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I thought that I would take the time to post questions that I have asked Mark in the past couple months. I’m going to list them all as one post here and as I find more, or ask more, I will post them to this category as well. Remember that you can find all of Mark’s most updated Q&A’s at a site specifically set up for that at

1. I have a quick question regarding NESARA. With everyone receiving $10M, wouldn’t it end up that no one would work? Wouldn’t we have a situation where everyone, let’s say, decides to go travel and there are no pilots to take everyone?

MH: Since the primary purpose is for people to pursue their passion; once they receive they will also be assigned a cosmic adviser who will help them to become aware of their unique talents and potentials, and they will yearn to learn how to express their joy in ways that contribute joy to the whole. They will have plenty of time to do that and to have time to pursue other areas of spiritual enrichment supportive of ascension.

Be aware that most items of labor can be accomplished in new ways that are a little beyond current comprehension, but which will be quickly adapted to and understood. Don’t be concerned with how it gets done. That aspect has been handled on hundreds of other planets moving upward and is fully provided for in the Plan. Technologies available here and aboard the ships can replicate almost anything so laundry,meal preparation, dish washing, truck driving, food production methodologies available will astound you. Intelligent quantum computers are sentient and have very expanded 5D awareness that allows them to empathically attune to and meet your needs and preferences before you are even aware of them, and can offer solutions instantly that allow you to be free to work in new ways you will find most enjoyable and not drudgery like now.

Don’t be concerned about “just being on vacation”! Your own higher Self will be ‘ringing you up on your inner Blackberry’, after NESARA’s Announcement, we’ll all be getting upgrades/activations of already programmed DNA work to be done. There will be a lot of teams brought together by powerful mutual interests. Others will be going to school to prepare through accelerated learning for future roles. So many possibilities and we will also each have cosmic advisers to assist us in the areas of our special service missions.

So, if you wanna take a vacation, better do it during the first 30 days as things will escalate thereafter. In other words: It’s not gonna be a problem. We have a very short time to accomplish a lot of work to prepare for ascension.

2. Would the price of things rise with everyone receiving $10M? If a house was $1M and someone was making $100,000/year, it would take at least 10 years (for easy math) to buy that house. Now would that house jump up to $100M to keep the numbers in check?

MH: Good question: It will be just the opposite. Let us say you receive $10Million. At the end of 30 days there will be a Re-Indexing worldwide. Then your $10Million will be worth the equivalent of $100Million. In your example, a house that is now valued at $1Million will be worth $100,000=1/10th of original value. No income taxes and only a national sales tax on New, non-essential goods and services ONLY. No Sales Tax on food,medicines, used anythings.

3. Do you have a website? I’m always very interested in what you have to write. Yesterday’s was quite fascinating. It seems that two others that go by the names of “Casper” and “Poof” seem to have good info as well. And as for blogs, I’ve been reading Tom Henegan’s. Any other suggestions maybe?

MH: I have to caution you about Tom Heneghan’s sources. They are Faction Two and the rogue elements are aware that they are going to be removed. As a result they have panicked and are spewing forth false information. Tom used to receive some good stuff but the latest one was TOTALLY BOGUS. I read it and wrote some notes about what I knew was false, and then we sent it to the King Of Swords(KOS). His reply was that the ones who know they’ve been feeding him crapola are flailing in terminal anxiety as they see other disinformation sources ‘disappearing’ and know they may well be next.

When you check out many of these ’sources’ you see that they are being fed from compromised sources beholden to Cabal interests. We are about to see very large numbers of these removed…including their Illuminati mentors and minions. In some cases, Faction Two ‘outlets’ are being fed from long-standing sources and are mystified by the inaccurate information they are now getting. The problem is that they don’t have access to Faction Three information which neither Faction One or Two are aware of.

Faction 3 are 38 levels above the President and are partnered, trained and informed by the Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation/Ashtar Command, and have augmented abilities that allow them to go up to the New Jerusalem and other Motherships. They also have their own shuttle craft and phasers and are fully telepathic and linked with 40,000 galactic-humans working directly under KOS & his 4 Million worldwide militia. KOS has a total of 20 Million galactic-humans to draw on throughout the world. He was given Martial Law authority in March of 1999 by the World Court & Lady Master Nada, to use to get NESARA Announced. He is charged with removals of the top Illuminati that refuse to step down. This final stage has begun and will culminate in our Announcement and all related changes.
His men are providing information and protection to Obama and we expect 911 truth to ‘vacate the P & VP’ and allow Obama to assume the Presidency in the next days. This is a very far advanced process.

It is unfortunate that some conduits for disinformation may be arrested or removed if they do not heed the warning quickly. I’m afraid the ones you’ve cited are on the ‘warned list’. Very serious moment for Bankster & rogue Intel buddies, who have–for example–been falsely stating for years that ‘packies’ could be delivered every day.

