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~Prayer for peace~

I am gathered here today to form a sacred ceremony of love and light
A sacred circle of hopes and dreams
I am gathered here for a humble blessing
To bless all life in the explandence of my love and light
I am gathered to call in the greatest amount of healing that cosmic law will allow
I offer my prayer into the vastness of the Universe to mend the sacred hoop of my people to bring forth a gathering of hearts with a common goal of uniting thoughts and prayers on this sacred day
As I send forth the sacred invocations of light to invoke the greatest amount of healing and expansion

For this day forward be it known that as a united group effort we hold a vision to heal our beloved Mother Earth. We hold a vision to heal the peoples of this world, a vision of hopes and dreams for peace and compassion to fill the hearts of all the people.
Let us join together as a rainbow tribe of divine and holy union to gather together at this point in human history and vow to step rightful ownership to all forms of wholeness and empowerment that are rightfully everyone’s to reclaim.

As divine beings of love and light and in unity of thoughts and prayers, gather together in the energy of heart and mind, align into the spirit of your souls and awaken to remembering that all life is sacred, remember that life is to be lived in ceremony and prayer. As you all raise your consciousness and heal yourselves, you are helping beloved Mother Earth to heal herself. I gather today in one heart, one mind, and spirit.

I offer my humble blessings into the vastness of the Universe to ask for the greatest amount of healing that cosmic law will allow. Let the light of divine truth always flow freely thru everyone to bless all life eternal. I call forth a cosmic participation of light that will help connect into all forms in the light of divine wisdom, wisdom to the unfoldment where my will is known. I ask to bring forth a gathering of hearts for the common goal of uniting thoughts and prayers in order to heal our beloved Mother Earth and all relations.

From this day forward, be it known, that I send forth the sacred invocations of light. I look down and bless all humans. I look down and I bless Mother Earth. I send forth my prayers into the vastness of the Universe. I invoke the Holy Great Spirit, the beloved Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, and Angelic Kingdoms of Light, beloved Animal and Plant Kingdoms, beloved elemental forces of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and beloved Spirit Guides to be with me in my luminous presence and take my humble blessings and efforts and amplify them without limits. I call upon the power within these prayers now to ignite the flame within your physical bodies and empower my every action to succeed to my greatest and highest potential of love and light.

In wholeness of spirit I shall begin to walk the walk, to speak the truth and begin to actively participate in creating the reality around us. I invoke the spiritual transformation back into the light of creative potential and ask for the attunement and activation as a single divine consciousness to create one thought, one heart, and one prayer, so it be.

I am thankful to bless life with love. I am the Great and Holy Spirit whose voice whispers in the winds and whose breath breathes all life into the world. It is up to each and every one of us to create a better world of love and light where darkness reigns no more.

And what is necessary for human evolvement into the next levels of consciousness is to reach the critical mass of enlightened individuals; a critical mass of enlightened individuals uniting together thru unity of thought and the frequency of that wavelength of transmission that will bring forth the gathering of thoughts. The prayers will be united. The time has come to finally lay down the shields of separation and join together in the unity of heart, mind and soul.

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