no stopping what you will do. Look within for reality. The time has come to face your destiny, let be what must be. You are a master.

It is ALREADY happening Ascension!

You're already doing it, so cut yourself some slack. Who you truly are is setting everything up for you perfectly and in the perfect timing. And by the way, it isn't for you or about you anyway, because you're not a student trying to get out of here - remember. Your personal evolution will take care of itself as the Planet Ascends. So, since you're not a student, and you don't have to be good and spiritual, and try to earn your way out of here, you can now have complete freedom to have as much fun as you possibly can - Co-Creating Heaven on Earth. And you have more assistance to do your job then you can possibly imagine. You have your Spirit, your Councils, your Guides, your Angels, your ET buddies, your parallel selves, your twin flames, soul mates, the Ascended Masters, Gaia, the Agartha network of subterranean people, the elementals, the dolphins and whales, animals, the plants, the rocks, and of course all of your fellow planetary transition team members that are in bodies all over the planet..

We're all in this together, this is a Co-Creation, we are all One, we are all God. The game of fear, survival and separation is over, and we are playing a new game called The Game of Love. And the only rule of this game is Be Who You Truly Are..

Everything is being set up for you to have everything you need to Co-Create Heaven on Earth and manifest your Seed Vision of Heaven on Earth. Everything is being provided for you to further embody Who You Truly Are and remove the veils that keep you from seeing your True Self. You are provided with fabulous workshops and books and articles and awesome masters to help you remember who you are. You and your friends are creating Sacred Circles, and Sacred Synergy's; you are connecting with Mother Earth and assisting her with her transition to a Star; you're building your MerKaBas; you're detoxifying your bodies..... The Force of Evolution is upon you and in you, you have no choice but to flow with it and be a walking force of evolution. You're attention is on the manifestation of your divinity; your attention is on the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth; your attention is enough! The Universe sees this and gives you more and more of what your attention is on - this is how manifestation works in this Universe. You are shining your light, and Loving and Giving - you are being the Universe. You are being God because your seed vision of Heaven on Earth is God's Divine Plan of Heaven on Earth, and you are an integral part of it..

Everyday is an ascension, it is a continual process - every hour, every moment. Every time we love something unconditionally that previously we did not; every time an aspect of our wholeness is loved by us where previously it was not, more of Who You Truly Are is manifested/descended into this dimension. Each moment that we surrender to our divinity and learn more of the dance of separation we are ascending, because every time we learn more about who we are not, we learn Who We Truly Are..

As you embody more of Who You Truly Are, your pictures of reality, held deep in your cellular memory, that you are just a human, will fade away and the full realization of your awesomeness will be revealed. You will shine so brightly that you will entrain others to remember Who They Truly Are. As the veils disappear you will fully realize that you are an Angelic Master, an Extraterrestrial Master, a Human Master..... The real truth that you are God will be the only reality left..

And you will know yourself to be All That You Are and you will finally be all that you always were..

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Comment by Peter on January 15, 2009 at 5:45pm
Wow !! This really resonated with me I am cutting down my meat consumption from tomorrow.

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