That has always been a total falsehood. Nothing will be delivered until after Lady Master Nada/St Germain Announces it on TV. I’m not judging anyone, just cautioning you to be discerning. Banksters have their own endgame plan to try and steal funds from receivers. They, therefore are putting out information that is FALSE with full knowledge of what they are doing. No one who intentionally opposes NESARA or puts out disinformation, will receive NESARA funds. Everyone has been monitored by very sophisticated assets aboard the galactic ships for years. There will be no mistakes as to anyones intentions. Lies,Fraud, Greed, and spiritual disregard for the rights of others, indicates unreadiness to share in Planetary Ascension much less NESARA’s benefits and responsibilities.

Accountability and integrity is daily increasing in importance. The exploitation of the planet and our fellow man will self-remove anyone who does not seek to change and open their heart. Sorry if the truth is a bit hard to receive, but too many have worked to bring upliftment to mankind to allow the few to continue corrupt practices. We are now in the first days of the Golden Era and all people of goodwill deserve to participate.

Susan Leland is an excellent channel for Ashtar and the higher Light levels. Lisa Renee at Energetic Synthesis; Solara; Michelle Eloff who channels Kuthumi; and many other’s who inspire and share information on matters of importance are worth reading. ZEITGEIST addendum, is downloadable and gives and excellent history and overview of the current issues. David Wilcock’s, Divine, website has a lot of information and his “2012 Enigma” is a delight to view and listen to. posts a lot of galactic information and insider news.
As to my own website, I have a site but have not yet transferred information to that site. It may well become active as soon as i can format and bring archives and current updates to it. I will provide that information as soon as technical issues are resolved and permit accessing. Thanks for your interest.

4. I have been reading through James’ [Casbolt] website here including that Chapter 7 along with viewing the pictures and reading some of the articles. Some of these were put on the site earlier in 2008. Is James telling us information that COULD have happened? The negativity won’t happen due to the dissolvement of that timeline, but he has a lot of doom-and-gloom information on his site, albeit good information. But yet on the same token states that he is a Pleidian contact. Just curious on all this information he’s posted.

MH: James was an ‘inside the skunk works’ involuntary recruit from when he was a small child, and then NSA messed with him; chipped him and gave him very augmented abilities…designed to create fear, anger and such that they could control. He has been helped by the Ps, but there are still many layers to remove of programming. Some of that “doom and gloom programming” still bleeds through and is evident in his writing. Our friend,David Starbuck, interviewed him many times before he could stop shaking when asked a question. David convinced him that the Internet was the way to protect himself and so he agreed to write his story and post on the internet. He is sincere but was attacked psychically and physically, many times, and has a ways to go before he can breathe freely. Nonetheless his information is about 80% true with some programming still coloring it. He is an awesome being who we pray will get the help he needs After NESARA’s Announcement allows the cleansing of the dark agents harassing him.

Project Camelot has some of the same problems with their insider ‘turncoats’. They all know that they are still being back-channel controlled to an extent and they are all limited by their programming distortions about what is to happen. That’s the only way they could be useful to the cabal is to be “believers”. All who were in those programs are still ‘programmed’ in deep levels of their subconscious. Cathy O’Brien’s book and subsequent revelations speaks to this also.

5. Very interesting. So I would assume David Icke would be similar? I read some of his very unfavorable views on Obama.

MH: David has some issues from Sirius to be resolved. He doesn’t talk to 38 levels above the President or positive galactics or he would know Obama is the One.

6. Just a quick question for you about something mentioned by Richard Hoagland in that video about Obama that you put on GRT. He mentioned hyperdimensional physics is strictly rotation. Was it clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation that creates positive energy? The Muslims walk around the Kaaba 7 times in a counter-clockwise direction but I believe that Hoagland mentioned clockwise. I would like to start consciously thinking about this rotation idea but I want to make sure that I envision the proper direction.

MH: Hyperdimensional ANGULAR rotation is the key. In the northern hemisphere it’s Clockwise. In hyperdimensions there are paired effects that are sometimes opposite. That is the top is spinning counterclockwise and the bottom of a mirrored vortex is clockwise. Said another way. The outer may be counterclockwise while the inner is clockwise. The Sufis use counterclockwise. Specific purposes require different methods or a combination. When we place the ElectroMagno arc and the paired Crystalline arcs above/around the earth they will be combined into one. That will be new and form the firmament. 3/21–4/9/09 …unless that turns out to be sooner due to the powerup of the ZPMs in the Ziggurats.

7. Do you know what the adjusted prices for gold, silver, and platinum are after the NESARA announcement?

MH: Gold=$50 adjusted, which i believe corresponds to $500 now. Silver=$10 and $100 for Platinum after re-indexing which occurs 30 days post-Announcement. That’s why I posted: “It’s too late to hedge with these commodities.There could be a temporary spike in Gold but it won’t last long enough for most to gain enough to make that worthwhile.” For ones now in those metals It might be OK to put a sell in at about $100 above the current spot price for Gold.

That’s the best I could offer for anyone in metals now. Anything more would be too risky for most. Doesn’t mean they won’t spike higher. But most of the pros will already have sold by the time you see that in your newspaper. That’s advice only for people who already hold them. That temporary spike will be due to short covering by the ones invested in naked options, who don’t actually have anything to deliver when called.

