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Mark H update Gulf of Aden/Big Picture February 17 2009

Today we received some more info on the Gulf of Aden StarGate Activities over the last 7 days, from the King of Egypt.

Spirals/Superstrings of energy have been emerging through StarGate Aden for the last 7 days. They are coming from 30,000 light years away in ‘Delta Quadrant’. The world’s Naval vessels are still surrounding that ‘anomoly’, and can do nothing and do not want you to know the magnitude of this phenomena or what it portends, which is your upliftment and their departure, unless they open their hearts to receive the love frequencies and allow them in. Nothing can withstand the ‘excitement’ of these energies and not be either upshifted or vaporized.

Members of the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood are now on the earth: St Germain, Dwal Kuhl, Maitreya, etc.

Today, on Thom Hartmann’s Air America Radio show, Daniel Pinchback, author of 2012, The Return of Quetzalcoatl spoke of Star Gate Aden; the return of the masters; the merger of the timelines; Ascension and much more.

These merkaka’s that are transiting through StarGate Aden are unprecedented in our history. They are now changing the playing field in every facet of our existence, and it’s all wonderful…unless you are resisting it through ‘creating’ false political, economic, military or natural dramas to deflect attention from the unstoppable inner and outer changes unfolding. President Obama and Faction 3 are fully aware of what is being generated by Spin Masters who are spewing negative stories to create confusion, distress and opposition to what must now happen.

Those ones do not believe they can change their direction without being killed by their masters. That is untrue. They can, and are, invited to take off the Black Hats, ask for and accept White Hats, and can now step into the healing circle with complete safety.

The stock market dropped 300 points to 7552. Remember what we’ve told you about KOS stepping in at 7200 to halt the trading worldwide. This could happen within the next week.

And, people are asking, what is happening with the ZPMs–Zero Point Modules, in the Ziggurats– in the Mideast?

The King of Egypt today reported that they are very close to or are at…99.80…and you will recall that this is the % of full power they have to reach before Ashtar can turn a dial on the Bridge of the New Jerusalem and take them to 100%…which will generate that right and left arm overhead joining around the planet that will be an impenetrable electro-magnetic light shield and also a horizontal force field in which combat will be impossible due to non-functioning weapons or allowance of aggressive actions.

Anyone who cannot see this progression of Love and Light ‘Excitement’ now, is either dead or has their head in the sand. However, SuperLight can even penetrate the seemingly solid sand, and it will enter through whatever ‘portal’ is presented. It is time for everyone sitting on the fence to jump down and join the movement. You will ‘catch the buzz’ and your high Self can then guide you forward. All you gotta do is ask and allow, feel and flow. Don’t miss the train as it is already starting to move forward.

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Comment by Andy (UK) on February 18, 2009 at 7:09am
taking their time to reach 100%
99.6% on 1st january???, starting to disbelieve this nonsense

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