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Virginia House Passes NDAA-Nullifying Bill; Other States Join Fight

The sovereign states are courageously asserting their constitutionally protected right to self-determination by standing up to the federal government and refusing to execute the most noxious provisions of the recently enacted National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).



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Smoking Out The Monster

A Message From David Icke...

A very clear theme is emerging that I can see in my own life and in that of many others who work in my field to a larger or lesser extent. We are seeing ever more obviously people who claim to be one thing revealing themselves to be quite another by their own actions. It seems that they can't stop themselves from doing so.

Good, it is about time their mask was lifted and how appropriate that they are doing it themselves while…


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ECETI on "Mother Ship Trip Cancelled"

Mother Ship Trip Cancelled

We are overwhelmed with emails asking that I speak on this matter. I have already spoken yet not at length concerning the Mother Ship Neptune giving everyone a joy ride. We said there is no knowledge of any planned mass pickup or joy rides from the beings we are in contact with. We also said this does not fit into their ways or universal law of which they must work within. I find it odd that a master race would choose the name of a planet in our own…


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A Second Interview with Bill Brockbrader aka Bill Wood - Saturday, Feb 4, 2012 AT 5PM PST ~ Project Camelot




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Huge Victory Against GMOs as Monsanto Driven Out of the UK by Consumer Protests

Friday, 03 February 2012 09:27

'A  massive victory against Monsanto and genetically engineered seeds has been  achieved in the United Kingdom today. Monsanto has announced a total  withdrawal from the UK, shuttering its Cambridge-based wheat production  operation. UK newspaper Daily Mail was instrumental in promoting  opposition against Monsanto through its "Frankenstein Foods" educational  campaign.

The  paper is now reporting that Monsanto plans to sell off GMO…


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Iran: This Is What Propaganda Looks Like ~ by Peter Hart



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The Last Book on UFOs ~ by James Gilliland

The Last Book on UFOs

The reason for the title is because off worlders will soon be telling us straight about who they are and why they are here. Contact is happening around the world with unprecedented ufo sightings over major cities. I was going to write a book but with global contacts; which are escalating time is of the essence. I want to first discuss the censorship and cover-up; dismal failure that it is. There are many aspects to it and knowing the hidden agendas will…


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