All those who hold metal will be suppling them the metal to cover their option contract sales. I don’t reccomend speculating at this time for all of the above reasons. Of course they won’t know what I’ve just told you about the new fixing levels for post-re-indexing prices for these metals. They will be making their bets based on Jim Sinclair’s & Gata’s current thinking. What those quite excellent analysts don’t know, is that supply is going to sky rocket, as it is being provided from Off-Planet sources. In fact it’s already here…in safe locations which aren’t known by anyone by KOS, St Germain and Lady Master Nada.

We’re not putting this correct information out in general but this did come from KOS. For now, it will work better for people to get out of 401ks and stocks–which will tank to 7200 on Dow, before the PPT steps in at KOS’ order and closes down world stock markets–and just hold those funds in cash as that will be exchanged 1:1 for FRNote dollars. It would be most prudent not to have more than $100,000 in any good local community bank(Banks) that aren’t involved in worthless derivitives ‘investments’. A year ago we told our group to put that same money in Gold,Silver or other Precious metals and to get out of 401s and the stock and bond markets. They are all going belly up.

However, within the last 6 months Gold,S and Platinum have gone up too much and just staying in $US or $CA is a better strategy…but NOT in 401Ks or stocks/debentures or mutual funds, which are involved in hedge fund investments which are all going down. The old rule: “Cash is King!” Is going to be true for US, UK, AUS & CA..until after re-indexing is completed.

8. I’m sorry… could I just get some clarification on who/what is PPT? I’ve also heard Lady Master Nada many times but am not 100% sure how and where she fits in.

MH: PPT=Plunge Protection Team=Group within USTreasury and FedReserve who manipulate closing or opening prices to moderate large swings. KOS has said that when the Dow drops to 7200 that he will send in the PPT to close all the world wide stock and bond and mutual fund trading. I feel that we must nationalize our banks to get rid of the top CEOs and toxic derivatives. Write off the worthless stuff; and then open under complete new management accountable to We The People/USTreasury and not the Illuminati oligarchs. Then we would have a clean infrastructure through which NESARA can be implemented.

Lady Master Nada has several powerful hats she wears. First: She is the President of the Solar Tribunal; Through her position as Intl Court of Justice as Int’l Special Prosecutor with extraordinary powers to dissolve courts, arrest judges including our Supreme Court/justices or anyone else. She is our NESARA ‘Postal Lady’ in charge of the Announcement and Deliveries. She is also Twin Flame of Admiral Sananda. She was originally from Lebanon and is quite familiar with all the mid-eastern/asian cultures.

She traveled extensively with the Dalai Lama last year. She is an ascended master. She foreclosed on our Corporate Gov’t on 9/30/08 when Bush defaulted on his payments. The King of Swords then put us inside NESARA Law and saved the world banks/stockmarkets from crashing. We’ve been under ICJ jurisdiction since then. So it may look like Congress has the power; that is a fiction. They are simply convicting themselves of treason…prior to being arrested and removed.

Please file the above as it is important background on one who is very connected with our future; terrestrially as well as galactically. She and St Germain are the architechts of a whole new planetary economic and legal revitalization to prepare us for Ascension’s reunification with Source.

9. I just found this link buried in one of my email folders. It looks similar to what you have been talking about regarding the Akashic records? I read Drunvalo Melchizedek’s “Serpent 2012″ book and he mentions large caves full of crystals in Mexico and another akashic record in Hawaii.

MH: I am indeed conversant with the Crystal Caves of Naica, Mexico. A very dear friend was the only caucasian woman ever allowed there, and was invited to view and record this historic event. They get up to 50′ in length and she have pictures of herself standing on a few of those giants. They are very connected to Earth’s Ascension and much more.

10. Just a curious question. Is Blossom Goodchild a decent channel? I started to read her channels but it just didn’t vibrate with me as well as Quinsey, Nidle, et al.

MH: You are both perceptive and need to broaden your understanding of ‘dynamic flux’ in which all actually manifests outpicturing consensus expressions. Blossom was receiving a part of GF intelligence about a prospect for decloakings. The dark hats picked up on this and tried to co-opt this for negative purposes. I got that directly from Ashtar. Ashtar thought it might be OK. They proceeded to test our readiness to experience decloaking. What they saw is that many of the benefits of this would be negated by the dark intention to launch a massive PR disinformation blast. As the implications of that were perceived, the GF opted for rectitude. Meaning, taking the bypass and not one of confrontation which the Dark Hats desired.

That in no way cancelled the appearance. Those did take place in remote areas. However, the mass decloakings did not occur…at that time. They are indeed still on the agenda. Sincere channels should not be disparaged. They require enormous courage to fly in the face of disbelief. I salute her courage, and her sincerity.

She will be strengthened and vindicated in the coming moments. She is learning a lot and helping a lot to examine their own readiness for THAT event. So, all souls, planetwide have advanced in declaring their intentions and prayers…and fears. This is absolutely essential to the success of all events yet to transpire. Next time, they will be more open, non-fearful and welcoming. It will surely happen and on a planetwide scale. An escalation has resulted, in doses the fearful can handle, of sightings over many areas of the planet.

The GF wastes NOTHING. All informs and ALL creates new potentials.

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