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Kihanyaking's Blog – February 2009 Archive (6)

2009 Feb. 19 MarkH on KOE, Diana and Dodi, ZPMs

[Mark wrote this letter to a friend and has permitted it to be shared more

generally. Some personal passages have been deleted.]


As you may already know, I am part of a triad [i.e., Rama, Tara, and Mark]

that obtains and posts information from Faction 3 which includes the Ashtar

Command which is protecting and offering counsel to Obama.

The "King of Swords" has planetary responsibility for getting NESARA

announced, along with St… Continue

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Mark H update : 2009 Feb. 19 Possible Dow "Break" Tomorrow

While we can not say exactly what will happen next, we can say that Mother

Sekhmet tonight said that it is possible that the StockMarket may take 'a

break' tomorrow around 1 PM.

She did not go any further.

That is a very awesome possibility of which she gave us a heads-up hint.


Dow Jones-Lowest Close Today in 6 years - Question for Mark

Dow closed at 7565.95 or thereabouts today. Lowest close in 6 years.… Continue

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2009 Feb. 18 MarkH on Universal Agents of Change and Obama Plan

Nancy Tate is a beloved friend of many years. This composite channelling

celebrates what unifies us and speaks of some of the underpinnings of what is

already well-structured below the surface.

I believe that this is a fair, but not complete, picture of the Universal agents

of change of which the Sirian and Mushaba aspects represent only two.

You would have to include the 200 Million species that are on this planet and

that… Continue

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Mark H update Gulf of Aden/Big Picture February 17 2009

Today we received some more info on the Gulf of Aden StarGate Activities over the last 7 days, from the King of Egypt.

Spirals/Superstrings of energy have been emerging through StarGate Aden for the last 7 days. They are coming from 30,000 light years away in ‘Delta Quadrant’. The world’s Naval vessels are still surrounding that ‘anomoly’, and can do nothing and do not want you to know the magnitude of this phenomena or what it portends, which is your upliftment and their departure,… Continue

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Questions to Mark H

I thought that I would take the time to post questions that I have asked Mark in the past couple months. I’m going to list them all as one post here and as I find more, or ask more, I will post them to this category as well. Remember that you can find all of Mark’s most updated Q&A’s at a site specifically set up for that at

1. I have a quick question regarding NESARA. With everyone receiving $10M, wouldn’t it end up that no one would work?… Continue

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Ashtar Teleconference note - February 9 2009

Unedited Notes of the February 10, 2009 Ashtar On The Road Teleconference:

ASHTAR: Well good evening everyone – it’s party time on planet Earth and we are all invited!

There was a little bit of confusion we understand that and yes this is just a sign of the times – this is the storm before the calm. And you know what they say about March, and what we shall say about March is the lions shall lie down with the lambs. Now picture that and get a vision. And for the upcoming… Continue

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